Band, Mure%C8%99
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Band, Mure%C8%99

Location in Mure? County
Location in Mure? County
Band is located in Romania
Location in Romania
Coordinates: 46°35?0?N 24°23?0?E / 46.58333°N 24.38333°E / 46.58333; 24.38333Coordinates: 46°35?0?N 24°23?0?E / 46.58333°N 24.38333°E / 46.58333; 24.38333
Country Romania
 o Mayor (2020–2024) Mircea Radu[1] (PSD)
Time zoneEET/EEST (UTC+2/+3)
Vehicle reg.MS

Band (Hungarian: Mez?bánd; Hungarian pronunciation: [m?zø:ba:nd]) is a commune in Mure? County, Transylvania, Romania, composed of eleven villages:

  • Band
  • Dr?culea Bandului / Drekulyatelep
  • Fâna?e / Fekete
  • I?tan-T?u / Istentó
  • M?re?ti / Marosesd
  • Negrenii de Câmpie / Feketelak
  • Oroiu / Székelyuraly
  • Petea / Mez?pete
  • ?iptelnic / Száltelek
  • Valea Mare / Nagyvölgy
  • Valea Rece / Hidegvölgy

M?d?ra? village was part of the commune until 2004, when it was split off to form a separate commune. In 2011, Fâna?ele M?d?ra?ului village was also split off and transferred to M?d?ra? Commune.


The commune is ethnically mixed and has a relative Székely Hungarian majority. According to the 2002 Census it has a population of 7,726 of which 45.42% or 3,509 are Hungarian, 2,868 or 37.12% Romanians and 1,349 or 17.46% Roma.

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