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Singing 101: Vocal Basics and Fundamental Singing Skills For All Styles and Abilities (How to Sing) | Books At Popflock.com


Singing 101: Vocal Basics and Fundamental Singing Skills for All Styles and Abilities (How to Sing)



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THE SINGLE BEST TOOL EVERY SINGER NEEDS TO BUILD, IMPROVE, AND GROW THEIR VOICE. Beyond any other art form, even acting, singing is the most personal and expressive way for people to reach out to each other. Whether it is for professional goals of entertaining, healing or activism, or more personal goals like sharing music with family, friends, and community, singing is the human gift we cannot live without. Singing 101: Vocal Basics and Fundamental Singing Skills for All Styles and Abilities is the fastest way to learn how to sing. The book empowers the singer with knowledge, deep understanding, singing tips, and practical application through exercises and techniques showing how to sing. Nancy Bos, a master voice coach and vocologist with decades of experience working with all ages of singers, provides easy-to-understand explanations of technical concepts, with tips for practical application. Singing 101 includes chapters on breath, body alignment, tension, resonance, style, and voice classifications. The website, NancyBos.net, and audiobook version have over 30 minutes of bonus vocal workout music and instruction, and extensive examples for the listener/singer to sing with. Any singer from performing professional to beginner will benefit from these lessons. Rock singers and choral directors alike give the set rave reviews. Classical singers as well as belters find information on supported breathing to be eye-opening, while beginning singers gain fundamental skills to launch their best voices. You’ll learn: Why thoughtful understanding of the body helps you sing better Strategic thinking about tackling a song How to work on your vocal strength and agility with a few key exercises each day How to balance technique with stage presence Exercises that grow the skills of a modern singer You’ll also gain insight into what makes the voice such a special instrument and how to avoid damaging the fragile tissue. Get in on the wisdom of centuries of teachers with tried and true exercises set to music that will appeal to today’s singer. Nancy Bos is a voice teacher and singer with over two decades of experience working with students of all ages and abilities. She has toured the Americas and parts of Europe, sharing the ideas that healthy singing can happen in all styles. She is a coach and consultant working with high profile singers and studios, guiding them into some of the best singing they’ve ever done. In Singing 101, she has gathered vocal wisdom learned through generations of voice teachers sharing their successful strategies, as well as contributions from modern science, in a collection of advice and exercises for the modern singer; exercises used by many of today’s most successful and influential teachers. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SINGLE TOOL TO ACHIEVE NEXT-LEVEL SINGING, PICK UP YOUR COPY OF SINGING 101: VOCAL BASICS AND FUNDAMENTAL SINGING SKILLS FOR ALL STYLES AND ABILITIES RIGHT NOW!

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