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Triad Magic - An Introduction to Guitar Chord Theory (Book/Online Videos)



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Guitar Chord Theory Using Songs, Scales & Exercises

Want to get that extra edge in your guitar playing? Triad Magic – An Introduction to Guitar Chord Theory will help you improve your lead and rhythm playing by allowing you to see how scales are directly related to triad shapes. This will also help you to find rhythm guitar parts that cut through the mix, and further solidify your basic chord expertise.

• Understand Basic Chord Theory on the Guitar Fretboard
• Learn to put Arpeggios to Work in Your Lead Playing
• Gain a Better Knowledge of the Guitar Neck
• For Acoustic or Electric Guitar
• Online Video Demonstrations
• Applies to all Styles – Rock, Country, Blues, Pop, Reggae, Jazz

What’s Included?
Triad Magic begins with the most basic chord form: the triad. It’s an in-depth look at what makes guitar chords work using song examples and video demonstrations. You will master all the triad shapes on the guitar fretboard. You will also learn the numerical relationship between chords in many popular progressions. Understanding chord construction will help your composing, playing, teaching and communication with other musicians. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to take any song, go to any area of the guitar neck, and find a new approach to playing it, bringing the best possible tonal colors into the band.

This instructional book with online videos will also help you become more knowledgeable of the fretboard. It will help you no matter what style of music you play, Rock, Country, Blues, Pop, Reggae, or Jazz. When you need to form a basic chord (a triad), you won’t need to see a diagram, you’ll be able to build the chord by knowing its components.

What You Will Learn:
• The four types of triads – major, minor, diminished and augmented
• How to use major & minor triads together, in the context of popular progressions
• Play any song in three completely different areas of the neck
• Learn chord spellings for all triads
• Invert the triads, tripling possibilities of sounds you can create
• How using inversions can improve voice leading
• Suspended triads, which increase your knowledge base that much more

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