List of MPs Elected in the United Kingdom General Election, 1820
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List of MPs Elected in the United Kingdom General Election, 1820

This is a list of MPs elected to the House of Commons at the 7th 1820 United Kingdom general election, arranged by constituency. The Parliament was summoned 21 April 1820 and dissolved 2 June 1826. The Prime Minister throughout was the leader of the Tory Party, the Earl of Liverpool.

Table of contents:

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Constituency MP Party
Aberdeen Burghs Joseph Hume Whig
Aberdeenshire James Ferguson Tory
Abingdon John Maberly Whig
(two members)
Henry Fynes Clinton Tory
Gibbs Antrobus Tory
(two members)
Joshua Walker Tory
James Blair Tory
(two members)
William Tyrwhitt-Drake Tory
Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake Tory
(two members)
Thomas Assheton Smith Tory
John Pollen Tory
Anglesey Henry Paget Whig
Anstruther Burghs Sir William Rae, Bt Tory
County Antrim
(two members)
Hon. John Bruce O'Neill Tory
Hugh Henry John Seymour Tory
(two members)
Adolphus Dalrymple Tory
George Tierney Whig
Argyllshire Lord John Campbell Whig
Armagh City William Stuart Tory
County Armagh
(two members)
Hon. Henry Caulfeild Whig
Charles Brownlow Whig
(two members)
Robert Blake
Viscount Bury
(two members)
Lawrence Palk
John Copley Tory
Athlone John McClintock Tory
(two members)
George Nugent-Grenville Whig
William Rickford Whig
Ayr Burghs Thomas Francis Kennedy Whig
Ayrshire James Montgomerie


Constituency MP Party
Banbury Heneage Legge
Bandon Bridge James Bernard Tory
Banffshire James Duff, 4th Earl Fife
(two members)
Michael Nolan
Francis Molyneux Ommanney
(two members)
John Thynne
Charles Palmer
Beaumaris Thomas Frankland Lewis
(two members)
Lord George Russell Whig
William Henry Whitbread Whig
(two members)
Marquess of Tavistock Whig
Francis Pym Whig
Belfast Earl of Belfast Tory
Bere Alston
(two members)
Henry Percy
George Percy
(two members)
Richard Neville Whig
Charles Dundas Whig
(two members)
Viscount Ossulton
Sir David Milne
Berwickshire Sir John Marjoribanks, Bt Liberal Party (UK)
(two members)
George Lane-Fox Tory
John Wharton Whig
Bewdley Wilson Aylesbury Roberts Tory
Bishop's Castle
(two members)
William Holmes Tory
Edward Rogers
(two members)
Hon. Edward Henry Edwardes
Marquess of Titchfield Whig
(two members)
John Wilson Croker Tory
Davies Gilbert
(two members)
Richard Spooner Radical
Marmaduke Lawson Whig
(two members)
John Ward Tory
Compton Pocklington Domvile
(two members)
Gilbert Heathcote Whig
Henry Ellis
(two members)
Robert Haldane Bradshaw Tory
Henry Wrottesley Tory
(two members)
William Wilberforce Independent
John Irving
Brecon George Gould Morgan Tory
Breconshire Thomas Wood Tory
(two members)
Thomas Whitmore
William Whitmore
(two members)
William Astell Tory
Charles Kemeys Kemeys Tynte Whig
(two members)
James Scott
Christopher Spurrier
(two members)
Richard Hart Davis Tory
Henry Bright Whig
(two members)
George Nugent
William Henry Fremantle
(two members)
Richard Temple-Grenville Tory
Hon. Robert Smith Whig
Bury St Edmunds
(two members)
Lord John FitzRoy
Hon. Arthur Upton
Buteshire Lord Patrick Crichton-Stuart


Constituency MP Party
Caernarfon Sir Charles Paget
Caernarvonshire Sir Robert Williams, Bt
Caithness no return - alternating constituency with Buteshire
(two members)
Sir Christopher Robinson Tory
Hon. Edward Pyndar Lygon Tory
(two members)
James Macdonald
James Abercromby Whig
(two members)
Frederick Tench Tory
Charles Madryll Cheere Tory
(two members)
Lord Charles Manners
Lord Francis Osborne
Cambridge University Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston Tory
John Henry Smyth Whig
(two members)
Mark Milbank Whig
Francis Seymour-Conway Tory
(two members)
Stephen Rumbold Lushington Tory
Edward Bligh, Lord Clifton Whig
Cardiff Wyndham Lewis
Cardigan Pryse Pryse Liberal
Cardiganshire William Edward Powell Tory
(two members)
Sir James Graham, Bt Tory
John Christian Curwen Whig
Carlow Borough Charles Harvey-Saville-Onley Tory
Carlow County
(two members)
Henry Bruen Tory
Sir Ulysses Bagenal Burgh Tory
Carmarthen John Campbell, 1st Earl Cawdor Tory
Carmarthenshire George Rice-Trevor, 4th Baron Dynevor Tory
Carrickfergus Arthur Chichester Tory
Cashel Ebenezer John Collett Tory
Castle Rising
(two members)
Earl of Rocksavage Tory
Hon Fulk Greville Howard Tory
County Cavan
(two members)
Nathaniel Sneyd Tory
John Maxwell-Barry Tory
(two members)
Davies Davenport
Wilbraham Egerton Tory
(two members)
Viscount Belgrave Tory
Thomas Grosvenor
(two members)
William Huskisson Tory
Lord John Lennox Whig
(two members)
William Madocks
John Rock Grossett
(two members)
William Sturges Bourne Tory
George Henry Rose Tory
(two members)
Joseph Cripps Tory
Henry Bathurst Tory
Clackmannanshire Robert Bruce
County Clare
(two members)
Sir Edward O'Brien, Bt Whig
William Vesey-FitzGerald Tory
(two members)
Robert Curzon Tory
Hon. William Cust Tory
Clonmel James Hewitt Massy Dawson Tory
(two members)
Sir John Beckett,Bt Tory
Sir John Lowther, Bt Tory
(two members)
Daniel Whittle Harvey Radical
James Beckford Wildman Tory
Coleraine Sir John Beresford, Bt Tory
Corfe Castle
(two members)
George Bankes Tory
Henry Bankes Tory
Cork City
(two members)
Hon. Christopher Hely-Hutchinson Whig
Sir Nicholas Colthurst, Bt Tory
County Cork
(two members)
Richard Hare, Viscount Ennismore
Edward King, Viscount Kingsborough Whig
(two members)
John Hearle Tremayne Tory
William Lemon Whig
(two members)
Edward Ellice Whig
Peter Moore
(two members)
Joseph Pitt
Robert Gordon Whig
Cromartyshire No return - alternating constituency with Nairnshire
(two members)
Sir John Lowther, Bt Tory
John Christian Curwen Whig


