The Most (TV Series)
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The Most TV Series
The Most
Presented byMike Rowe
Narrated byMike Rowe
Country of originUnited States
Original English
No. of seasons5
Production Weller/Grossman Productions
Original networkThe History Channel
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original release2000 (2000) -
2004 (2004)

The Most is a 2000-2004 History Channel television series, hosted and narrated by Mike Rowe, and produced by Weller/Grossman Productions. The show covered many subjects and has a "Most Moment" at the end of every episode. The subjects of the series had to do with the "Most" of something. For example, the most isolated place in space (Mir), the most infamous symbol (swastika), or even the "most" largest island (Greenland). In addition, the stories were arranged into categories such as "close calls".

The Most detailed the "most" in history--the people, places, and events of the past that had significant impact when they occurred, and how they stood the test of time.



Season 1

Structures built throughout history

  1. Astounding Structures (3/13/00) - Temple devoted to rats; Congressional bomb shelter; weird house; largest pyramid
  2. Extraordinary Nations and Places (3/14/00) - Mount Everest; the Mariana Trench; tallest waterfall; longest river; smallest country; coldest place
  3. Incredible Disasters (3/15/00) - Volcanic eruptions; plagues; hurricanes; earthquakes; avalanches; meteors
  4. Remarkable Battles (3/16/00) - Glorious moments and dark hours occur during war
  5. Leaders; Mystery; Spies; Earth Shapers; Moon Landing (10/6/00)
  6. Treasure; America's Deadliest; Creatures; Hoaxes; Tiananmen Square (11/3/00)
  7. Criminal Duos; Treason; Proof Positive; Inventions; Lindbergh's Atlantic Crossing (11/17/00)
  8. On the Move; U.S. Crime Fighters; Isolation; Spoils of War (12/1/00) - Ford's landmark vehicle
  9. America Under Siege; Let the Games Begin; Behind Bars; The Sea (12/8/00) - Nikita Khrushchev
  10. Speed; Destructive Innovations; Symbols; Subterranean (12/22/00) - The Space Shuttle Challenger explosion
  11. Technological Catastrophes; Justice; Space Cars; Fortifications (1/5/01) - The fall of Saigon
  12. Close Calls; Flights of Fancy; Give & Take; Water (1/12/01) - Iranian hostage crisis
  13. Demolition; Oil; Nature Run Amok; Amusement (2/2/01) - Little Rock Nine
  14. Earth-Shattering Events; Military Embarrassments; Working; Mammoth Monuments; Pearl Harbor (3/30/01)
  15. Collisions; Windows Into the Past; On That Note; In the Mountains; Bastille (6/29/01) - The storming of the Bastille
  16. Warships; Can't Take It With You; Animal Tales; Price of Freedom; Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (7/16/01) - burial sites
  17. Digging It; Light; Horse Sense; Did They ... Or Didn't They?; Science vs. Rome (8/6/01) - Rome tries Galileo
  18. Survival; Fire; It's Mine, All Mine; Wind; Stock Market Crash of 1929 (8/20/01)
  19. Wastelands; Rock Legends; Sea Stories; Temples; Sutter's Mill 1848 (9/3/01) - Gold is discovered at Sutter's Mill in 1848
  20. Besieged; Heavy Metal; Family Business; Venues; Battles of Lexington & Concord (9/10/01) - Sieges; large trucks; theaters; American Revolution
  21. Bailing Out; Rebellion; Building Blocks; Quixotic Quests (10/1/01) - Alexander Graham Bell first demonstrates electronic transmission of speech
  22. Armor; Remarkable Relocations; Company Towns; Prisons (10/15/01)
  23. Missiles; Precision; Food; Robots; Jackie Robinson (12/24/01)
  24. Heists; Battlefield Innovations; Destruction; Home Sweet Home; Wright Brothers' First Flight (12/24/01)

Season 2

Devastating events of the natural world

Season 4

The most glorious moments and darkest hours of war

  • ?, Unknown (4/12/04)
  • ?, Unknown (4/19/04)
  • ?, Unknown (4/26/04)

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