Koppa (Cyrillic)
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Koppa Cyrillic
Cyrillic Koppa
Cyrillic letter Koppa.png
Numeric value:90
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Early Cyrillic letter Koppa.png
Early Cyrillic numeral character Koppa (=90)

Koppa (? ?; italics: ? ?) is an archaic letter-like numeral character of the Cyrillic script. Its form (and modern name) are derived from the Greek letter Koppa (? ?).

Koppa was used as a numeral character in the oldest Cyrillic manuscripts, representing the value 90 (exactly as its Greek ancestor did). It was replaced relatively early by the Cyrillic letter Che (? ?), which is similar in appearance and originally had no numeric value. Isolated examples of ? used as a numeral are found in the East and South Slavonic areas as early as the eleventh century, though Koppa continued in regular use into the fourteenth century. In some varieties of Western Cyrillic, however, Koppa was retained, and ? used with the value 60, replacing the Cyrillic letter Ksi (? ?).

Cyrillic Koppa never had a phonetic value and was never used as a letter by any national language using Cyrillic. However, certain modern textbooks and dictionaries of Old Church Slavonic language insert this character among other letters of the early Cyrillic alphabet, either between ? and ? (to reproduce the Greek alphabetical order) or at the very end of the list.

Computing codes

Character information
Preview Ҁ ҁ
Encodings decimal hex decimal hex
Unicode 1152 U+0480 1153 U+0481
UTF-8 210 128 D2 80 210 129 D2 81
Numeric character reference Ҁ Ҁ ҁ ҁ

Further reading

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