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
John Bastard
Charles Milner Ricketts
Denbigh John Wynne Griffith Whig
Denbighshire Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Bt
(two members)
Henry Frederick Compton Cavendish Whig
Thomas William Coke
(two members)
Edward Mundy Tory
Lord George Cavendish Whig
(two members)
John Pearse
Thomas Grimston Estcourt
(two members)
Edmund Pollexfen Bastard
Thomas Dyke Acland Tory
Donegal Earl of Mount Charles Tory
(two members)
Charles Warren
Robert Williams
(two members)
Edward Berkeley Portman
William Morton Pitt
(two members)
Edward Bootle-Wilbraham
Joseph Butterworth
(two members)
Lord Arthur Hill Whig
Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh Tory
Downpatrick John Waring Maxwell Tory
(two members)
Bartholomew Bouverie Whig
Thomas Brooke-Pechell Tory
Drogheda Henry Metcalfe Tory
(two members)
Earl of Sefton Whig
Thomas Foley Whig
(two members)
Rt Hon. Henry Grattan Whig
Sir Robert Shaw, Bt Tory
County Dublin
(two members)
Hans Hamilton Tory
Richard Wogan Talbot Whig
Dublin University William Plunket Whig
Dumfries Burghs Lord William Robert Keith Douglas
Dumfriesshire John Hope-Johnstone Tory
Dunbartonshire Archibald Campbell-Colquhoun
Dundalk John Metge Tory
Dungannon Hon. Thomas Knox
Dungarvan Augustus William James Clifford Whig
(two members)
Michael Barne
George Henry Cherry
Durham City
(two members)
Michael Angelo Taylor Whig
Sir Henry Hardinge Tory
County Durham
(two members)
John Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham Radical
Hon. William Powlett Whig
Dysart Burghs Sir Ronald Crauford Ferguson Whig


Constituency MP Party
East Grinstead
(two members)
Charles Gordon
Hon Charles Jenkinson
East Looe
(two members)
George Watson-Taylor Tory
Thomas Potter Macqueen Tory
East Retford
(two members)
William Evans
Samuel Crompton
Edinburgh William Dundas Tory
Edinburghshire Sir George Clerk, Bt
Elgin Burghs Archibald Farquharson
Elginshire Francis William Grant
Ennis Sir Ross Mahon, Bt Tory
Enniskillen Richard Magenis Tory
(two members)
Charles Callis Western
Sir Eliab Harvey
(two members)
Sir Charles Cockerell, Bt Whig
William Rouse-Boughton
(two members)
William Courtenay
Robert William Newman
(two members)
Sir Robert Gifford Tory
Sir Miles Nightingall Tory


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole
Mervyn Archdall Tory
Fifeshire James Erskine Wemyss
Flint Boroughs Sir Edward Pryce Lloyd, Bt Whig
Flintshire Sir Thomas Mostyn, Bt
Forfar Hon. William Maule
(two members)
Ernest Edgcumbe Tory
George Lucy Tory


Constituency MP Party
County Galway Michael George Prendergast
County Galway
(two members)
James Daly Tory
Richard Martin Independent Conservative
(two members)
Jesse Watts-Russell
Thomas Divett
Glamorgan Sir Christopher Cole
Glasgow Burghs Archibald Campbell Tory
(two members)
Robert Bransby Cooper Tory
Edward Webb Whig
(two members)
Edward Somerset Tory
Berkeley Guise Whig
(two members)
John Innes
Alexander Robertson
(two members)
Edward Cust
James Hughes
Great Bedwyn
(two members)
John Nicholl Tory
John Buxton Tory
Great Grimsby
(two members)
Charles Tennyson
William Duncombe
Great Marlow
(two members)
Thomas Peers Williams Tory
Owen Williams Whig
Great Yarmouth
(two members)
Thomas Anson Whig
Charles Edmund Rumbold Whig
(two members)
Arthur Onslow Tory
Charles Baring Wall Tory


