Tell Tamer Subdistrict
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Tell Tamer Subdistrict
Tell Tamer Subdistrict

Tell Tamer Subdistrict in Syria
Location of Tell Tamer Subdistrict
Country Syria
DistrictAl-Hasakah District
SeatTell Tamer
 o Total1,111.89 km2 (429.30 sq mi)

Tell Tamer Subdistrict (Arabic: ‎) is an ethnically Assyrian and Syriac subdistrict of al-Hasakah District in western al-Hasakah Governorate, northeastern Syria. The administrative centre is the city of Tell Tamer.

At the 2004 census, the subdistrict had a population of 50,982.[1]Nestorian Assyrians constitute about 40% of the population of this district, with the rest being from other Assyrian groups, Chaldean Catholics, Syriac Orthodox, Kurds and Arabs.[] It is the HQ of the Assyrian Khabour Guards and Nattoreh militias, as well as the location of a large Syriac Orthodox Monastery.

Cities, towns and villages

Cities, towns and villages of Tell Tamer Subdistrict
PCode Name Population
C4409 Tell Tamer 7,285
N/A Ghabshah 2,323
N/A Ein Eltineh 1,653
C4436 Qaber Sghir 1,594
C4386 Tawileh 1,409
C4416 Fakkeh 1,380
C4435 Mjeibret Zarkan 1,334
C4431 Tell Jemaah 1,260
C4407 Sukkar Elahimer 1,181
C4424 Derdara 1,140
N/A Rakaba 1,136
C4427 Tell Hefyan 1,132
C4398 Umm al-Keif 1,072
C4399 al-Siha al-Wusta 1,025
N/A ? 933
N/A Umm Shaifa 915
N/A al-Dawudiyah 856
C4430 Tell Shamiram 811
C4408 Tell Talaah 800
C4415 Nayfeh 763
C4405 Ghorra 758
N/A Qaber Shamiyah 734
C4417 Shmuka 700
C4391 Jafr 684
C4421 Tell Tawil 669
N/A ? 669
C4426 Abu Kabret 667
C4433 Wadi Elnijmeh 661
C4411 Hamaniyeh - Khirbat Eltamer 653
C4393 Tell Nasri 650
C4429 Tell Eljamiliyeh 607
C4419 Tell Fweidat Shamiyeh 587
C4390 Tell Hermez 575
C4418 Khazneh Tal Tamr 565
C4402 Qasemiyeh 514
C4434 Kun Attar 501
N/A al-Juwaysh 501
N/A ? 493
C4400 Tell Hammam Gharbi 472
C4387 Tell Hammam Sharqi 461
C4403 Salmasa 448
C4401 Tell Balouaah 443
N/A Tell Fuweidat Jazira 439
C4414 Bab Elfaraj 409
C4437 Madineh Qabliyeh 404
C4422 Tell Ruman 354
N/A al-Siha 342
N/A Wadi al-Ahmar 323
N/A Tell Tal 314
C4392 Tell Sakra 307
C4410 Abu Tinah 301
C4428 Tell Jedaya 301
N/A Khirbat Shaib 289
N/A Umm Ghargan 275
C4404 Tell Baz 251
C4413 Tell Elmoghor 249
C4423 Tell Massas 231
C4420 Tell Arboush 229
C4385 Maqbara 221
C4396 Tell Nijmeh 210
C4389 Umm al-Masamir 197
N/A al-Husainiyah Sharqi 197
C4395 Mutawaseta 194
C4394 Tell Maghas 194
N/A Tell Jazira 190
N/A Tell Goran 183
C4412 Tell Kifji 181
C4384 al-Rihaniya Gharbi 164
C4388 Tell Shamah 162
C4397 Tell Damshij 153
N/A al-Huda 135
C4406 Beida 127
N/A al-Mabattuh 120
C4432 al-Kharitah 111
N/A Tell Bureij 109
C4425 Tell Makhadah 72
N/A al-Siha al-Shamalia 30


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