We the People (Indian TV Series)
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We the People Indian TV Series
We The People
We The People TV Show.jpg
Presented bySarah Jacob
Country of originIndia
Production location(s)New Delhi
Running time39 to 40 minutes without commercials
Production NDTV
Original networkNDTV 24x7
Original release2001 (2001) -
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We The People is a television talk show in India hosted by Sarah Jacob. The programme is broadcast every Sunday night at 8 pm on NDTV 24x7. It was originally hosted by Barkha Dutt.[1][2][3]

Show format

We the People is a debate show on current affairs. A six- to eight-person panel is invited for each discussion. A panel typically consists of politicians, social scientists, academicians, social workers and celebrities, depending on the topic. The live audience often poses questions directly to panelists and are occasionally asked for a snap poll to weigh in on an argument. The show encompasses a wide variety of topics and is not limited to political issues.

Awards and accolades

We The People won the 14th Asian Television Award for Best Talk Show for the year 2008 and Best Talk Show (English) at the "NT Award 2000".[4] Barkha was named "the most intelligent TV host" by Indian Television Awards, and also as Best Talk Show Anchor.[5]

List of episodes


Date Title Topic
February 4 Gujarat earthquake: The aftershock
October 21 The Indian Muslim voice


Date Title Topic
December 18 Sex change: Breaking free
December 25 Divided by borders, united in grief


Date Title Topic
January 1 Best of 2005
January 8 Do public figures have the right to private life?
January 15 Should IIMs be allowed to go global?
January 29 Is Chennai India's most conservative city?
February 5 Demolition: Is the capital headed for chaos?
February 26 Minority report: Will a religious survey harm the Indian Army?
March 5 Will quotas in private schools make education more accessible?
March 12 Is Islam's moderate voice silent?
March 19 Should there be regulations for sting operations?
March 26 Office of profit: Is the law irrational?
April 2 Should we take beauty pageants seriously?
April 10 Will the OBC quota create equality?
April 16 Rape cases: Should we have stricter laws?
April 30 Should the quota system be scrapped?
May 14 Budhia: Are we helping or hurting him?
May 21 Is religion hijacking creativity?
June 4 Is celebrity activism meaningful?
June 11 Is society to harsh with drug users?
June 18 Indo-Pak debate: A generation gap?
June 25 Is India's military still biased against women?
July 2 Is 90 percent not enough for college admissions anymore?
July 9 Are religious traditions fair to women?
July 14 Mumbai blasts: Time to get tough on terrorism
July 30 Does India really honour its soldiers?
August 6 Cola row: Is there too much fuss over fizz?
August 13 Is India still in awe of royalty?
August 18 Have the rules of marriage changed?
August 27 Should Vande Mataram be mandatory?
September 10 Are teachers undervalued and underpaid?
September 25 Is there any point in banning smoking in films?
October 1 Gandhigiri: Is it realistic?
October 22 The fight for gay rights
October 29 Behind the veil
November 5 Do media campaigns help or hurt justice?
November 12 Medical tourism: Have hospitals become hotels?
November 19 Do we need stricter alcohol laws?
December 3 Godmen & Politics: Unholy alliance?
December 3 Do spiritual leaders encourage blind faith?
December 10 Freedom vs faith: Has India forced MF Husain into exile?
December 17 Has the Afzal debate been politicised?
December 31 Trapped by nature: India's sex change phenomena