Constituency MP Party
Haddington Burghs Sir Hew Dalrymple-Hamilton, Bt
Haddingtonshire Sir James Grant-Suttie, Bt
(two members)
John Willis Fleming Tory
George Purefoy-Jervoise
(two members)
Nicholas Vansittart
Charles Bathurst
(two members)
Charles Long Tory
Robert Plumer Ward Tory
(two members)
William Henry John Scott
James Dawkins
Haverfordwest William Henry Scourfield
(two members)
John Baillie Tory
Robert Farrand Whig
(two members)
James Townshend Tory
Harrington Hudson
(two members)
Richard Philip Scudamore
Viscount Eastnor
(two members)
Sir John Cotterell, Bt Tory
Sir Robert Price, Bt Whig
(two members)
Nicolson Calvert Whig
Viscount Cranborne Tory
(two members)
Sir John Sebright, Bt Whig
Hon.William Lamb Whig
(two members)
Edward Henry A'Court
Charles Ashe A'Court
Higham Ferrers William Plumer Whig
(two members)
John Plummer Whig
Frederick Gough-Calthorpe Whig
(two members)
Peregrine Cust
Samuel Crawley
(two members)
Robert Hurst Whig
Sir John Aubrey, Bt
(two members)
Earl of Ancram Tory
John Calvert
(two members)
William Henry Fellowes
Lord John Russell Whig
(two members)
Samuel Jones-Loyd Liberal
Stewart Marjoribanks


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
Isaac Coffin Whig
Stephen Lushington Whig
Inverness Burghs George Cumming Tory
Inverness-shire Charles Grant
(two members)
William Haldimand
Robert Alexander Crickett


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bt Tory
William Philip Honywood Whig
(two members)
Maurice FitzGerald Whig
James Crosbie
(two members)
Lord William FitzGerald Whig
Robert Latouche Whig
Kilkenny City Hon. Denis Browne Tory
County Kilkenny
(two members)
James Butler, 1st Marquess of Ormonde
Hon. Frederick Cavendish Ponsonby
Kincardineshire Sir Alexander Ramsay, Bt
King's County
(two members)
Thomas Bernard
John Clere Parsons
King's Lynn
(two members)
Lord Walpole
Sir Martin Browne ffolkes
Kingston upon Hull
(two members)
John Mitchell Tory
Daniel Sykes Whig
Kinross-shire no return - alternating constituency with Clackmannanshire
Kinsale George Coussmaker
Kirkcudbright Stewartry James Dunlop
(two members)
George Tierney Whig
Sir James Mackintosh Whig


Constituency MP Party
Lanarkshire Lord Archibald Hamilton Whig
(two members)
Lord Stanley
John Wilson-Patten Tory
(two members)
John Fenton-Cawthorne Tory
Gabriel Doveton Whig
(two members)
Pownoll Pellew Tory
James Brogden Tory
(two members)
John Mansfield
Thomas Pares
(two members)
Lord Robert William Manners
George Anthony Legh-Keck
(two members)
Luke White Liberal
John Marcus Clements
(two members)
The Lord Hotham
Sir William Cuninghame-Fairlie, Bt
(two members)
Sir George Shiffner
Sir John Shelley, Bt
(two members)
Sir George Anson Whig
George Granville Venables Vernon Whig
County Limerick
(two members)
Richard FitzGibbon Whig
Standish O'Grady
Limerick City Hon. John Prendergast Vereker Tory
(two members)
Robert Percy Smith
Coningsby Waldo-Sibthorpe
(two members)
Charles Anderson-Pelham
Charles Chaplin
Linlithgow Burghs Henry Monteith Tory
Linlithgowshire Alexander Hope
Lisburn Horace Beauchamp Seymour Tory
(two members)
William Eliot Tory
William Pringle Tory
(two members)
George Canning Tory
Isaac Gascoyne Tory
(four members)
Sir Matthew Wood, Bt Whig
Thomas Wilson Tory
Sir William Curtis, Bt Tory
George Bridges Tory
(two members)
George Robert Dawson
Alexander Robert Stewart
Londonderry City Sir Robert Ferguson, Bt
(two members)
George Forbes, Viscount Forbes
Sir George Fetherston, Bt
(two members)
Robert Wigram Tory
Alexander Cray Grant Tory
County Louth
(two members)
John Foster
Viscount Jocelyn
(two members)
Henry Luttrell Tory
Sandford Graham Whig
(two members)
Hon Robert Clive
Viscount Clive Tory
Lyme Regis
(two members)
Vere Fane Tory
John Thomas Fane Tory
(two members)
Harry Burrard-Neale, Bt
George Finch


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
Abraham Wildey Robarts Whig
John Wells Tory
(two members)
Joseph Holden Strutt Tory
Benjamin Gaskell Whig
Mallow William Wrixon Becher Whig
(two members)
Charles Forbes Tory
Kirkman Finlay Tory
(two members)
Viscount Duncannon Whig
John Charles Ramsden Whig
(two members)
John Wodehouse
James Brudenell Tory
(two members)
Dominick Browne
James Browne
(two members)
Thomas Taylour
Sir Marcus Somerville, Bt
Merioneth Sir Robert Williames Vaughan Tory
(two members)
George Byng Whig
Samuel Charles Whitbread Whig
(two members)
Abel Smith Tory
John Smith Tory
Milborne Port
(two members)
Berkeley Paget Tory
Thomas Graves Tory
(two members)
John Fownes Luttrell Tory
Henry Fownes Luttrell Tory
(two members)
George Staunton
William Taylor Money
(two members)
Charles Powell Leslie
Henry Westenra
Monmouth Boroughs Marquess of Worcester Tory
Monmouthshire Sir Charles Gould Morgan
Lord Granville Somerset Tory
Montgomery Henry Clive
Montgomeryshire Charles Williams-Wynn Tory
Morpeth William Ord Whig
Hon. William Howard


