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Music for Children: Volume 3: Major - Dominant and Subdominant Triads



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(Schott). Carl Orff devoted much of his life to music for children. His pioneering work continues under the guidance of teachers and educators in many countries. The five basic German volumes of "Music for Children" by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman were published between 1950 and 1954. The considerable growth of Orff-Schulwerk in the United States led to the publication of the American Edition (1977) to satisfy the requirements of a different educational system and national heritage. Music for Children is a stimulating source of material for music teaching. Contents of this third volume: The instrumentation and range of keys are increased. The settings include the chords on the fourth and fifth notes of the major scale. The Dominant Triad: If all the world were paper * Bass parts for timpani * For recorder and timpani * The riddling knight * Ten short pieces for dancing * Carillon de Vendome * The old woman and her pig * A good-night * Morning * Other Keys: Deux chansons de jeu: Sur le pont d'Avignon * En revenant de Versailles * No John, No * Beauty's spell * Riddles * The Sudominant Triad: Street song * Pieces for xylophone * The man in the moon * Malbrough * Dance-song * Festive procession * Lord Thomas of Winesbury * Dashing away with the smoothing-iron * Sevenths and Ninths: This old man * Fior di viola * La Violette * Rundadinella * Sacred yodelling song * Mater et filia * Polka from the Ennstal * Two polkas * English dances: Rufy Tufty * Rakes of mallow * Hunt the squirrel * Up tails all * The phoenis * Time-change dances * Two dances for singing and playing: Dance-song * Hector Protector

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