Western Liang (Sixteen Kingdoms)
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Western Liang Sixteen Kingdoms
Western Liang ()

Sixteen Kingdoms 406 AD.jpg
StatusVassal of Later Qin, Jin Dynasty (265-420), Northern Wei, Liu Song
CapitalDunhuang (400-405, 420-421)
Jiuquan (405-420)
o 400-417
Li Gao
o 417-420
Li Xin
o 420-421
Li Xun
o Established
o Fall of Jiuquan
o Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Today part ofChina

The Western Liang (traditional Chinese: ; simplified Chinese: ; pinyin: X? Liáng; 400-421) was a state of the Sixteen Kingdoms in China, one of the "Five Liang" (Wu Liang) of this era. Western Liang was founded by the Li family of the Han Chinese. The founder of the Tang Dynasty, Li Yuan (Emperor Gaozu), traced his patrilineal ancestry to the Western Liang rulers, and traced the ancestry of the Western Liang rulers to Li Guang and Laozi in the paternal line. The Li family of Western Liang were known as the Longxi Li lineage (?).[1]

All rulers of the Western Liang proclaimed themselves "wang".

Rulers of the Western Liang

Temple names Posthumous name Personal name Durations of reigns Era names
Taizu Wuzhao Li Gao 400-417 Gengzi () 400-405

Jianchu () 406-417

- - Li Xin 417-420 Jiaxing () 417-420
- - Li Xun 420-421 Yongjian () 420-421

Rulers family tree

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