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Cyrillic letter Dzhe
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Phonetic usage:[d?]
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Dzhe or Gea (? ?; italics: ? ?) is a letter of the Cyrillic script used in Macedonian and varieties of Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian, Montenegrin, and Serbian) to represent the voiced postalveolar affricate /d/, like the pronunciation of j in "jump".

Dzhe corresponds in other Cyrillic alphabets to the digraphs or , or to the letters Che with descender (? ?), Che with vertical stroke (? ?), Khakassian Che (? ?), Zhe with breve (? ?), Zhe with diaeresis (? ?), or Zhje (? ?).

In the Latin version of Serbo-Croatian, it corresponds with the digraph d? which, like the digraphs lj and nj, is treated as a single letter, including in crossword puzzles and for purposes of collation.

Abkhaz uses it to represent the voiced retroflex affricate //. The ligature is used to represent the /d?/ sound.


The letter Dzhe was first used in the 15th-century Romanian Cyrillic alphabet, as a modified form of the letter ?.[1] Serbian scribes began using it in the 17th century.[2] Vuk Karad?i? included it in his Cyrillic script reform, when the letter entered widespread use.[1]

Related letters and other similar characters

Character information
Preview Џ џ
Encodings decimal hex decimal hex
Unicode 1039 U+040F 1119 U+045F
UTF-8 208 143 D0 8F 209 159 D1 9F
Numeric character reference Џ Џ џ џ
Named character reference Џ џ
Code page 855 155 9B 154 9A
Windows-1251 143 8F 159 9F
ISO-8859-5 175 AF 255 FF
Macintosh Cyrillic 218 DA 219 DB


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  2. ^ Petar ?or?i?, "Istorija srpske ?irilice", Belgrade 1970, p. 203

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