York Herald
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York Herald
York Herald
Badge of the York Herald.svg
The heraldic badge of York Herald of Arms in Ordinary
Heraldic traditionGallo-British
JurisdictionEngland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Governing bodyCollege of Arms

York Herald of Arms in Ordinary is an officer of arms at the College of Arms. The first York Herald is believed to have been an officer to Edmund of Langley, Duke of York around the year 1385, but the first completely reliable reference to such a herald is in February 1484, when John Water alias Yorke, herald was granted certain fees by Richard III. These fees included the Manor of Bayhall in Pembury, Kent, and 8 pounds, 6 shillings, and 8 pence a year from the Lordship of Huntingfield in Kent. The badge of office is the White Rose of York en soleil ensigned by the Royal Crown.

Holders of the office

Arms Name Date of appointment Ref
Arms of Henry French or Franke.svg Henry French or Franke, Esq. (Edward IV)
Arms of Thomas Hollingworth.svg Thomas Hollingworth, Esq. (Edward IV)
Arms of John Water.svg John Water, Esq. (1484)
Rowland Playnford, Esq. (Henry VII)
Arms of John Mynne.svg John Mynne, Esq. (Henry VII)
Arms of John Wrythe.svg William Writhe or Wriothesley, Esq. 1509-1513
Arms of Thomas Tonge.svg Thomas Tonge, Esq. 1513-1522
Ralph Lagysse, Esq. 1522-1528
Arms of Thomas Bysley.svg Thomas Bysley, Esq. 1528-1530
Arms of Allan Dagnell.svg Allan Dagnall, Esq. 1530-1538
Arms of Bartholomew Butler.svg Bartholomew Butler, Esq 1538-1553
Martin Maroffe, Esq. 1553-1564
Arms of William Colbarne.svg William Colborne, Esq. 1564-1567
Arms of Ralph Langman.svg Ralph Langman, Esq. 1567-1570
Arms of Sir Gilbert Dethick.svg William Dethick, Esq. 1570-1587
Arms of Humphrey Hales.svg Humphry Hales, Esq.[1] 1587-1593
Arms of Ralph Brooke.svg Ralph Brooke, Esq. 1593-1625
Arms of Peter Le Neve.svg William Le Neve, Esq. 1625-1633
Arms of George Owen of Henllys.svg George Owen, Esq. (1633)
Arms of George Owen of Henllys.svg George Owen, Esq. 1660-1663
Arms of John Wingfield.svg John Wingfield, Esq. 1663-1675
Arms of Robert Devenish.svg Robert Devenish, Esq. 1675-1700
Laurence Cromp, Esq. [a] 1700-1717
Arms of Thomas Whitwick.svg Thomas Whitwick, Esq. 1717-1722
Philip Jones, Esq., FSA 1722-1735
Arms of Sir Charles Townley.svg Charles Townley, Esq. 1735-1753 [2]
Arms of George Fletcher.svg George Fletcher, Esq. 1753-1786
Arms of Benjamin Pingo.svg Benjamin Pingo, Esq. 1786-1794 [3]
Arms of Sir George Nayler.svg George Nayler Esq., FAS 1794-1820
Arms of Sir Charles Young.svg Charles George Young, Esq. 1820-1842 [4]
Arms of Edward Howard-Gibbon.svg Edward Howard Howard-Gibbon, Esq. 1842-1848 [5]
Thomas William King, Esq., FSA 1848-1872 [6]
Arms of John von Sonntag de Havilland.svg John von Sonnentag de Havilland, Esq., FSA 1872-1886 [7]
Arms of Sir Alfred Scott-Gatty.svg Sir Alfred Scott Scott-Gatty, KCVO, KStJ, FSA 1886-1904 [8]
Arms of George William Marshall.svg George William Marshall, Esq., LLD, FSA 1904-1905 [9]
Arms of Gordon Lee.svg Gordon Ambrose de Lisle Lee, Esq., CB, CVO 1905-1922 [10]
Arms of Philip Plantagenet Cary.svg Hon. Philip Plantagenet Cary, FSA 1923-1932 [11]
Arms of Aubrey Toppin.svg Aubrey John Toppin, Esq., CVO, FSA 1932-1957 [12]
Arms of Lord Sinclair.svg Charles Murray Kennedy St Clair, 17th Lord Sinclair, CVO 1957-1968 [13]
Arms of Sir Conrad Swan.svg Sir Conrad Marshall John Fisher Swan, KCVO, PhD, FSA 1968-1992 [14]
Arms of Peter Brotherton Spurrier.svg Peter Brotherton Spurrier, Esq. 1992-1993 [15]
Arms of Sir Henry Paston-Bedingfeld.svg Sir Henry Edgar Paston-Bedingfeld, Bt. 1993-2010 [16]
Michael Peter Desmond O'Donoghue, Esq. 2012-Present [17]

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