Constituency MP Party
Nairnshire George Pryse Campbell Whig
New Romney
(two members)
Richard Erle-Drax-Grosvenor Whig
George Hay Dawkins-Pennant Tory
New Ross John Carroll
New Shoreham
(two members)
James Martin Lloyd
Sir Charles Merrik Burrell, Bt Tory
(two members)
Sir William Henry Clinton Tory
Henry Willoughby Tory
Newcastle-under-Lyme William Shepherd Kinnersley
Robert John Wilmot Tory
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bt Whig
Cuthbert Ellison Whig
Newport (Cornwall)
(two members)
William Northey Tory
Jonathan Raine Tory
Newport (Isle of Wight)
(two members)
Charles Duncombe
Leonard Thomas Worsley-Holmes
Newry Hon Francis Needham Tory
(two members)
Thomas Legh
Thomas Claughton
(two members)
Hudson Gurney Whig
Dudley Long North Whig
(two members)
Thomas Coke Whig
Edmond Wodehouse Tory
(two members)
Henry Peirse (younger) Whig
William Saunders Lascelles Whig
(two members)
Sir George Robinson, Bt
William Leader Maberly Whig
(two members)
William Ralph Cartwright Tory
Viscount Althorp Whig
(two members)
Thomas Wentworth Beaumont Tory
Charles John Brandling Tory
(two members)
William Smith Radicals
Richard Hanbury Gurney
(two members)
Sir Joseph Birch, Bt
Thomas Denman
(two members)
Frank Sotheron Tory
Lord William Bentinck Whig


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
Henry Prittie Whig
Albany Savile Tory
Old Sarum
(two members)
James Alexander Tory
Arthur Johnston Crawford Tory
(two members)
Horace Beauchamp Seymour Tory
John Douglas Tory
Orkney and Shetland John Balfour
(two members)
Charles Wetherell
John Ingram Lockhart
Oxford University
(two members)
William Scott Tory
Robert Peel Tory
(two members)
William Henry Ashhurst Tory
John Fane Tory


Constituency MP Party
Peeblesshire Sir James Montgomery, 2nd Bt
Pembroke John Hensleigh Allen Whig
Pembrokeshire Sir John Owen, Bt Tory
(two members)
Henry Swann Tory
Pascoe Grenfell Whig
Perth Burghs Hon. Hugh Lindsay
Perthshire James Drummond Tory
(two members)
Sir James Scarlett Whig
Sir Robert Heron, Bt Whig
(two members)
Hylton Jolliffe
Beaumont Hotham
(two members)
William Congreve
Thomas Byam Martin
Plympton Erle
(two members)
Ranald George Macdonald
Alexander Boswell Tory
(two members)
Thomas Houldsworth
Viscount Pollington
(two members)
John Dent
Benjamin Lester Lester Whig
Portarlington David Ricardo Whig
(two members)
John Markham Whig
John Bonham-Carter Whig
(two members)
Edmund Hornby Whig
Samuel Horrocks Tory


Constituency MP Party
Queen's County Hon. William Wellesley-Pole Tory
(two members)
Hon. John Villiers Tory
George Peter Holford Tory


Constituency MP Party
Radnor Richard Price Tory
Radnorshire Walter Wilkins


(two members)
John Berkeley Monck
Charles Fyshe Palmer
(two members)
Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke Tory
Hon. James Somers Cocks
Renfrewshire John Maxwell
(two members)
Thomas Dundas Whig
Samuel Barrett Moulton Barrett Whig
(two members)
Hon. Frederick John Robinson Tory
George Gipps Tory
(two members)
Lord Binning Tory
Ralph Bernal Whig
(two members)
Arthur French
Hon. Stephen Mahon
Ross-shire Thomas Mackenzie
Roxburghshire Sir Alexander Don, Bt
(two members)
Sir Gerard Noel, Bt Tory
Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bt Whig
(two members)
Peter Browne
John Dodson


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
William Pleydell-Bouverie
Wadham Wyndham Tory
(two members)
Matthew Russell
Michael George Prendergast
(two members)
Joseph Marryatt
Sir George Warrender, Bt
(two members)
Charles Manners-Sutton Tory
Viscount Normanby Whig
(two members)
Charles Rose Ellis Tory
George Welbore Agar-Ellis Whig
Selkirkshire William Eliott-Lockhart
(two members)
Edward Harbord
Abraham Moore
(two members)
Henry Grey Bennet Whig
Panton Corbett Tory
(two members)
Sir John Kynaston Powell, Bt
John Cotes
Sligo County
(two members)
Charles O'Hara Tory
Edward Synge Cooper Tory
Sligo Borough Owen Wynne Tory
(two members)
Sir Thomas Lethbridge, Bt Tory
William Dickinson Tory
(two members)
William Chamberlayne
William Champion de Crespigny
(two members)
Charles Calvert Whig
Sir Robert Thomas Wilson Whig
St Albans
(two members)
Christopher Smith Tory
William Tierney Robarts Whig
St Germans
(two members)
Seymour Thomas Bathurst Tory
Charles Arbuthnot Tory
St Ives
(two members)
Lyndon Evelyn Tory
James Graham Whig
St Mawes
(two members)
Scrope Bernard-Morland Tory
Joseph Phillimore Tory
(two members)
Sir George Chetwynd, Bt Whig
Benjamin Benyon Whig
(two members)
Edward Littleton Canningite Tory
Sir John Boughey, Bt Whig
(two members)
Lord Thomas Cecil Tory
Hon. William Henry Percy Tory
(two members)
Lord Henry Howard-Molyneux-Howard Whig
Sir George Philips, Bt Whig|
Stirling Burghs Robert Downie
Stirlingshire Sir Charles Edmonstone, Bt
(two members)
Joseph Foster Barham Whig
John Foster Barham Whig
(two members)
Sir William Heygate, Bt
Charles Augustus Tulk
(two members)
Sir Thomas Gooch, Bt
Sir William Rowley, Bt
(two members)
George Holme Sumner Tory
William Joseph Denison Whig
(two members)
Walter Burrell Tory
Edward Jeremiah Curteis
Sutherland George Macpherson Grant


