Zagreb Bypass
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Zagreb Bypass
Zagreb bypass
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Route information
Part of European route E59 shield European route E65 shield European route E70 shield European route E71 shield
Length49 km (30 mi)
Major junctions
Beltway around Zagreb
From in Zapre?i? interchange
  in Jankomir interchange
in Lu?ko interchange
in Ivanja Reka interchange
To and
in Sveta Helena interchange
CountiesCity of Zagreb, Zagreb County
Major citiesZagreb, Velika Gorica, Samobor, Zapre?i?
Highway system
Highways in Croatia
Lu?ko interchange (viewed from the west), Zagreb's gateway to the Adriatic coast

Zagreb bypass (Croatian: Zagreba?ka obilaznica) is a U-shaped motorway partially encircling Zagreb, Croatia. The largest part by far, between Jankomir and Ivanja Reka interchanges, was built between 1977 and 1979, while the Ivanja Reka - Sveta Helena section was built between 1996 and 1999.[1] The bypass is 48.9 kilometres (30.4 mi) long, tracing around the city from the northwestern suburb of Zapre?i? to Sveta Helena in the northeast. The bypass crosses the Sava River twice and comprises a bridge across the Sava-Odra floodwater overflow canal. As the busiest sections between Jankomir and Buzin interchanges carry traffic volume of approximately 45,000 AADT, it is the most heavily used motorway sector in Croatia.

Zagreb bypass is not designated as a separate motorway with a distinct motorway number,[2] rather it consists of sections of three motorways:

Those motorway sections are concurrent with sections of the D1 and D3 state roads[3] as well as European routes E59, E65, E70 and E71.

The bypass currently comprises four traffic lanes along its entire length, with an emergency lane in each direction. In its current form, the Zagreb bypass has a small number of interchanges spaced widely apart. For example, the current Zapre?i? interchange extends a trip from Zapre?i? to Zagreb via the bypass by 4.5 km (2.8 mi). The last new interchange was built in 2007-2008 at Kosnica in the southeast, to connect the Homeland Bridge and Zagreb via Radni?ka cesta (?1029).[3][4]

There are two rest areas along the bypass: Lu?ko rest area is located between Jankomir and Lu?ko interchanges comprising famous Plitvice Motel, well known for its pedestrian bridge across the bypass, while Sesvete rest area is located between Popovec and Sveta Helena interchanges. A new rest area is planned between Jaku?evec and Kosnica interchanges.[5]

Future expansion

A new outer bypass motorway is planned

A proposal has been made in 2007 for a new interchange near Zapre?i?, one that would reduce traveling time between the cities.

As a part of the A11 motorway construction works, a new Jaku?evec interchange was built east of the Buzin interchange. The Buzin interchange in turn is planned to be abolished, in favor of another new interchange, Sveta Klara, further to the west.[4][5]

A long-term plan exists to build a new outer bypass road around Zagreb. The outer bypass would be a part of the tolled motorway network thus permitting vehicles not to stop at two toll plazas near Zagreb as they enter and leave the present bypass, decreasing congestion on the inner bypass motorway. 2009-2012 motorway and road construction plan entails funds for development of design documents for the outer bypass motorway and specifies its route: It is to be a 106 km (66 mi) long motorway originating from the A2 motorway Luka interchange, connecting the A3 motorway Gradina interchange near Samobor, the A1 motorway Horvati interchange, the A11 motorway Mraclin interchange, once again the A3 motorway Ivani? Grad interchange and finally the A4 motorway Zelina interchange.[6] A total of 14 interchanges are planned on the new bypass, including the ones connecting it to the other motorways already specified, connecting the outer bypass to all major roads intersected.[7][8]

