Bura Language
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Bura Language
Native toNigeria
RegionBorno State, Adamawa State, Yobe State
Native speakers
9,500,000 (2019)[1]
Language codes
Linguasphere18-GBB-d (-da -db -dc)

Bura-Pabir (also known as Bura, Burra, Bourrah, Pabir, Babir, Babur, Barburr, Mya Bura, Kwojeffa, Huve, Huviya) is a Chadic language spoken in Nigeria. Dialects are Pela, Bura Pela, Hill Bura, Hyil Hawul, Bura Hyilhawul, and Plain Bura.[1]

Bura has been reported to contrast a voiceless palatal lateral fricative, [?] (), which is quite rare. There are thus five laterals in Bura: [l ? ? ? ?], though [?] can be analyzed as a palatalized fricative, //. Apart from this, its inventory is much like the very complex system of Margi.

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