Council of Troyes in 1107
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Council of Troyes in 1107

There have been a number of councils held at Troyes:

Council of 867

The council was held on orders of Pope Nicholas I, to deal with Hincmar of Reims and his quarrels.[1] The decrees were signed on 2 November 867.[2] The Council ruled that no bishop could be deposed from his See without the consent of the Pope.[3]

Bishops present

  • Hincmar, Archbishop of Reims
  • Herard, Bishop of Tours
  • Wenilo, Bishop of Rouen
  • Frotarius, Bishop of Bordeaux
  • Hegilo, Bishop of Sens
  • irizarri, Bishop of Bourges
  • Rothadus, Bishop of Soissons
  • Actardus, Bishop of Nantes
  • Hildegarius, Bishop of Meaux
  • Aeneas, Bishop of Paris
  • Hincmar, Bishop of Laon
  • Gislibertus, Bishop of Chartres
  • Ercanraus, Bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne
  • Ercambertus, Bishop of Bayeux
  • Odo, Bishop of
  • Folcricus, Bishop of St.-Paul-trois-Châteaux
  • Livido, Bishop of Autun
  • Ioannes, Bishop of Cambrai
  • Hilduinus, Bishop of Évreux
  • Abbo, Bishop of Nevers

Council of 878 (Second Council of Troyes)

  • 878 Second Council of Troyes[4]
    • Pope John VIII proclaimed that no bishop could be deposed without reference to the Holy See

Bishops present

  • John, Bishop of Rome
  • Walbertus, Bishop of Porto
  • Petrus, Bishop of Forum Sempronii (Fossombrone)
  • Pascasius, Bishop
  • Hincmar, Archbishop of Reims
  • Ansegisus, Archbishop of Sens
  • Aurelianus, Archbishop of Lyon
  • Sigebodus, Archbishop of Narbonne
  • Rostagnus, Archbishop of Arles
  • Adalardus, Archbishop of Tours
  • Teudericus Archbishop of Besançon
  • Ottramnus, Archbishop of Vienne
  • Isaac, Bishop of Langres
  • Gerboldus, Bishop of Châlons-sur-Saône
  • Agilmarus, Bishop of Clermont (Arvernensis)
  • Bernerus, Bishop of Grenoble
  • Abbo, Bishop of Nevers
  • Ottulfus, Bishop of Tréguier
  • Gislebertus, Bishop of Chartres
  • Walefridus, Bishop of Uzés
  • Hildebaldus, Bishop of Soissons
  • Teutherus, Bishop of Gerona
  • Ingelwinus, Bishop of Paris
  • Edenulfus, Bishop of Laon
  • Adebertus, Bishop of Senlis
  • Berno, Bishop of Chalons
  • Maricus, Bishop of Béziers
  • Ecfridus, Bishop of Poitiers
  • Abbo, Bishop of Maguelonne
  • Frodoinus, Bishop of Barcelona
  • Arnaldus, Bishop of Toul

Council of 1078

Summoned By Archbishop Hugues de Die and the Abbot of Cluny.[5]

Council of 1104

Convened by Cardinal Richard, Bishop of Albano, Papal Legate[6]

Council of 1107

Convened on 23 May 1107 by Pope Paschal II personally. Rothard, Bishop of Mainz, was suspended from office because he had dared to reconcile a schismatic bishop, Udo of Hildesheim, to the Church.[7]

Bishops attending

No complete list survives. Some bishops who probably attended can be discovered in surviving documents:

  • Pope Paschal II
  • Cardinal Richard, Bishop of Albano
  • Aldo, Bishop of Piacenza
  • Odo, Bishop of Cambrai
  • Leodegarus, Bishop of Bourges
  • Girard, Bishop of Angoulême
  • ldebertus, Bishop of Le Mans
  • Ioannes, Bishop of Thérouanne
  • Gotofridus, Bishop of Amiens
  • Galo, Bishop of Paris
  • Lambertus, Bishop of Arras

Council of 1129


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