1890 German Federal Election
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1890 German Federal Election

1890 German federal election

← 1887 20 February 1890 (1890-02-20) 1893 →

All 397 seats in the Reichstag
199 seats needed for a majority
Turnout71.58% Decrease 5.91 pp
  First party Second party Third party
  Ludwig Windthorst JS (cropped).jpg Otto von Helldorff.jpg Rudolf Virchow NLM4.jpg
Leader Ludwig Windthorst Otto von Helldorff Rudolf Virchow
Party Centre DKP DFP
Leader since 26 May 1874 7 June 1876 5 March 1884
Last election 19.91%, 98 seats 15.21%, 80 seats 12.62%, 32 seats
Seats won 107 71 67
Seat change Increase9 Decrease9 Increase35
Popular vote 1,340,688 882,820 1,148,468
Percentage 18.55% 12.21% 15.89%
Swing Decrease1.36% Decrease3.00% Increase3.27%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  R. v. Bennigsen.jpg
Leader Rudolf von Bennigsen Paul Singer
& Alwin Gerisch
Leader since 1867 18 March 1890 (both)
Last election 21.90%, 98 seats 10.12%, 11 seats 9.77%, 41 seats
Seats won 38 35 19
Seat change Decrease60 Increase24 Decrease22
Popular vote 1,130,842 1,427,323 461,307
Percentage 15.64% 19.75% 6.38%
Swing Decrease6.26% Increase9.63% Decrease3.39%

Karte der Reichstagswahlen 1890.svg
Map of results (by constituencies)

President of the Reichstag before election

Albert von Levetzow

Elected President of the Reichstag

Albert von Levetzow

Federal elections were held in Germany on 20 February 1890.[1] The Centre Party regained its position as the largest party in the Reichstag by winning 106 of the 397 seats, whilst the National Liberal Party, formerly the largest party, was reduced to 42 seats. Despite receiving the most votes, the Social Democratic Party won only 35 seats.[2] Voter turnout was 71.5%.[3]


Alemania Reichstag 1890.svg
Social Democratic Party1,427,32319.75+9.6335+24
Centre Party1,340,68818.55-1.36107+9
German Free-minded Party1,148,46815.89+3.2767+35
National Liberal Party1,130,84215.64-6.2638-60
German Conservative Party882,82012.21-3.0071-9
German Reich Party461,3076.38-3.3919-22
Independent Polish185,4172.57New11New
Alsace-Lorraine parties153,6672.13-0.9714-1
German People's Party147,5702.04+0.8610+10
German-Hanoverian Party112,6751.56-0.0211+7
Independent liberals78,7621.09+0.124+1
Polish Court Party61,3560.85New5New
German Reform Party21,9180.30New3New
Independent conservatives21,4130.30-0.1200
German Social Party20,5730.28New0New
Danish Party13,6720.19+0.0310
Independent anti-semites5,0450.07-0.0810
Valid votes7,228,57099.54
Invalid/blank votes33,1270.46
Total votes7,261,697100.00
Registered voters/turnout10,145,40271.58
Source: Wahlen in Deutschland


Alsatian autonomists52,79129.53+19.554+4
Social Democratic Party19,18210.73+10.461+1
Alsace-Lorraine protesters18,66310.44-49.021-9
National Liberal Party1,8501.03+0.3000
German Reich Party1,1480.64-6.0100
German Conservative Party1,0550.59New00
Valid votes178,78493.33
Invalid/blank votes12,7716.67
Total votes191,555100.00
Registered voters/turnout316,89460.45
Source: Wahlen in Deutschland


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