Date Title Topic
January 7 Are Noida killings India's shame?
January 14 Policing the internet: Possible or desirable?
January 28 Have Indians lost faith in the judicial process?
February 4 Death debate: Should euthanasia be legalised?
February 12 Who should decide what we watch?
February 25 Will Samjhauta blasts be a turning point in Indo-Pak relations?
March 11 Do Indian women still need feminism?
March 18 Is there a conflict between farms and WB factories?
March 26 Will you go under the knife to look better?
April 1 Is Team India being unfairly targeted?
April 8 Muslims: Pushed into a stereotype?
April 15 Flag & Anthem: Are Indians over-sensitive?
April 22 Has tabloid journalism become a norm?
April 30 Has judicial activism crossed the line?
May 6 Does popular opinion sanction encounter killings?
May 13 Has art been hijacked by moral police?
May 19 Do temples have a right to restrict entry?
May 20 Are extremists defining Sikh identity again?
June 17 Is politics a man's world?
June 24 Drugs: Why can't India say no?
July 9 Are Indians obsessed with weight?
July 22 Should it be legal to select the sex of your child?
August 5 Is sympathy for Sanjay justified?
August 12 Single Men = Good fathers?
August 26 Is anti-Americanism outdated?
September 2 Should the sex trade be legalised?
September 16 Should faith influence government policy?
September 23 Are sting operations unethical?
September 29 Do people have the right to die with dignity?
September 30 Indian Military Academy: Soldiering on
October 7 Why is modern India intolerant?
October 15 Can single men make good fathers?
October 28 N-deal rollback: UPA's image hurt?
November 11 Is the ban on child labour unrealistic?
November 19 Nandigram: Can the CPM recover?
November 25 Can creative freedom be absolute?
December 9 Has Gujarat progressed under Modi?


Date Title Topic
January 13 Should blogs be regulated?
January 20 Should politicians be considered for Bharat Ratna?
January 27 Does India take its national symbols too seriously?
February 3 Does India overplay the race card?
February 10 Is 18 old enough for marriage?
February 17 Pakistan: Democracy or dictatorship?
March 2 Should history be determined by popular sentiment?
March 9 Is India a fair field for men and women?
March 16 Scarlett Keeling case: Goa's dark side?
March 23 Would you go under the knife to look better?
March 30 Will higher salaries for bureaucrats improve performance?
April 6 Can politics and sports be kept separate?
April 13 Will quotas create equity or end excellence?
April 20 Can non-violence still be effective?
April 27 Does materialism define the New India?
May 4 Should smoking and drinking be banned on-screen?
May 11 Do women need political reservation?
May 18 Has India become indifferent to terror attacks?
June 1 'Police'ing the media?
June 15 Are India and America finally equal partners?
June 22 Amitav Ghosh's sentiments behind Sea of Poppies
August 3 Should the sex trade be legalised?
August 10 Jammu & Kashmir: The siege within
August 24 How should India deal with 'azaadi' demands?
August 31 Mamata, a roadblock for Nano dream?
September 7 Made-to-order babies?
September 14 Not just skin-deep prejudice
September 14 Is India losing the war against terror?
September 21 Can SIMI and Bajrang Dal be equated?
September 28 Why are Indians obsessed with fairness?
October 5 Is it time to decriminalise homosexuality?
October 12 Have the attacks on Christians destroyed India's image?
October 19 Will the financial crisis change India's attitude to money?
October 26 Is India's city of dreams getting destroyed by regionalism?
November 2 Obama or McCain: Who is better for India?
November 9 Can India's political establishment create an Obama like inspiration?
November 16 'Hindu' terror: Myth or fact?
November 23 Is the Indian dream in danger after the global financial crisis?
November 30 Enough is enough: India's 9/11
December 7 Anger into action: What can India do next?
December 14 Anatomy of anger
December 21 Has the Minority Affairs Minister embarrassed India's Muslims?
December 28 J&K verdict: End of separatism?


