How to Rap: Writing Lyrics and Rhymes, and Maxing Out Your Emotions For Optimal Flow: How To Connect With Your Listeners



Dive into the creative thinking process of a rapper that allows the artist to generate a continuous flow of rhymes and lyrics on just about any topic. This book focuses on the expansion of the emotional process involved in the delivery of powerful lyrics and shows you how to utilize your hidden creative forces to accelerate your ability to write hard hitting rhymes every time.

Modern rappers are constantly re-inventing themselves to stay relevant with the modern audience, and this can throw off many new and young rappers who want to make it big. Dedication and hard work is always needed, but this book is designed to help give you an edge by giving you the techniques to make the deep connections in your mind to constantly be able to deliver good flow.

Learn about the mental capacity aspect of your rhyme making ability, and how that affects the lyric constructing process. This book will show you how complex rhyme writing skills can be broken down into basic chunks so that you can hit all the marks and reproduce what famous rappers deliver in their regular songs.

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