Constituency MP Party
Tain Burghs Sir Hugh Innes, Bt Tory
(two members)
Lord Charles Townshend
William Yates Peel
(two members)
Alexander Baring
John Ashley Warre
(two members)
John Peter Grant Whig
John Nicholas Fazakerly Whig
(two members)
John Edmund Dowdeswell Tory
John Martin Whig
(two members)
Nicholas Ridley-Colborne
Lord Charles FitzRoy
(two members)
Sir Robert Frankland-Russell, Bt Whig
Robert Greenhill-Russell Whig
(two members)
William Bagwell Tory
Francis Aldborough Prittie Whig
(two members)
Dudley Ryder Tory
Richard Ryder Tory
(two members)
John Bent
Thomas Courtenay
Tralee James Cuffe
(two members)
Henry Vane Whig
James O'Callaghan Whig
(two members)
Hussey Vivian Whig
William Gossett Whig
(two members)
Sir John Stewart, Bt Tory
William Stewart Whig


Constituency MP Party
(two members)
William Hughes Whig
George James Robarts Whig
(two members)
John Calcraft Whig
John Hales Calcraft Tory
(two members)
Hon. Sir Charles Greville]] Tory
Charles Mills
(two members)
Dugdale Stratford Dugdale
Sir Charles Mordaunt, Bt
Waterford City Sir John Newport, Bt Whig
County Waterford
(two members)
Richard Shapland Power Whig/Catholic Association
Lord George Beresford Tory
(two members)
Charles Taylor Whig
John Paine Tudway Tory
(two members)
Samuel Smith Tory
George Smith Whig
(two members)
Francis Forester
William Lacon Childe
(two members)
Lord Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck
Sir George Cockburn, Bt Tory
West Looe
(two members)
Charles Hulse Tory
Henry Goulburn Tory
(two members)
Jonathan Elford Tory
Nathaniel Barton Tory
(two members)
Hon. Hercules Robert Pakenham Tory
Gustavus Hume Rochfort Tory
(two members)
Sir Francis Burdett, Bt
John Cam Hobhouse
(two members)
Viscount Lowther Tory
Henry Cecil Lowther Tory
Wexford Borough William Wigram Tory
County Wexford
(two members)
Robert Shapland Carew Whig
James Thomas Stopford
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis
(four members)
William Williams Whig
Thomas Buxton Whig
Thomas Wallace Tory
Masterton Ure Tory
(two members)
Samuel Scott Tory
Horatio George Powys Townshend Tory
(two members)
Hon. Granville Proby Whig
William Parnell-Hayes
(two members)
James Alexander Hodson Tory
James Lindsay, Lord Lindsay Tory
Wigtown Burghs Hon. James Henry Keith Stewart Tory
Wigtownshire James Hunter-Blair
(two members)
Ralph Sheldon
James Harris
(two members)
John Benett
John Dugdale Astley
(two members)
Henry Brougham Whig
Lucius Concannon Whig
(two members)
James Henry Leigh
Paulet St John-Mildmay
(two members)
Herbert Taylor Tory
John Ramsbottom Whig
(two members)
John Gladstone Tory
James Haughton Langston
Wootton Bassett
(two members)
Horace Twiss Tory
George Philips Whig
(two members)
Viscount Deerhurst Tory
Thomas Henry Hastings Davies Whig
(two members)
Hon. Henry Lygon
Sir Thomas Winnington, Bt
(two members)
Thomas Baring
John Dashwood-King Tory


Constituency MP Party
Yarmouth (Isle of Wight)
(two members)
Peter Pole Tory
Theodore Henry Broadhead Tory
(two members)
Lawrence Dundas Whig
Marmaduke Wyvill Whig
(two members)
Viscount Milton Whig
James Stuart-Wortley Tory
Youghal John Hyde