Date Title Topic
January 11 No war, no peace: India's Pakistan problem?
January 18 Should Satyam be saved?
January 25 The Slumdog phenomenon
February 2 Is peace possible between India and Pakistan?
February 8 The Advertising debate
February 15 The culture wars
March 1 Jai Ho: From Dharavi to LA and back
March 8 Should IPL and elections be held together?
March 15 Regional parties: The Kings makers?
March 22 Death, love, life on TV
March 29 New middle-class political activism
April 6 Politics in the age of TV
April 12 Small parties: big ambitions
April 19 Should godmen stay out of politics?
April 26 How safe are our schools and colleges?
May 3 Who's afraid of Mayawati?
May 10 Who is India's Obama?
May 24 Will Indian polity get a younger soul?
May 31 Ragging: From tradition to abuse
June 7 Racism: Indians as targets
June 14 Women and Affirmative Action
June 21 Royalty in the age of democracy
June 28 One nation, one Board: Is India ready?
July 5 The right to be gay
July 12 Royalty and Indian politics
August 2 Right to motherhood
August 16 Has India over-reacted to the swine-flu?
August 23 Political parties scared of history?
August 30 Religious symbols in a secular society
September 6 Is politics killing history and literature?
September 13 Austerity, Congress style?
September 20 Should everyone in India know Hindi?
September 27 Women in Army: Time for a greater role?
October 4 Gandhi's legacy: Are we too politically correct?
October 11 Is Mumbai no longer cosmopolitan?
October 25 The Maoist Muddle
October 25 Is a peace initiative with the Maoists possible
November 1 The Indira Gandhi legacy
November 8 Vande Mataram and Fatwa politics
November 15 National language: What's that?
November 22 26/11: Lessons learnt?
December 6 India's skin deep prejudice
December 13 Nation vs regionalism
December 20 Private lives, public gaze
December 27 Ruchika's case: Mockery of justice?


Date Title Topic
January 3 Best of We The People 2009
January 10 Is India soft on sexual misconduct? Rape in India
January 17 Get a picture or save a life?
January 24 Is TV exploiting young children?
January 31 Mukesh Ambani, Montek at LSE debate
February 7 Mumbai and the idea of India
February 28 MF Husain: Let down by India?
March 7 Being Muslim in today's India?
March 14 Re-branding Modi?
March 28 "Salaam Namaste" to pre-marital sex?
April 4 Right to education: Quantity over quality?
April 11 Maoists vs the state
April 18 IPL: Indian Political League
May 16 Is globalisation a bad word?
May 23 Young politicians, old ideas?
May 30 India's maoist challenge
June 6 The death penalty debate
June 20 Is Twitter here to stay?
June 27 Office relationships: Harassment or consensual?
July 4 Government vs Army on the Armed Forces Act?
July 11 India's population: Boon or bane?
July 18 The language wars
July 25 Surrogacy: Exploiting the poor?
August 1 Commonwealth games: National shame?
August 8 India: The Twitter republic
August 15 Superbug: Bias against India? New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1
August 22 Is the 'real India' forgotten?
September 12 Pension for ex-Army men: A question of equality?
September 19 Ayodhya verdict: Time for closure?
September 26 Ayodhya: Is 'reconciliation' realistic?
October 24 India: Game for corruption?
October 31 Alimony and the modern woman
November 14 Is corruption in our roots?
November 21 Government show who is "The Big Boss"?
November 28 The new-age neta
December 5 The art of giving
December 19 Will WikiLeaks change diplomacy world over?
December 26 Binayak Sen: Targeted by the state?


