Arosa Lenzerheide
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Arosa Lenzerheide
Arosa Lenzerheide
Arosa Lenzerheide is located in Alps
Arosa Lenzerheide
Arosa Lenzerheide
Location within Alps
Arosa Lenzerheide is located in Switzerland
Arosa Lenzerheide
Arosa Lenzerheide
Arosa Lenzerheide (Switzerland)
LocationArosa, Lenzerheide, Valbella, Parpan, Churwalden: Graubünden, South-Eastern Switzerland
Coordinates46°46?07?N 09°36?40?E / 46.76861°N 9.61111°E / 46.76861; 9.61111Coordinates: 46°46?07?N 09°36?40?E / 46.76861°N 9.61111°E / 46.76861; 9.61111
Runs225 km (140 mi)
Solid blue.svg - 111km - Easy
Red.svg - 87km - Intermediate
Solid black.svg - 27 - Difficult
Lift system43 lifts
Terrain parks4 parks
1 half pipe
1 ski cross course

Arosa Lenzerheide is a ski area located in Arosa, Lenzerheide, Valbella, Parpan and Churwalden, Graubünden/Switzerland. It originated 2013/14 by connecting the existing ski areas of Arosa and Lenzerheide. With a total of 225 kilometers (140 miles) of ski slopes and 43 cable cars it is the largest contiguous ski area in Graubünden.

Location and description

Arosa Lenzerheide is located in northern and central Grisons. It extends from the innermost Schanfigg via Urdental to the neighboring western valley with Lenzerheide, Parpan-Valbella and Churwalden. The ski area covers an altitudinal range of 1,230 to 2,865 m (4,035 to 9,400 ft). Outstanding summits with aerial tramways and panoramic restaurants are the Weisshorn and the Parpaner Rothorn which also marks the highest point of the ski area. 60 per cent of the slopes are groomed with artificial snow.

The Canton of Graubünden in South-Eastern Switzerland

Arosa Lenzerheide also offers more than 103 km (64 mi) of cross-country skiing trails and 4 terrain parks («Park'n'Pipe Tschuggen», «Wood Ranch» and «Bärensnowpark» in Arosa as well as «Jibarea Stätz» in Lenzerheide). In addition there are 11.5 km (7.1 mi) of sledding runs and 140 km (87 mi) of prepared winter hiking trails. In the summer season the region is a popular hiking and mountain biking resort.[1][2]

Arosa and Lenzerheide are connected by a cable car called «Urdenbahn». This aerial tramway was built in 2013 and is located between the Arosa Hörnli and the Urdenfürggli on the Lenzerheide side. It is 1,682 metres (5,518 ft) long and surmounts just about 70 metres (230 ft) of altitude. The ski resort is operated mainly by Arosa Bergbahnen and Lenzerheide Bergbahnen.[3]

Ski lifts

A total of 43 ski lifts operate in Arosa Lenzerheide: 14 in Arosa, 12 in Lenzerheide east side (incl. Urdenbahn and chairlift Obertor), 13 in Lenzerheide west side (incl. chairlift Obertor) and 4 in Churwalden. There are 4 aerial tramways, 4 gondola lifts, 18 chair lifts (17 detachables) and 15 T-bars/button lifts:[4]