Results overturned on petition


Date Constituency Outgoing MP Incoming MP Cause
22 May 1820 Tavistock John Nicholas Fazakerly Whig Hugh Fortescue Whig Fazakerly resigned by taking the Chiltern Hundreds
23 May 1820 Appleby George Tierney Whig Thomas Creevey Whig Tierney chose to sit for Knaresborough
30 May 1820 Scarborough Viscount Normanby Whig Edmund Phipps Tory Viscount Normanby vacated seat
23 May 1820 Orford Horace Beauchamp Seymour Tory Edmund Alexander Macnaghten Tory Seymour chose to sit for Lisburn
31 May 1820 Carlisle John Christian Curwen Whig William James Whig Curwen sat for Cumberland
2 June 1820 Athlone John McClintock Tory David Ker Tory McClintock vacated seat
14 June 1820 Saltash Michael George Prendergast John Fleming Prendergast chose to sit for Galway Borough instead
16 June 1820 Okehampton Albany Savile Tory John Campbell Whig Savile vacated his seat
27 June 1820 Malmesbury Kirkman Finlay Tory William Leake Finlay resigned amid campaigns against his rectorship of the University of Glasgow
27 June 1820 Petersfield Beaumont Hotham Philip Musgrave Hotham chose to sit for Leominster instead
28 June 1820 York Lawrence Dundas Whig Robert Chaloner Whig Dundas ennobled
29 June 1820 Dundalk John Metge Tory George Hartopp Tory Metge resigned seat, (appointed Escheator of Munster)
29 June 1820 Ennis Sir Ross Mahon, Bt Tory Richard Wellesley Tory Mahon resigned seat
30 June 1820 Dublin Rt Hon. Henry Grattan Whig Thomas Ellis Tory Grattan died 4 June 1820
13 July 1820 Berwick-upon-Tweed Sir David Milne Henry Heneage St Paul Milne's election declared void
14 July 1820 Colchester Daniel Whittle Harvey Radical Henry Baring Tory Harvey's election declared void
17 July 1820 Old Sarum Arthur Johnston Crawford Tory Josias du Pré Alexander Tory Crawford vacated seat
21 July 1820 Grantham James Hughes Sir Montague Cholmeley, Bt Hughes election declared void
11 September 1820 County Kilkenny James Butler, 1st Marquess of Ormonde Charles Harwood Butler Clarke Butler made Irish peer
3 August 1820 Heytesbury Charles Ashe A'Court Henry Handley A'Court resigned
10 August 1820 County Louth Viscount Jocelyn John Jocelyn Robert Jocelyn made Irish peer
17 October 1820 Aberdeenshire James Ferguson Tory Hon. William Gordon Tory James Ferguson died
7 November 1820 Warwickshire Sir Charles Mordaunt, Bt Francis Lawley Whig Mordaunt vacated his seat
29 November 1820 Westbury Jonathan Elford Tory Manasseh Masseh Lopes Tory Elford and Barton both resigned under pressure from Lopes, who controlled the pocket borough
Nathaniel Barton Tory Philip John Miles Tory
7 December 1820 Berwick-upon-Tweed Henry Heneage St Paul Sir Francis Blake St Paul died
9 January 1821 St Albans William Tierney Robarts Whig Sir Henry Wright-Wilson Tory Robarts died 9 December 1920
16 Jan 1821 Roscommon Arthur French I Arthur French II Arthur French I died 24 November 1820
17 January 1821 Yarmouth Theodore Henry Broadhead Tory Theodore Broadhead Tory Theodore Henry Broadhead died
1 February 1821 Wilton James Harris John Hungerford Penruddocke Tory Harris succeeded to the peerage as Earl of Malmesbury
9 February 1821 Newtown Dudley Long North Whig Charles Compton Cavendish Whig North resigned
9 February 1821 Wicklow William Parnell-Hayes James Grattan Liberal Party Parnell-Hayes died 2 January 1821
17 February 1821 Plympton Erle Alexander Boswell Tory William Gill Paxton Boswell resigned due to a personal financial crisis
19 February 1821 Dunbartonshire Archibald Campbell-Colquhoun John Buchanan Campbell-Colquhoun died 8 December 1820
9 March 1821 New Ross John Carroll Francis Leigh Tory Carroll resigned seat
21 March 1821 Wigtown Burghs Hon. James Henry Keith Stewart Tory Sir John Osborn, Bt Tory Stewart vacated seat
28 April 1821 Orford John Douglas Tory Marquess of Londonderry Tory Douglas vacated seat
5 May 1821 Ludgershall Henry Luttrell Tory George Pratt Tory Luttrell died on 25 April 1821
9 May 1821 Down Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh Tory Mathew Forde Tory Castlereagh made Irish peer
11 May 1821 Andover Thomas Assheton Smith I Tory Thomas Assheton Smith II Tory Smith I resigned to become Lord Lieutenant of Caernarvonshire
26 May 1821 St Ives James Graham Whig Christopher Hawkins Tory Graham resigned after accusations of bribing the electorate
24 May 1821 Stirlingshire Sir Charles Edmonstone, Bt Henry Home-Drummond Edmonstone died 1 April 1821
5 June 1821 Lymington George Finch William Manning Finch resigned after the early death of his wife, Jane
3 July 1821 Kinsale George Coussmaker Sir Josias Rowley, Bt Tory Coussmaker died 23 May 1821
30 July 1821 King's County John Clere Parsons William Parsons, 3rd Earl of Rosse John Clere Parsons made judge
24 August 1821 Oxford University William Scott Tory Richard Heber Tory Scott was elevated to the peerage as Baron Stowell
27 August 1821 Queen's County Hon. William Wellesley-Pole Tory Sir Charles Coote, Bt Tory Wellesley-Pole called to Upper House
12 September 1821 Shaftesbury Edward Harbord Ralph Leycester Harbord succeeded to the peerage as Baron Suffield
