List of European Countries by GNI (PPP) Per Capita
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List of European Countries by GNI PPP Per Capita

This is map and list of European countries by Gross national income (PPP) per capita for year 2017 from World Bank. Countries in green have more than $32,000, yellow $18,000-$32,000 and red below $18,000 GDP (PPP) per capita[1]

State (51) [2] GNI PPP
Albania Albania 12,120
Andorra Andorra N/D
Armenia Armenia 10,060
Austria Austria 52,660
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 16,650
Belarus Belarus 18,140
Belgium Belgium 47,960
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 12,880
Bulgaria Bulgaria 20,500
Croatia Croatia 24,700
Cyprus Cyprus 33,609
Czech Republic Czech Republic 35,010
Denmark Denmark 51,560
Estonia Estonia 31,000
Finland Finland 45,730
France France 43,720
Georgia (country) Georgia 10,120
Germany Germany 51,760
Greece Greece 27,820
Hungary Hungary 27,220
Iceland Iceland 53,640
Republic of Ireland Ireland 62,440
Italy Italy 40,030
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 23,440
Kosovo Kosovo 11,050
Latvia Latvia 27,400
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein N/D
Lithuania Lithuania 31,030
Luxembourg Luxembourg 72,640
Malta Malta 36,740
Moldova Moldova 6,060
Monaco Monaco N/D
Montenegro Montenegro 19,150
Netherlands Netherlands 52,640
North Macedonia North Macedonia 14,590
Norway Norway 63,530
Poland Poland 28,170
Portugal Portugal 31,490
Romania Romania 25,150
Russia Russia 24,893
San Marino San Marino N/D
Serbia Serbia 14,040
Slovakia Slovakia 31,360
Slovenia Slovenia 33,910
Spain Spain 38,090
Sweden Sweden 50,840
Switzerland Switzerland 65,910
Turkey Turkey 27,550
Ukraine Ukraine 8,900
United Kingdom United Kingdom 43,160
Vatican City Vatican City N/D

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  1. ^ GNI PPP per capita 2017, World Development Indicators database [1], World Bank, 9 August 2018
  2. ^ Only 51 sovereign states are listed, including Kosovo and Vatican which are not UN members

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