The Final Prophecy
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The Final Prophecy

The Final Prophecy
Final prophecy(novel).jpg
AuthorGreg Keyes
CountryUnited States
SeriesThe New Jedi Order
SubjectStar Wars
GenreScience fiction
PublisherDel Rey
Publication date
October 1, 2003
Media typePaperback
Preceded byForce Heretic: Reunion 
Followed byThe Unifying Force 

The Final Prophecy is a novel in the New Jedi Order series, written by Greg Keyes. Published and released in 2003, it is the eighteenth installment of the series, which is set in the Star Wars universe.


The novel's subplot focuses on the Galactic Alliance's battle with the Yuuzhan Vong in the Bilbringi system. When the HoloNet is suddenly scrambled, General Wedge Antilles's forces are forced to fight tooth-and-nail against the Vong while Jaina Solo is forced to deal with a group of cowardly criminals aboard a space station that would have meant quite a deal against the galactic invaders. As a result of the Battle of Bilbringi, several Galactic Alliance officers are captured or killed, and the remnants of Antilles's forces retreat back to their home defenses.

The main plot of the novel deals with the decisions made by Nom Anor and Nen Yim. With his heresy among the Shamed Ones starting to wane, Nom Anor reveals that a living world will come to save them and defeat Supreme Overlord Shimrra. Meanwhile, Master Shaper Nen Yim studies a spacecraft taken by an executed Yuuzhan Vong commander from the living world of Zonama Sekot. Nen Yim soon finds evidence that the biology between the Sekotan ship is similar to the DNA of the Yuuzhan Vong and their creations. This is part of the evidence among Nom Anor and the Shamed Ones that the living world that Ngaaluh mentioned in the previous novel is a destined harbinger of doom to Shimrra's order, or, to Shimrra and the elite, could spell the extermination of the Yuuzhan Vong as a whole. As this happens, the presence of the Quorealists becomes more well known in Shimrra's order. As it is revealed, the Quorealists are the lingering supporters of Shimrra's predecessor on the polyp throne, Quoreal, who espoused against invading the galaxy, which was what prompted Shimrra and his own supporters to overthrow and kill Quoreal and his followers. Priest Harrar, a secret Quorealist, becomes intrigued with the new evidence that Nen Yim uncovered from the Sekotan ship.

Nom Anor decides to act upon what Nen Yim discovered by calling to the Galactic Alliance to send Jedi over to help him and Nen Yim escape Yuuzhan'tar and find Zonama Sekot. Tahiri Veila and Corran Horn respond to the call, and along with successfully collecting the disguised Nom Anor and Nen Yim, they also pick up the turncoat Harrar via the Sekotan ship. They use its navigation to travel to Zonama Sekot, where the ship lands and dies. The five travelers begin to study the planet alongside each other in order to get to know the others' ways.

As Nen Yim eventually discovers a shocking truth between Zonama Sekot and the Yuuzhan Vong, Nom Anor makes a decision to kill the living world by sabotaging its hyperdrive cores just as he calls for help from the Vong; he believes that by killing the world that Shimrra fears so much, he would be inducted back into the elite. Nom Anor then reveals his true identity to Nen Yim and mortally wounds her before going after the hyperdrive cores. As she fades away into death, Nen Yim is able to tell Tahiri what Nom Anor plans to do, and she, Corran, and Harrar go after him. However, Nom Anor is successful in sabotaging the hyperdrive cores and escapes as the planet appears to begin dying. After Harrar is knocked off a cliff from his brief encounter with Nom Anor, Tahiri and Corran are rescued by Luke Skywalker, his wife Mara, Jacen Solo, and Saba Sebatyne, and they are all taken to shelter before Zonama Sekot jumps into hyperspace. Soon, Sekot, taking on the form of Nen Yim, reveals to the Jedi that Nom Anor's attempt to kill the living world has failed, and now, it is returning to known space to fight the Yuuzhan Vong.

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