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Harmonica For Dummies (For Dummies Series)



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Master the harmonica fast with this fun, easy guide

Everybody loves the sound of a harmonica, and the thought oflearning to play one is even more appealing. The instrument'sportability, versatility, and affordability make it a great choicefor those interested in learning how to produce the unmistakable,signature sound found in many styles of American music. WithHarmonica For Dummies, you can learn to master the harmonicafaster than you ever thought possible, even if you have little tono playing experience. This easy-to-use resource is filled withtips, tools, and instructions that will have you playing in notime.

In Harmonica For Dummies, you'll find an accessibleformat designed to help you access new techniques, songs, andstyles of playing. Accompanying digital content and interactivetools will help you learn the nuances of playing harmonica and giveyou the know-how to use this versatile instrument to its fullestpotential.

  • Provides you with a high-quality, comprehensive instructionalmanual
  • Instructs you with detailed instructions and tips to help youlearn to play quickly
  • Written in a clear, easy-to-understand format complete withaccompanying audio/video content
  • Helps you improve your playing and embrace the many musicalstyles that have made the harmonica an iconic instrument

The harmonica is a very accessible instrument, but only thosewith the right instruction and direction will be able to experiencethe joy of using it for accompaniment and solos. Let HarmonicaFor Dummies guide you through the learning process and make youa harmonica expert in a flash!

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