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The Bebop Guitar Improv Series - Scale & Arpeggio Book: A Comprehensive Guide to Jazz Improvisation | Books At Popflock.com


The Bebop Guitar Improv Series - Scale & Arpeggio Book: A Comprehensive Guide To Jazz Improvisation



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To be used in conjunction with the Bebop Guitar Improv Series - Lesson Book , this publication includes a detailed introduction to the Heptatonic System of Fingering Patterns. Also featured is a thorough explanation of the use of vertical and horizontal fingerings when improvising over chord changes. Regular notation, tab and diagrams are included.ABOUT THE SERIES: Developed over a 10 year period by its author and used as an instructional method in various music schools, The Bebop Guitar Improv Series consists of two volumes with multi-media materials. It is intended as a guide to lead both the player with little or no formal improvisation skills, as well as the player who does so exclusively by ear, on the journey to becoming a seasoned jazz improviser. Each volume is comprised of 3 books: the Lesson Book, Workbook, and Scale & Arpeggio Fingerings guide.Volume 1 is devoted to using the blues tonality as the primary vehicle to teach therudimentary principles of jazz improvisation in theory and practice. Structured withthe novice improviser in mind, it initially focuses on learning how to systematicallydevelop a vocabulary to improvise over chord changes from a guitar-oriented technical perspective. Four varieties of 12 bar blues are covered in order of difficulty:1. Traditional Blues (I-IV-V),2. Jazz Blues (with II-V cadences),3. Minor Blues4. Bird Blues (Charlie Parker style).Each new progression is taught throughout a series of etudes, and gradually introduces one or more of the chord/scales required to improvise over most jazz standards. Various melodic concepts and syncopated rhythms commonly used in the swing/bebop idioms, are taught as well.Volume 2 builds on the principles explored in Volume 1 and explores various applications over “Rhythm Changes,” as well as major, minor and extended tonalities. The technical focus is on multi-positional playing using the entire fretboard.Be sure to check out the Bebop Guitar Improv Series Online! Featuring 100+ instructional videos, it is the perfect compliment to the book series.For more info please visit https://bebopguitar.richiezellon.com

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