27 September 1821 County Louth John Foster Thomas Skeffington Foster called to Upper House
18 October 1821 Shropshire John Cotes Rowland Hill, 2nd Viscount Hill Cotes died 24 August 1821
9 January 1822 King's Lynn Sir Martin Browne ffolkes Marquess of Titchfield ffolkes died 11 December 1821
12 January 1822 County Antrim Hugh Henry John Seymour Tory Viscount Beauchamp Seymour died 2 December 1821
1 February 1822 Castle Rising Earl of Rocksavage Tory Lord William Cholmondeley Tory Rocksavage elevated to peerage
11 February 1822 Higham Ferrers William Plumer Whig Viscount Normanby Whig Plumer died 17 January 1822
14 February 1822 Droitwich Thomas Foley Whig John Hodgetts Hodgetts-Foley Whig Foley died 11 January 1822
18 February 1822 Bletchingley Marquess of Titchfield Whig Lord Francis Leveson-Gower Tory Titchfield resigned seat
18 February 1822 Dungarvan Augustus William James Clifford Whig Hon. George Lamb Whig Clifford resigned seat
9 March 1822 Drogheda Henry Metcalfe Tory William Meade Smyth Tory Metcalfe died 11 February 1822
14 March 1822 Argyllshire Lord John Campbell Whig Walter Frederick Campbell Whig Campbell resigned seat
23 March 1822 Lincoln Coningsby Waldo-Sibthorpe John Williams Waldo-Sibthorpe died
8 April 1822 Dartmouth Charles Milner Ricketts James Hamilton Stanhope Ricketts resigned seat
12 April 1822 Minehead Henry Fownes Luttrell Tory John Douglas Tory Luttrell resigned to become a Commissioner of the Board of Audit
30 April 1822 Shaftesbury Abraham Moore Robert Grosvenor Whig Moore resigned
22 May 1822 Saltash Matthew Russell William Russell Whig Matthew Russell died
26 June 1822 Camelford Francis Seymour-Conway Tory Sheldon Cradock Whig Seymour-Conway succeeded to the peerage as Marquess of Hertford
30 July 1822 Stockbridge Joseph Foster Barham Whig Edward Stanley Whig Barham resigned after selling control of the seat
30 July 1822 Wigtownshire James Hunter-Blair Sir William Maxwell, Bt Tory Hunter-Blair died 24 June 1822
14 August 1822 Clitheroe Hon. William Cust Tory Henry Porcher Tory Cust resigned seat
1 October 1822 Orford Marquess of Londonderry Tory Charles Ross Tory Marquess of Londonderry died 12 August 1822
25 November 1822 Derbyshire Edward Mundy Tory Francis Mundy Tory Edward Mundy died, 18 October 1822
27 November 1822 Cambridge University John Henry Smyth Whig William John Bankes Tory Smyth died October 1822
2 December 1822 Shropshire Sir John Kynaston Powell, Bt John Cressett-Pelham Kynaston Powell died 24 October 1822
4 December 1822 Sligo County Charles O'Hara Tory Henry King Tory O'Hara died 19 September 1822
20 December 1822 Ross-shire Thomas Mackenzie Sir James Mackenzie, Bt Tory Mackenzie died 19 October 20
6 January 1823 Wilton Ralph Sheldon Edward Baker Sheldon died
10 February 1823 Harwich Nicholas Vansittart George Canning Tory Vansittart resigned seat
Charles Bathurst John Charles Herries Bathurst resigned seat
11 February 1823 Windsor Herbert Taylor Tory Edward Cromwell Disbrowe Taylor resigned to become colonel for life of the 85th Foot Regiment
11 February 1823 County Dublin Hans Hamilton Tory Henry White Tory Hamilton died 22 December 1822
12 February 1823 Peterborough Sir James Scarlett Whig Sir James Scarlett Whig Scarlett re-elected after resigning
15 February 1823 Liverpool George Canning Tory William Huskisson Tory Canning appointed to Crown office
17 February 1823 Berwick-upon-Tweed Charles Bennet Sir John Beresford, Bt Charles Bennet ennobled
18 February 1823 Chichester William Huskisson Tory William Stephen Poyntz Huskisson appointed to Crown office
18 February 1823 Winchester James Henry Leigh Edward East Leigh resigned
20 February 1823 Winchelsea Lucius Concannon Whig William Leader Whig Concannon died 29 January 1823
21 February 1823 Arundel Robert Blake Thomas Read Kemp Robert Blake died
22 February 1823 Coleraine Sir John Beresford, Bt Tory Sir John William Head Brydges Tory Beresford resigned seat
26 February 1823 Dorset Edward Berkeley Portman Edward Portman Whig Edward Berkeley Portman died
28 February 1823 Reigate James Somers Cocks James Cocks James Somers Cocks resigned seat
4 March 1823 Rye John Dodson Robert Knight Dodson vacated seat
8 March 1823 Fermanagh Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole Viscount Corry Tory Cole appointed to Crown office
18 March 1823 Corfe Castle George Bankes Tory John Bond Tory Bankes resigned
3 April 1823 Lymington Harry Burrard-Neale Walter Boyd Burrard-Neale resigned to become Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet
15 April 1823 Haslemere Robert Plumer Ward Tory George Lowther Thompson Tory Ward appointed to Crown office
2 June 1823 Bossiney John Ward Tory John Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie Tory Ward succeeded to the peerage as Viscount Dudley and Ward
27 June 1823 Hertford Viscount Cranborne Tory Thomas Byron Viscount Cranborne succeeded as 2nd Marquess of Salisbury
24 July 1823 Newcastle-under-Lyme William Shepherd Kinnersley Evelyn Denison Kinnersley died 8 July 1923
6 December 1823 Lincolnshire Charles Anderson-Pelham William Amcotts-Ingilby Anderson-Pelham called to Upper House
