Albula Alps
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Albula Alps
Albula Alps
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Bergüner Stöcke (Piz Ela, Corn da Tinizong and Piz Mitgel)
Highest point
PeakPiz Kesch
Elevation3,418 m (11,214 ft)
Coordinates46°37?N 09°52?E / 46.617°N 9.867°E / 46.617; 9.867Coordinates: 46°37?N 09°52?E / 46.617°N 9.867°E / 46.617; 9.867
Native nameAlbula-Alpen  (German)
Albula Alps
The borders of the range according to
Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps
Western Rhaetian Alps
Borders onOberhalbstein Range, Silvretta Range and Bernina Range
Topo mapSwiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

The Albula Alps are a mountain range in the Alps of eastern Switzerland. They are considered to be part of the Central Eastern Alps, more specifically the Western Rhaetian Alps.[1] They are named after the river Albula. The Albula Alps are separated from the Oberhalbstein Alps in the west by the Septimer Pass and the valley of the Sursés; from the Plessur Alps in the north-west by the Landwasser valley; from the Silvretta group in the north-east by the Flüela Pass; from the Bernina Range in the south-east by the Maloja Pass and the Inn valley (upper Engadine).

The chief summit of the Albula Alps is Piz Kesch, which is also the highest summit of the Eastern Alps north of the Inn. Other mountains with both a high elevation and a high prominence are Piz Calderas, Piz Ela, Piz Ot and Piz Vadret. The Albula Alps are drained by the rivers Albula, Gelgia, Landwasser and Inn and Mera. Near the Lunghin Pass is the tripoint between the Gelgia, Inn and Mera.[2] This is the tripoint between the basins of the North Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

The main road passes crossing the Albula Alps (from central Graubünden to Engadin) are the Julier Pass and the Albula Pass. On the margin are also the Flüela Pass and the Septimer Pass (bridle path only). The Albula Pass, in the middle of the range, is also an important axis of the Rhaetian Railway, connecting Chur to St. Moritz through the Albula Tunnel. Both pass road and railway traverse the locality of Bergün on the river Albula, the most central town within the Albula Alps.


The main peaks of the Albula Alps are:

Peak Elevation
Piz Kesch 3,418 m (11,214 ft)
Piz Calderas 3,397 m (11,145 ft)
Piz Julier/Gülgia 3,380 m (11,090 ft)
Piz d'Err 3,378 m (11,083 ft)
Piz Ela 3,339 m (10,955 ft)
Piz Üertsch 3,267 m (10,719 ft)
Piz Ot 2,645 m (8,678 ft)
Piz Jenatsch 3,250 m (10,660 ft)
Piz Vadret (S-Chanf) 3,229 m (10,594 ft)
Piz Sarsura 3,178 m (10,427 ft)
Tinzenhorn/Corn da Tinizong 3,173 m (10,410 ft)
Piz Lagrev 3,165 m (10,384 ft)
Piz Mitgel 3,159 m (10,364 ft)
Schwarzhorn (Flüela) 3,146 m (10,322 ft)
Piz Porchabella 3,079 m (10,102 ft)
Hoch Ducan/Piz Ducan 3,063 m (10,049 ft)
Piz Bial 3,061 m (10,043 ft)
Piz Forun 3,052 m (10,013 ft)
Piz Arpschella 3,032 m (9,948 ft)
Piz dal Ras 3,028 m (9,934 ft)
Gletscher Ducan 3,020 m (9,910 ft)
Piz Griatschouls 2,972 m (9,751 ft)
Piz Grevasalvas 2,932 m (9,619 ft)
Piz Neir 2,906 m (9,534 ft)
Piz d'Urezza 2,906 m (9,534 ft)
Chrachenhorn 2,891 m (9,485 ft)
Wuosthorn 2,815 m (9,236 ft)
Piz Lunghin 2,780 m (9,120 ft)


The Albula Alps are crossed by one railway tunnel, under the Albula Pass. The main mountain passes of the Albula Alps are:

Mountain pass location type elevation (m/ft)
Fuorcla Calderas Mulegns to Bever snow 3130 10,270
Fuorcla d'Eschia Madulain to Bergün snow 3008 9869
Sertig Pass Davos to S-chanf footpath 2762 9062
Tinzentor Bergün to Savognin footpath 2718 8918
Ducan Pass Davos to Bergün footpath 2671 8763
Forcella di Lunghino Maloja to the Septimer Pass footpath 2635 8645
Scaletta Pass Davos to S-chanf bridle path 2619 8593
Suvretta Pass St. Moritz to Val Bever bridle path 2618 8590
Fuorcla d'Alp Fontauna Bergün to S-chanf footpath 2615 8580
Grialetsch Pass Davos to Susch footpath 2546 8353
Flüela Pass Davos to Susch road 2389 7838
Albula Pass Bergün to La Punt Chamues-ch road 2315 7595
Septimer Pass Bivio to Val Bregaglia bridle path 2311 7582
Julier Pass Thusis to Silvaplana road 2287 7504
Maloja Pass St. Moritz to Chiavenna road 1815 5955

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