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Avunculicide is the act of killing an uncle.[1] The word can also refer to someone who commits such an act. The term is derived from the Latin words avunculus meaning "maternal uncle" and caedere meaning "to cut down" or "to kill". Edmunds suggests that in mythology avunculicide is a substitute for parricide.[2] The killing of a nephew is a nepoticide.[1][2]

In history

In fiction

In gaming

  • Agent 47 kills three of his genetic uncles throughout the events of Codename 47, Silent Assassin, and Contracts.
  • In God of War III (2010), Kratos brutally murders his uncle Poseidon by gouging out his eyes and breaks his neck. He later implements equally brutal and different methods to kill his uncle Hades. He also tore Helios' head off his shoulders with his bare hands.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Huang avenges his father's death by killing his Uncle Kenny Lee because Lee killed Hunag's father and tries to kill Huang.
  • In the video game The Darkness, Jackie Estacado, the game's protagonist, kills his "uncle" Paulie in revenge over the death of his girlfriend Jenny Romano, which Paulie himself was responsible for.
  • In Death Stranding, is told in an archive that the antagonist Higgs Monaghan grew up with his abusive uncle. Higgs ended up killing him in self-defence with a knife.

In literature


  • Louis Mazzini commits avunculicide in the 1949 movie, Kind Hearts and Coronets
  • In the 1966 horror movie, Let's Kill Uncle, the evil uncle is to be killed in self-defense.[1]
  • Mass murderer Jason Voorhees is actually stabbed by his previously unmentioned niece Jessica Kimble with a special knife before being dragged to hell in the last official film of the Friday the 13th franchise Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.
  • In The Lion King, Simba causes his uncle Scar's death by tossing him from the top of the rock, and the hyenas maul him to death.
  • In The Sopranos, Tony Soprano attempts to organize the murder of his paternal uncle, Corrado Soprano, after he and Tony's mother, Livia Soprano had conspired to have Tony "whacked" after a power struggle. The attempt fails, and the incident is revisited throughout the series.
  • In season 1 of Ozark, Ruth Langmore kills her two uncles, Russ and Boyd. This leads her father, Cade, to ask in season 2: "...what the fuck is the word for a girl killing her uncles?"
  • During Gotham, Jerome Valeska breaks out of prison and kills his uncle Zachary by shooting him in revenge for his uncle's abuse. Previously Zachary tried to kill Jerome.
  • In Young Justice, Geo-Force defeats his uncle Baron Bedlam for kidnapping his sister, orchestrating his parent's murder, and betrayed the crown. After his teammates stop him, he nearly rescinds his choice but ultimately kills his uncle after the latter escapes and goads him to kill him, which he does by making him choke on hot lava.

See also

Familial killing terms
Non-familial killing terms from the same root
  • Deicide, the killing of a god
  • Genocide, the systematic killing of a large group of people, usually an entire ethnic, racial, religious or national group
  • Homicide, the killing of a human
  • Infanticide, the killing of an infant from birth to 12 months
  • Regicide, the killing of a monarch (king or ruler)
  • Tyrannicide, the killing of a tyrant
  • Feminicide, the gender-based killing of a woman
  • Androcide, the gender-based killing of a man


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