Civil Service Commission (Philippines)
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Civil Service Commission Philippines

Civil Service Commission
Komisyon ng Serbisyo Sibil
Civil Service Commission.svg
Civil Service Commission (IBP Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City).jpg
The main office of the CSC in Quezon City
FormationSeptember 19, 1900
HeadquartersCivil Service Commission, Central Office, IBP Road, Constitution Hills, 1126 Quezon City
Alicia dela Rosa-Bala
?1.60 billion (2020)[1]

The Civil Service Commission (Filipino: Komisyon ng Serbisyo Sibil, abbreviated as CSC) is one of the three Constitutional Commissions of the Philippines with responsibility over the civil service. It is tasked with overseeing the integrity of government actions and processes. The commission was founded in 1900 through Act No. 5 of the Philippine Commission and was made a bureau in 1905.[2] The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is the central personnel agency of the Philippine government responsible for the policies, plans, and programs concerning all civil service employees.[3]

It has 16 regional offices throughout the country.

The other two Constitutional Commissions are the Commission on Elections and Commission on Audit.


The 1987 Constitution staggered the terms of the members of the Constitutional Commissions. Of the first appointees, the Chairman would serve seven years (1st line), a Commissioner would serve five years (2nd line), and another Commissioner would serve three years (3rd line). Term refers to a fixed period, while tenure refers to the actual period that a person held office.

The names of the first Members of the CSC since 1987 were mentioned in Gaminde v. Commission on Audit.


  1. Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala
  2. Commissioner Atty. Aileen Lourdes A. Lizada
  3. Assistant Commissioner Ariel G. Ronquillo
  4. Assistant Commissioner David E. Cabanag Jr.
# Name Term start Term end Tenure start Tenure end Position Line Appointed by
1 Mario D. Yango February 2, 1987 February 2, 1990 January 22, 1985 May 31, 1991 Commissioner 3rd Corazon Aquino
2 Patricia A. Sto. Tomas February 2, 1987 February 2, 1994 January 30, 1988 March 4, 1995 Chairman 1st Corazon Aquino
3 Samilo N. Barlongay February 2, 1987 February 2, 1992 January 30, 1988 March 4, 1993 Commissioner 2nd Corazon Aquino
4 Ramon P. Ereñeta February 2, 1990 February 2, 1997 November 26, 1991 February 2, 1997 Commissioner 3rd Corazon Aquino
5 Thelma P. Gaminde February 2, 1992 February 2, 1999 June 11, 1993 February 2, 2000 Commissioner 2nd Fidel V. Ramos
6 Corazon Alma G. de Leon February 2, 1994 February 2, 2001 March 5, 1995 February 2, 2001 Chairman 1st Fidel V. Ramos
7 Jose F. Erestain, Jr. February 2, 1997 February 2, 2004 February 3, 1997 March 2004 Commissioner 3rd Fidel V. Ramos
8 J. Waldemar V. Valmores February 2, 1999 February 2, 2006 September 2000 September 2007 Commissioner 2nd Joseph Estrada
9 Karina Constantino David February 2, 2001 February 2, 2008 February 23, 2001 February 1, 2008 Chairman 1st Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
10 Cesar D. Buenaflor February 2, 2004 February 2, 2011 July 2004 February 2011 Commissioner 3rd Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
11 Mary Ann Z. Fernandez-Mendoza February 2, 2006 February 2, 2013 May 2006 February 2013 Commissioner 2nd Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
12 Ricardo L. Saludo February 2, 2008 February 2, 2015 April 1, 2008 September 30, 2009 Chairman 1st Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
13 Francisco T. Duque III February 2, 2008 February 2, 2015 February 3, 2010 September 15, 2015 Chairman 1st Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
14 Rasol L. Mitmug February 2, 2011 February 2, 2018 April 4, 2011 2012 Commissioner 3rd Benigno Aquino III
15 Robert S. Martinez February 2, 2011 February 2, 2018 July 6, 2012 February 2, 2018 Commissioner 3rd Benigno Aquino III
16 Nieves L. Osorio February 2, 2013 February 2, 2020 March 20, 2013 March 20, 2013 Commissioner 2nd Benigno Aquino III
17 Alicia dela Rosa-Bala February 2, 2015 February 2, 2022 September 15, 2015 Chairman 1st Benigno Aquino III
18 Leopoldo Roberto W. Valderosa Jr. June 19, 2017 February 2, 2020 October 5, 2017 Commissioner 2nd Rodrigo Duterte
19 Aileen Lourdes A. Lozada December 5, 2018 February 2, 2025 February 8, 2019 Commissioner 3rd Rodrigo Duterte

Career Executive Service Board

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 891, s. 2010 the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) is mandated to promulgate rules, standards and procedures on the selection, classification, compensation and career development of members of the Career Executive Service. In Eugenio vs. Civil Service Commission, G.R. No. 115863, March 31, 1995, the Supreme Court recognized the existence, mandate and authority of the CESB over third level positions, and its autonomy from the Civil Service Commission (CSC)."

Organizational Structure

  • Office of the Chairman
  • Office of the Commissioners
  • Office of the Assistant Commissioners
  • Office of the Executive Director
  • Commission Secretariat and Liaison Office
  • Office for Legal Affairs
  • Examination, Recruitment, and Placement Office
  • Office for Human Resource Management and Development
  • Civil Service Institute
  • Office for Strategy Management
  • Internal Audit Service
  • Human Resource Policies and Standards Office
  • Integrated Records Management Office
  • Human Resource Relations Office
  • Office for Financial and Assets Management
  • Public Assistance and Information Office


  • Philippines. Civil Service Board (1906). Annual Report of the Philippine Civil Service Board to the Civil Governor of the Philippine Islands, Issue 5. Contributors United States. Philippine Commission (1900-1916), United States. Bureau of Insular Affairs. Bureau of Public Printing. ISBN 9715501680. Retrieved 2014.


The CSC is tasked to generate roster of eligibles through these examinations:[4]

o Career Service Examination (Professional and Sub-Professional)

o Career Service Examination for Foreign Service Officer (CSE-FSO)

o Fire Officer Examination (FOE)

o Penology Officer Examination (POE)

o Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE)

o Intermediate Competency on Local Treasury Examination (ICLTE)

o Pre-employment Test

o Promotional Test

o Ethics-Oriented Personality Test (EOPT)


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