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Ermine may refer to three species of mustelid in the genus Mustela:

  • Stoat or Eurasian ermine, Mustela erminea, found throughout Eurasia and northern North America
  • American ermine, Mustela richardsonii, found throughout North America aside from most of Alaska and the Arctic
  • Haida ermine, Mustela haidarum, endemic to Haida Gwaii and the Alexander Archipelago on the Pacific Northwest coast of North America

Ermine may also refer to:

  • Ermine (heraldry), the white winter fur and black tail end of the stoat, which is historically worn by and associated with royalty and high officials
  • "Ermine marks" are dark patches of color on the white limb of a horse, just above the level of the hoof
  • Ermine moth, a family of moths
  • Ermine, a northern suburb of Lincoln, England
  • Ermine Street, a Roman Road running from London to Lincoln and York
  • Ermine, Kentucky, a town in the U.S. state of Kentucky
  • Ermine (band), a Canadian progressive rock band

See also

  • Erminie, a 19th-century comic opera

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