Date Title Topic
January 2 Best of We The People 2010
January 16 Does India care for its soldiers?
January 23 Will books survive the digital age? Jaipur Literature Festival
January 26 Army: Overused, under-appreciated?
January 30 Endgame in sight for 'Afghan-Pak' crisis?
February 20 Is the India story endangered by scams?
February 27 Is capital punishment deterrent for rapists?
March 13 The euthanasia debate
March 27 Ticket to India-Pakistan thaw?
April 10 The Tamil Nadu poll blockbuster
April 17 Being gay: The parents' story
April 24 The anatomy of a bribe
May 1 Maharaja in royal mess
May 15 Land wars: Farmers' rights vs industrialisation
May 22 Homecoming possible for pandits in J&K?
May 29 Women and power: Bucking the trend?
June 12 Army an option for Indian youth?
June 26 Viewer's choice: We the People on Gujarat quake
July 3 Neeraj Grover's parents on their son's murder
July 10 Does India need a separate prevention of communal violence bill?
July 17 Has Mumbai been numbed by terror?
July 24 Has spirituality turned into a profit industry?
July 31 Corruption kills the growth story?
August 11 Indian cinema: Hijacked by politics?
August 15 Fasting for change- Satyagraha or theatre?
August 21 Anna and the great Indian middle class
August 28 Anna's movement: The challenges & lessons
September 4 Copycat politics over mercy pleas?
September 11 Has India been numbed by terror?
September 25 Can you live on just INR 32 a day?
October 2 Gandhigiri in the age of violence
October 9 Telangan: An idea whose time has come?
October 16 Mayawati's Park: Extravaganza or empowerment?
October 23 Will right to recall make politicians accountable?
October 30 Does the army still need special powers in J&K?
November 6 Is social media changing human equations?
November 13 Love, sex and cinema
November 20 Terror errors: Weakening India's fight?
November 27 From argumentative India to intolerant India?
December 4 Has Parliament become a house of Adjournments?
December 11 The return of Anna Hazare
December 18 From Uphaar AMRI, is it a license to kill?


Date Title Topic
January 1 Democracy's midnight mayhem
January 15 Why does India still not have a national military memorial? Indian Armed Forces
February 12 Age row: Ceasefire or lost battle?
February 18 Minority welfare or maximum politics?
February 26 The state in your bedroom? Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code
March 8 Women's day: Substance or symbolism? International Women's Day
March 18 India: No country for working women? Women in India
March 25 Pornography or erotica: Who decides?
April 1 After the ceasefire: Lessons learnt?
April 15 Should the state negotiate with hostage takers?
April 22 Surrogacy: Outsourcing childbirth? Commercial surrogacy in India
April 29 Rajya Sabha: House of Elders now House of Glamour? Rajya Sabha members
May 6 Siachen: Time for a thaw? Siachen conflict
May 7 Hillary Clinton on FDI, Mamata, Hafiz Saeed and outsourcing (special episode)
May 13 Are single sex institutions outdated?
June 3 The subsidies debate: Pro aam-aadmi or anti-growth? Subsidies in India
June 10 'Bond'-ing doctors into duty?
June 17 The politics of minority quotas Reservation in India
June 24 India: The big bazaar of organ trade? Organ trade in India
July 1 President's pardon: The clemency debate Pratibha Patil communes death sentences
July 8 Hitting cancer for a six Interview with Yuvraj Singh
July 29 Mayhem at Manesar Manesar violence July 2012
August 5 Sedition laws: Essential or archaic? Sedition laws in India
August 12 India's steel frame: Still standing strong?
August 19 We the Olympians: A distant dream or within reach now? India at the 2012 Summer Olympics
August 26 Is the government caught in a censorship web?
September 2 Riots and the rule of law
September 9 India-Pakistan: Prisoners of hostility?
September 16 Cellphone towers: India's safety check
September 23 Clinical trials: The India report
October 7 Euthanasia: Mercy killing or murder? Euthanasia in India
November 11 Are religious traditions tilted against women? Role of women in religion
November 18 Should the state fund political parties?
November 25 Internet freedom: In danger of being stifled?
December 2 Politics and the 'Great' Indian middle class
December 9 Time to re-think capital punishment? Capital punishment in India
December 16 Moditva: Lessons for India?
December 23 Will capital punishment be a deterrent to rapists? 2012 Delhi gang rape case


Date Title Topic
January 1 Best of We The People 2012
January 6 Every woman's battle: The enemy within Rape in India
January 13 Cinema: A cult or misogyny Objectification of women in Indian cinema
January 20 Judiciary: symbol of hope and change for women? Low conviction rate in rape cases in India


Date Title Topic Note
March 15 India Fights Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in India First edition without an audience due to the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic.
March 22 How India Fought Back Against Coronavirus The Janata Curfew
March 29 Let Down by Lockdown? 2020 coronavirus lockdown in India


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