Because of the Medvednica Mountain north of Zagreb, the present bypass is U-shaped, leaving the city without a northern bypass that would connect the A2 and A4 highways. A northern branch (around 27 km long) of the bypass was planned and designed to bridge the gap. It was planned to connect the Zapre?i? interchange with the Popovec interchange. The route would have required a number of long tunnels and viaducts making it expensive.[9][10] According to the general design alternative in a study executed by the Faculty of Architecture and Institut IGH, the route would comprise 15 tunnels. The tunnels longer than 500 m would be: Ivanec Tunnel (2656 m), Bor?ec Tunnel (1797 m), Pantov?ak Tunnel (1625 m), Dotrina Tunnel (1050 m), Remete 1 Tunnel (1025 m), ?uguvec Tunnel (550 m) and Novaki Tunnel (502 m). The construction works were planned in stages with an additional 5-10 km long tunnel built subsequently through Medvednica Mountain to connect Zagreb and Hrvatsko zagorje directly. However, as of September 2011, all such plans were cancelled as unfeasible.

Exit list

County km Exit Name[2] Destination[3] Notes
Zagreb 0.0 6 Zapre?i?

Connection to Zapre?i? and Zagreb via Aleja Bologne and Ilica.
The westernmost interchange of the Zagreb bypass.
Westbound traffic continues along the northbound A2 motorway towards Krapina and Maribor, Slovenia.
The D1 road is not physically signposted along the Zagreb bypass.
0.3 Sava River Bridge
City of Zagreb 7.4 7/3 Jankomir

Connection to the A3 motorway (E70) (connecting Samobor and Ljubljana, Slovenia to the west) and to Zagreb via the ?1035 road.
The southern terminus of the European route E59.
For the eastbound traffic the exit is signposted as A2 exit number 7, and for the westbound traffic the exit is signposted as A3 exit number 3.
The Zagreb bypass switches between the A2 (to the west) and the A3 (to the east) at this point.
9.9 Rest area traffic sign Lu?ko rest area
12.3 4 Lu?ko

Connection to A1 motorway[2] and to the City of Zagreb via Jadranska Avenue.
The western terminus of European routes E65/E71 concurrency.
The eastern terminus of the D1 state road concurrency and the western terminus of D3 state road concurrency; the state roads are not signposted along the Zagreb bypass.
19.0 4a Sveta Klara L10100 A planned connection to the City of Zagreb via Novi Zagreb and Ve?eslava Holjevca Avenue
21.1 5 Buzin
Connection to the City of Zagreb via Savezne Republike Njema?ke Street and Novi Zagreb, Zagreb airport and to Velika Gorica
22.1 5b Jaku?evec
Interchange to the A11 motorway (under construction),[2] providing connections to Zagreb via Sarajevska Road and to Velika Gorica. As of 2017, the interchange is fully built, but access to and from the north end is impossible as the interchange has not yet been connected to Sarajevska Road.
Zagreb 29.3 5a Kosnica
Connection to the City of Zagreb via Radni?ka Road (?1029 to the north) and to Velika Gorica and Zagreb Airport (D31 to the south; the southern ramp under construction as of October 2010)[11]
33.4 Sava River Bridge
34.1 6/12 Ivanja Reka

Connection to the A3 motorway[2] leading east towards Slavonski Brod and Osijek. Connection to the City of Zagreb via ?1035.
The eastern terminus of European route E70 concurrency.
For the westbound traffic the exit is signposted as A4 exit number 12, and for the eastbound traffic the exit is signposted as A3 exit number 6.
The Zagreb bypass switches between the A3 (to the west) and the A4 (to the east) at this point.
City of Zagreb 34.9 11 Kraljeve?ki Novaki ?3034 Connection to Sesvete and Dugo Selo
38.1 10 Popovec Connection to Popovec and Soblinec (D29)
The northern terminus of concurrency of the A4 motorway and the D3 state road.
The D3 road is not physically signposted along the Zagreb bypass.
42.0 Rest area traffic sign Sesvete rest area
Zagreb 48.9 9 Sveta Helena

Connection to Vrbovec and Bjelovar via D28 expressway.
Future connection to A12 motorway (planned).
Connection to Rakovec, Sveta Helena and Donja Zelina (D3) (via the ?3016)
The easternmost interchange of the Zagreb bypass. The eastbound traffic defaults to the northbound A4.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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Coordinates: 45°45?12?N 15°59?27?E / 45.75333°N 15.99083°E / 45.75333; 15.99083

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