The Third Twin (duo)
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The Third Twin Duo
The Third Twin
Le Troisième Jumeau
Origin France, Paris
GenresEDM, electronica, trance, progressive house, electro house, dubstep
2010 - 2011
LabelsCrydaroulé (2010 - 2011)
Yvan de Homem Christo
Virgille de Homem Christo

The Third Twin is a French house musical duo made up by the twin brothers Yvan and Virgille de Homem-Christo, who are said to be nephews of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, of Daft Punk.[1] The duo claim to be a philosophical-musical project that is aimed at progressing human development into a global society.[2]


Eleven songs[3] believed to have been leaked tracks from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack by the electronic group Daft Punk. The style of these tracks consisted of a mix of Acid House and Funky-Disco characteristics seen in Daft Punk's previous albums: Homework and Discovery. The public believed the new songs as the confirmation of and return to the previous style that had made Daft Punk internationally famous. The news was covered and hinted as Daft Punk's work by a large number of reputable journals.[4]

On Monday 26 December 2011, the group announced its dissolution on its Facebook page. However, on Tuesday 21 May 2013, a post on its Facebook page stated that their fourth album would be released at the end of summer, and a new official page was linked in the post. The band has spoken against these claims, stating that they would not make music with the sound of the track released, and the song Amnesia has been removed from iTunes and YouTube. It has been implied that the administrator of the Facebook page fabricated the return of The Third Twin.


While they were well received in Paris, The Third Twin was still unknown outside of nightclubs until they were mistakenly reported to be a side-project of Daft Punk. The rumor was that Daft Punk had created songs for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack that were rejected by the Disney Corporation and that the group was secretly releasing the songs under an assumed name to prevent legal repercussions. This was later refuted by Daft Punk, Disney[5] and The Third Twin themselves,[2] however the controversy surrounding the YouTube video release served as a method of introducing The Third Twin to the world, and created many continuing arguments between the fans of Daft Punk and The Third Twin. Neither The Third Twin nor Daft Punk have commented on these. In 2013 a new single titled "Amnesia" was released on iTunes and YouTube, but was later removed for violating terms of service. The Third Twin stated that they would not make music that sounded like Amnesia, and the sale of their music on iTunes contradicts their beliefs that music should be free.


Even though The Third Twin DJs consistently state that their identities are not important and may even draw attention away from the overall The Third Twin movement,[2][6] there has been much speculation and undue importance placed on who The Third Twin is, rather than what they do. What is known is that the duo is based in Andorra, the duo has been a part of the French House scene since 2010. The Third Twin has also been falsely identified as musical groups such as Justice, Deadmau5, Skrillex and others. There have been numerous YouTube posts making these assertions, but it is currently unknown who continues to perpetuate these statements.


The Third Twin has created an image for itself as being a minor branch of a philosophical-music project aimed at unifying human consciousness. They claim to have little knowledge of the parent-organization "The Third Twin Company," other than they (and the duo) support Globalization, Environmentalism, social co-operation, and the existence of extra-terrestrials. This last aspect is the main element of the duo's public image: The Third Twin DJs reference the Arecibo Observatory and the Arecibo Message in their music and live, multimedia events. They have also styled their image as a band after the concept of extra-terrestrials, by saying that they, themselves, are alien entities here to evaluate humanity's development and readiness for the next stage of evolution.[6]

Music and Artistic Projects

The Third Twin is the focus of a motion comic that was debuted at C2E2 in Chicago 2011.


The Third Twin Project (TTTProject)

The Third Twin has created a fanclub called "The Third Twin Project" or "TTTProject," for short. The Project is YouTube based, and opened on February 24, 2011.[7] The group has members from all over the globe.



  • 2010 Homemade (LP)
  1. Technolers
  2. Evil Minds
  3. Chicago Soul
  4. Justice
  5. Ra Men Kepher
  6. Americ Family
  7. Empty Fire
  8. Worm Earth
  9. The Time Is Over
  10. Arecibo´s Song
  11. This Is Love
  • 2011 Direkttt (EP)
  1. Give us your energy
  2. Euphoria
  3. The nightmare
  4. Poisoned
  5. Impulse
  • 2011 Live (EP)
  1. Until the end
  2. Allow to establish the contact
  3. Your brain is pure
  • 2011 The Third Twin Live at Arenal Sound Festival 2011 (full concert)
  1. Euphoria Remix
  2. Evil Minds
  3. Impulse
  4. Chicago Soul
  5. Give Us Your Energy
  6. Technolers
  7. Empty Fire
  8. The Time Is Over
  9. Poisoned
  10. Your Brain Is Pure
  11. This Is Love
  12. Americ Family
  13. Justice
  14. Until The End
  15. T.T.T Society Loop


  • 2010 "Technolers"
  • 2010 "This is love"
  • 2010 "Justice"
  • 2010 "Evil minds"
  • 2010 "Chicago Soul"(Promo)
  • 2011 "Give us your energy" (Outlands extended)
  • 2011 "Your brain is pure" (Coca-Cola advert)
  • 2011 "Euphoria Remix" (Directed by G. Williams)
  • 2011 "Revolution Teaser"

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