Area Lift name Type Length (m) Manufacturer Construction
year (orig.)
Arosa Weisshornbahn Section 1 Cable car 1237 Garaventa 1992 (1957)
Arosa Weisshornbahn Section 2 Cable car 1963 Garaventa 1992 (1957)
Arosa Urdenbahn Cable car 1682 Steurer 2013
Arosa Hörnli Express 6-man gondola lift 3108 WSO Städeli 1987 (1945)
Arosa Kulm 4-man gondola lift 699 BMF Bartholet
WSO Städeli
Arosa Tschuggen-Ost 3-man detachable chairlift 955 WSO Städeli 1983 (1938)
Arosa Hörnli 4-man detachable chairlift 1236 Garaventa 1994 (1963)
Arosa Carmenna 4-man detachable chairlift with bubble 2149 Garaventa 2000 (1938)
Arosa Plattenhorn 4-man detachable chairlift with bubble 1470 Garaventa 2002 (1966)
Arosa Brüggerhorn 6-man detachable chairlift with bubble 1287 BMF Bartholet 2019 (1938/70)
Arosa Tomeli T-bar 687 Oehler 1960
Arosa Tschuggen-West T-bar 463 WSO Städeli 1972
Arosa Ried T-bar 440 WSO Städeli 1976
Arosa Prätschli T-bar 295 Garaventa 1998
Lenzerheide (east side) Rothornbahn Section 1 8-man gondola lift 1331 Garaventa 2010 (1963)
Lenzerheide (east side) Rothornbahn Section 2 Cable car 2069 Garaventa 1988 (1963)
Lenzerheide (east side) Urdenbahn Cable car 1682 Steurer 2013
Lenzerheide (east side) Heimberg 4-man detachable chairlift 1480 Garaventa 2004 (1954)
Lenzerheide (east side) Weisshorn Speed 6-man detachable chairlift with bubble 2281 Garaventa 1999 (1972)
Lenzerheide (east side) Motta 6-man detachable chairlift with bubble 989 Garaventa 2013 (1972)
Lenzerheide (east side) Urdenfürggli 6-man detachable chairlift with bubble 910 Garaventa 2013 (1975)
Lenzerheide (east side) Obertor 4-man chairlift 583 BMF Bartholet 2015
Lenzerheide (east side) Scharmoin T-bar 1218 Habegger 1965
Lenzerheide (east side) Crappa Grossa T-bar 440 Doppelmayr 1968
Lenzerheide (east side) Fastatsch T-bar 363 Garaventa 1977
Lenzerheide (east side) Dieschen T-bar 463 Garaventa 1986 (1964)
Lenzerheide (west side) Scalottas 3-man detachable chairlift 1584 Garaventa 1986 (1943)
Lenzerheide (west side) Tgantieni 3-man detachable chairlift 1273 Garaventa 1988 (1942)
Lenzerheide (west side) Pedra Grossa 4-man detachable chairlift 1528 Garaventa 1990 (1972)
Lenzerheide (west side) Stätzertäli 4-man detachable chairlift with bubble 1725 Leitner 1995 (1965)
Lenzerheide (west side) Lavoz 6-man detachable chairlift with bubble 1725 Doppelmayr 1997 (1972)
Lenzerheide (west side) Stätzerhorn 6-man detachable chairlift with bubble 2278 Doppelmayr 1999 (1960)
Lenzerheide (west side) Cumascheals 4-man detachable chairlift with bubble 1649 Garaventa 1999 (1972)
Lenzerheide (west side) Obertor 4-man chairlift 583 BMF Bartholet 2015
Lenzerheide (west side) Valbella T-bar 1255 Brändle 1955
Lenzerheide (west side) Proschieri T-bar 676 WSO Städeli 1965
Lenzerheide (west side) Gertrud T-bar 900 Garaventa 1972
Lenzerheide (west side) Crestas T-bar 607 Garaventa 1949
Lenzerheide (west side) Fadail 1 & 2 T-bar 418 Garaventa 1983/94
Churwalden Heidbüel 8-man gondola lift 1778 BMF Bartholet 2015 (1962)
Churwalden Pradaschier 4-man detachable chairlift 1767 Leitner 1999 (1968)
Churwalden Windegga T-bar 1474 WSO Städeli 1968
Churwalden Pradafenz Button lift 700 WSO Städeli 1973

Urdenbahn (Hörnli-Urdenfürggli cable car)

The centrepiece of the resort compound is the Urdenbahn cable car, built and operated by the Arosa Bergbahnen company.

The Austrian-Swiss cableway manufacturer Steurer Seilbahnen created two parallel single-track twin-cable aerial ropeways which manage with a single rope span without pylons. There are two rope loops, the return of the ropes is in each case on the track of the other path. For stabilizing the ropes 17 large supporting cable tabs are used. Two glazed Kuechler design cabins from Gangloff[5] are installed with six automatic doors and a capacity of 150 people each. The hourly transportation capacity is 1,700 persons per direction. At low ridership or technical restrictions the Urdenbahn can be operated with just one car. The emergency passenger evacuating concept includes the use of winches between the two cabins.[6]

Cable car Urdenbahn connecting the resorts of Arosa and Lenzerheide

Technical specifications

  • Runway length: 1,682 m (5,518 ft)
  • East station Arosa: 2,496 m (8,189 ft) asl
  • West station Lenzerheide: 2,562 m (8,406 ft) asl
  • Altitude difference: 66 m (217 ft)
  • Capacity/payload per cabin: 150 + 1 Pers. / 12,080 kg (26,630 lb)
  • Dimension suspension ropes: 76 mm (2.99 in)
  • Dimension pull ropes: 42 mm (1.65 in)
  • Average power: 850 kW (1,140 hp)
  • Maximum travelling speed: 12 m/s (39.37 ft/s)
  • Average travel time: 5 minutes (incl. waiting time in cabin)
  • Installed carrying capacity: 2 × 850 Pers./h

Ski schools

Arosa Lenzerheide has a variety of ski schools. Each have several different classes, based on age and ability.

Recent investments and notable investment projects

In 2016 snowmaking facilities were installed between Parpan and Churwalden as well as between Pradaschier and Churwalden.

In 2017 the mountain restaurant 'Motta' was rebuilt.

In 2019 the chairlift 'Brüggerhorn' was rebuilt.

In 2020 snowmaking facilities were installed along the 'Black Diamond Slope'.

In 2021 the chairlift 'Weisshorn Speed' was equipped with new chairs and new transport facilities for mountain bikes.

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