Lieutenant Governor of Washington
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Lieutenant Governor of Washington
Lieutenant Governor of Washington
Denny Heck official (cropped).jpg
Denny Heck

since January 13, 2021
StyleThe Honorable
Term length4 years
Inaugural holderCharles E. Laughton
FormationNovember 11, 1889
Salary$117,300 (2020)[1]

The lieutenant governor of Washington is an elected office in the U.S. state of Washington. The incumbent is Denny Heck, a Democrat who began his term in January 2021. The lieutenant governor serves as president of the Washington State Senate, fills in as acting governor whenever the governor leaves the state or is unable to serve, and assumes the duties of governor in case of a vacancy.[2][3]

There have been 17 holders of the office, three of whom have ascended to the office of governor of Washington. Prior to statehood, there were 10 territorial secretaries of state of Washington that acted in the territorial governor's absence, but were unable to ascend to governor.[4]

List of lieutenant governors of Washington


# Lieutenant governor Took office Left office Governor(s) served under Party Notes
1   Charles E. Laughton.jpg Charles Laughton November 11, 1889 January 11, 1893 Elisha Peyre Ferry Republican
2 Ltgovluce.jpg F. H. Luce January 11, 1893 January 13, 1897 John McGraw Republican
3 Thurston Daniels.jpg Thurston Daniels January 13, 1897 January 16, 1901 John Rankin Rogers Populist
4 16495-Henry-McBride.jpg Henry McBride January 16, 1901 December 26, 1901 Henry McBride Republican Became governor upon the death of Gov. Rogers
Vacant (December 26, 1901 - January 11, 1905)
5 Charles E. Coon.jpg Charles E. Coon January 11, 1905 January 13, 1909 Albert E. Mead Republican
6 Governor Marion E. Hay.jpg Marion E. Hay January 27, 1909 March 28, 1909 Samuel G. Cosgrove Republican Became governor upon the death of Gov. Cosgrove
Vacant (March 28, 1909 - January 15, 1913)
7 Louis Folwell Hart.jpg Louis Folwell Hart January 15, 1913 February 13, 1919 Ernest Lister Republican Became governor upon the resignation of Gov. Lister
Vacant (February 13, 1919 - January 12, 1921)
8 William J. Coyle.jpg William J. Coyle January 12, 1921 January 14, 1925 Louis Folwell Hart Republican
9 W. L. Johnson.jpg W. Lon Johnson January 14, 1925 January 16, 1929 Roland H. Hartley Republican
10 Lieutenant Governor Gellatly.jpg John Arthur Gellatly January 16, 1929 January 11, 1933 Roland H. Hartley Republican
11 President of the Senate Victor A. Meyers.jpg Victor A. Meyers January 11, 1933 January 14, 1953 Clarence D. Martin (Democratic)
Arthur B. Langlie (Republican)
Monrad C. Wallgren (Democratic)
Arthur B. Langlie (Republican)
12 Lieutenant Governor Anderson, 1955.jpg Emmett Anderson January 14, 1953 January 16, 1957 Arthur B. Langlie Republican
13 Lieutenant Governor Cherberg, 1969.jpg John A. Cherberg January 16, 1957 January 11, 1989 Albert Rosellini (Democratic)
Daniel J. Evans (Republican)
Dixy Lee Ray (Democratic)
John Spellman (Republican)
Booth Gardner (Democratic)
14 Senator Joel M. Pritchard, 1967.jpg Joel Pritchard January 11, 1989 January 15, 1997 Booth Gardner (Democratic)
Mike Lowry (Democratic)
15 Brad Owen.jpg Brad Owen January 15, 1997 January 11, 2017 Gary Locke
Christine Gregoire
Jay Inslee
16 Cyrus Habib official.jpg Cyrus Habib January 11, 2017 January 13, 2021 Jay Inslee Democratic
17 Denny Heck official (cropped).jpg Denny Heck January 13, 2021 present Jay Inslee Democratic


Living former lieutenant governors

As of January 2021, there are two former lieutenant governors alive. The most recent death of a former lieutenant governor was that of Joel Pritchard (1989–1997), on October 9, 1997.


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