The Shoes (French Band)
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The Shoes French Band

The Shoes are a French electro-rock duo originally from Reims created in 2007. It consists of Guillaume Brière and Benjamin Lebeau, who are both songwriters and producers.



Scandal (2009, Green United Music)

  1. New York (feat. Boy Crisis)
  2. Baby Baby
  3. Crack My Bones
  4. Let's Go
  5. '7 AM
  6. Bored
  7. Whips Like a Clap
  8. Investigator
  9. What Kind of Girl ?
  10. America
  11. Knock Out
  12. America (Brodinski Remix)
  13. Amknock Out (80Kidz Remix)
  14. America (Yes Giantess' Mac Doe Remix)

Crack My Bones (2011, Green United Music)

  1. Stay the Same (featuring Esser)
  2. Cover Your Eyes (featuring Wave Machines)
  3. People Movin' (featuring Primary 1)
  4. Wastin' Time (featuring Esser)
  5. Time to Dance (featuring Anthonin Ternant)
  6. Cliché (featuring Cock'n'Bullkid)
  7. Crack My Bones (featuring Anthonin Ternant)
  8. Bored (featuring Anthonin Ternant)
  9. The Wolf Under the Moon (featuring Anthonin Ternant)
  10. Investigator

Chemicals (2015, Green United Music)

  1. Submarine (featuring Blaine Harrison)
  2. Made For You (featuring Esser)
  3. Drifted (featuring SAGE)
  4. Lost In London (featuring Petite Noir)
  5. Vortex Of Love (featuring Blaine Harrison)
  6. Us & I (featuring Esser)
  7. Give It Away (featuring Postaal)
  8. 15 Instead & Brown (featuring Mikill Pane)
  9. Feed The Ghost (featuring Blue Daisy, Amateur Best & Black Atlass)
  10. Whistle

EP & singles

Knock Out (2008, 50 Bones)

  1. Knock Out
  2. Red Light

Stade de Reims (2008, Green United Music)

  1. America
  2. America (Brodinski Remix)
  3. Keep That Control (Rockin'Shoes Mix)
  4. Keep That Control (Yuksek Lost Control Remix)

Oh Lord (2009, 50 Bones)

  1. Oh Lord
  2. People Movin'

People Movin' (2009, Green United Music)

  1. People Movin' (featuring Primary 1)
  2. Bored (featuring Anthonin Ternant)
  3. People Movin' (Siriusmo Remix)

Stay the Same (2010, Green United Music)

  1. Stay the Same (Original Version)
  2. Stay the Same (featuring Der Kreisel)
  3. Stay the Same (Isolee Remix)
  4. Stay the Same (Adam Kesher Remix)
  5. Stay the Same (Siriusmo & Jan Driver Remix)
  6. Stay the Same (Harvard Bass Remix)
  7. Stay the Same (Étienne de Crécy Remix)
  8. Stay the Same (Donovans Remix)

Time to Dance (2012, Green United Music)

  1. Time to Dance (Extended Version)
  2. Time to Dance (Original Version)
  3. Time to Dance (SebastiAn Remix)
  4. Time to Dance (DDDXIE Remix)
  5. Time to Tanz (Esser Remix)
  6. Time to Dance (Rocky Piano Mix)

Give It Away (2015)

1960's Horror ft. Dominic Lord (2016)



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