10 February 1824 Sandwich Joseph Marryatt Henry Bonham Marryat died 12 January 1824
16 January 1824 Liskeard William Eliot Tory Lord Eliot Tory William Eliot called to Upper House
16 February 1824 Weobley Lord Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck Lord Henry Frederick Thynne Tory Cavendish-Bentinck vacated seat
21 February 1824 County Louth Thomas Skeffington John Leslie Foster Skeffington became Irish peer
24 February 1824 County Cavan John Maxwell-Barry Tory Henry Maxwell, 7th Baron Farnham Tory Barry succeeded to Irish peerage
1 March 1824 Portarlington David Ricardo Whig James Farquhar Tory Ricardo died 11 September 1823
4 March 1824 Wigtown Burghs Sir John Osborn, Bt Tory Nicholas Conyngham Tindal Tory Osborn appointed to Crown office
5 March 1824 New Ross Francis Leigh Tory John Doherty Tory Leigh resigned seat
5 March 1824 Westmeath Gustavus Hume Rochfort Tory Robert Smyth Whig Rochfort died 30 January 1824
8 March 1824 Barnstaple Michael Nolan Frederick Hodgson Nolan resigned to become Chief Justice of the Brecon Circuit
Oxfordshire John Fane (b. 1751) Tory John Fane (b. 1775) Tory Fane (b. 1751) died on 8 February 1824
11 March 1824 Plympton Erle Ranald George Macdonald John Henry North Tory Macdonald resigned to fight a succession action in the Court of Session
22 March 1824 Queenborough Hon. John Villiers Tory Lord Frederick Bentinck Whig Villiers called to Upper House
5 April 1824 Leitrim Luke White Samuel White Luke White died 25 February 1824
20 April 1824 Lancaster Gabriel Doveton Whig Thomas Greene Tory Doveton died 9 April 1824
5 May 1824 Dundalk George Hartopp Tory Sir Robert Inglis, Bt Tory Hartopp died 31 March 1824
10 May 1824 Penryn Henry Swann Tory Robert Stanton Tory Swann died on 24 April 1824
14 May 1824 Huntingdon Earl of Ancram Tory James Stuart Ancram called to Upper House
28 May 1824 Northallerton Henry Peirse (younger) Whig Marcus Beresford Whig Pierse died 14 May 1824
2 June 1824 Okehampton Henry Prittie Whig William Henry Trant Tory Prittie resigned seat
30 June 1834 Steyning Lord Henry Howard-Molyneux-Howard Whig Henry Howard Whig Howard-Molyneux-Howard died 18 June 1824
13 July 1824 Clackmannanshire Robert Bruce George Ralph Abercrombie Bruce resigned seat
27 January 1825 Cornwall William Lemon Whig Richard Vyvyan Tory Lemon died on 11 December 1824
4 February 1825 Cambridge Charles Madryll Cheere Tory Marquess of Graham Tory Cheere died 10 January 1825.
18 February 1825 Newport (Isle of Wight) Leonard Thomas Worsley-Holmes John Stuart Worsley-Holmes died 10 January 1825
21 February 1825 Donegal Earl of Mount Charles Tory Francis Conyngham Henry Conyngham died 26 December 1824
28 February 1825 Brackley Henry Wrottesley Tory James Bradshaw Tory Wrottesley died 17 February 1825
8 March 1825 Bramber William Wilberforce Independent Arthur Gough-Calthorpe Wilberforce resigned seat
25 March 1825 Dartmouth James Hamilton Stanhope John Hutton Cooper Stanhope committed suicide on 5 March 1825
30 March 1825 Berkshire Richard Griffin Whig Robert Palmer Tory Neville succeeded to the peerage as Baron Braybrooke and in 1825 changed name to Griffin.
2 April 1825 Carlisle Sir James Graham, Bt Tory Sir Philip Musgrave, Bt Tory Graham died 21 March 1825
2 April 1825 Petersfield Philip Musgrave James Law Lushington Musgrave resigned to contest the Carlisle by-election
6 April 1825 Wigan James Lindsay, Lord Lindsay Tory James Lindsay Tory Lord Linsay vacated seat
6 May 1825 Bere Alston Henry Percy Percy Ashburnham Percy died
27 June 1825 Tyrone Sir John Stewart, Bt Tory Hon. Henry Lowry-Corry Tory Sir John Stewart died 1 June 1825
8 February 1826 Newport (Cornwall) William Northey Tory Lord Charles Greatheed Bertie Percy Tory Northey died 19 January 1926
9 February 1826 Exeter William Courtenay Samuel Trehawke Kekewich Courtenay resigned to become Clerk Assistant of the Parliaments
10 February 1826 Banbury Heneage Legge Arthur Legge Heneage Legge appointed to Crown office
11 February 1826 Warwick Charles Mills John Tomes Milles died 29 Jan 1826
18 February 1826 Corfe Castle Henry Bankes Tory George Bankes Tory Henry Bankes resigned seat
21 February 1826 Northumberland Charles John Brandling Matthew Bell Brandling died 1 February 1926
22 February 1826 Oxford University Richard Heber Tory Thomas Grimston Estcourt Tory Heber vacated seat
1 March 1826 Devizes Thomas Grimston Estcourt George Watson-Taylor Estcourt resigned seat
3 March 1826 East Looe George Watson-Taylor Tory Henry Perceval Tory Watson-Taylor resigned to stand in the Devizes by-election
6 April 1826 Mitchell William Taylor Money Henry Labouchere Whig Money resigned to become Consul General at Venice
6 April 1826 Carlow County Sir Ulysses Bagenal Burgh Tory Thomas Kavanagh Tory Burgh succeeded to Irish peerage
8 May 1826 Roxburghshire Sir Alexander Don, Bt Henry Hepburne-Scott Don died 11 April 1823
17 Mar 1826 Horsham Sir John Aubrey, Bt Henry Edward Fox Whig Aubrey died 14 March 1826

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