Guianese Socialist Party
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Guianese Socialist Party

The Guianese Socialist Party (French: Parti socialiste guyanais, PSG) is a political party in the French overseas région of French Guiana, in South America.


It was founded in 1956 by Justin Catayée, beforehand the founder of the Guianese federation of the French Section of the Workers' International (SFIO). It is a separate party, not to be confused with the departmental federation of the French Socialist Party. For instance, the PSG endorsed the overseas list of Europe Ecology - The Greens, not the PS one, in the 2004 European elections.[2]

The PSG candidate Gabriel Serville won one of the two parliamentary seats for French Guiana at the French National Assembly in 2012, the second one was held in 2007-2017 by a non-PSG deputy, Chantal Berthelot, endorsed by various parties, among whom the PSG.

The PSG was until 2010 a major party in the regional council of French Guiana, when it fell from 17 seats to one out of 31. It controls since then only the Cayenne municipality. The PSG didn't compete as such for the December 2015 first Guianese Assembly elections after the merger of the department and the region, and the coalition list it supported, headed by deputy Chantal Berthelot from another left-wing party, got only 8.49% and was eliminated at the first round.[3][4]

Rodolphe Alexandre, then PSG first alderman in Cayenne, was excluded from the party in January 2008 for presenting a list against the incumbent PSG mayor. He won the 2008 municipal election and became mayor, then won the 2010 regional elections and became president of the Regional Council, likewise for the 2015 Guianese Assembly.

Electoral results

French legislative elections

French Guiana sends two deputies in Paris since 1988, beforehand only one. The electoral districts borders were considerably modified before the 2012 elections.

Year Electoral
PSG candidate % of votes
(first round)
% of votes
(second round)
2002[5] 1 Joseph Nicaise 15.58% eliminated
2002[5] 2
2007[6] 1 Antoine Karam 16.82% eliminated
2007[6] 2 none[note 1] - -
2012[7] 1 Gabriel Serville 28.23% 54.70%
2012[7] 2 none[note 2] -
2017 1 Gabriel Serville 29.77% 51.33%
2017 2 none[note 3] - -
2018 2 [note 4] David Riché 10.08% eliminated

Guianese Assembly elections

For the first elections to the Guianese Assembly in December 2015, the PSG did not compete as such but on a common list Cultiver la Guyane led by the deputy Chantal Berthelot of the party To the Left in Guiana (AGEG)(fr). The list got 8.49% of the votes in the first round, under the 10% threshold needed to access to the second round.[4] Only two lists could compete for the second round and both their leaders refused any merger with lists that had got between 5% and 10% for the first round, thus eliminating from the new assembly the PSG, but also all the other parties hitherto represented in one or both previous councils: AGEG, Walwari (Christiane Taubira's party), MDES and LR.[8]

Regional elections

Year % of votes Seats
1986 42.2 15/31
1992 39.6 16/31
1998 28.1 11/31
2004 22.5 17/31
2010[9] (6.14)[note 5] 1/31

Office holders


Single electoral district

Two districts

General councillors

French Guiana had a General Council like any other French department from 1946 until January 1, 2016 when it was replaced by the Guianese Assembly. The 19 general councillors were elected for six years but elections took place every three years for half of the cantons.

PSG councillors years in office presidency other office(s)
Antoine Abienso 1985-1998 Mayor of Maripasoula (1989-1996)
Henri Agarande 1964-1976 Senator (1978-1980)
Alex Alexandre 2001-2015 Alderman in Cayenne (?-?)
M. Aron 1955-1961
Étienne Barrat 1982-1985
Etienne-Yves Barrat 1982-1988
Albéric Benth[note 7] 2004-2015
Elie Castor 1976-1996 President (1979-1982, 1985-1994) Deputy (1981-1993),
Mayor of Sinnamary (1977-1996)
Jean Catayée 1976-2001 Alderman in Cayenne (?-?)
M. Catherine 1958-1964
René Clervaux 1988-1994
Claude Djani[note 8] 2011-2015
Jules Gaye 1955-1964
René-Amédée Gustave 2004-2011
Léopold Héder 1964-1978 President (1970-1973) Deputy (1962-1967),
Senator (1971-1978),
Mayor of Cayenne (1965-1978)
Gérard Holder 1979-1998 Mayor of Cayenne (1978-1995)
Antoine Karam 1985-2015 President of the Regional Council (1992-2010),
Municipal councillor in Cayenne (1977-2002)
Senator (2014-)
Jacques Lony 1964-1982 President of the Regional Council (1980-1982)
Georges Othily[note 9] 1979-1985) Senator (1989-2008),
Regional councillor (1982-2010),
President of the Regional Council (1982-1992),
Mayor of Iracoubo (1995-2001)
Stéphan Phinéra-Horth 1998-2001 President (1994-1998) Municipal councillor in Cayenne (?-?)
Raymond Tarcy 1970-1982, 1985-1994 Senator (1980-1989),
Mayor of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni (1971-1983)
Marie-Claude Verdan 1994-2008 Regional councillor (?-?)

Mayors of Cayenne

  • Léopold Héder (March 1965 - June 1978)[note 10]
  • Gérard Holder (June 1978 - June 1995)
  • Jean-Claude Lafontaine (June 1995 - March 2008)
  • Marie-Laure Phinéra-Horth (April 2010 -)[note 11]

Other mayors

There are 22 municipalities in French Guiana, eleven of whom had at least once since 1971 a PSG mayor, seven, including Cayenne, still had one after the 2014 municipal elections.


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