List of Radical Thinkers Releases
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List of Radical Thinkers Releases

Radical Thinkers is a series of books released through Verso Books. The series was first released in October 2005. The series shifted towards themes in set 9 and began to release more frequently with fewer titles in each set. In 2010, Minima Moralia, For Marx, Aesthetics and Politics, and Culture and Materialism were reprinted in hardback under the Radical Thinkers Classics designation as part of Verso's 40th anniversary celebration.

Radical Thinkers Set Title Author Translator(s) Original Publication Date Pages ISBN
Set 1 (January 2006) Minima Moralia: Reflections on a Damaged Life Theodor Adorno E. F. N. Jephcott 1951 256 978-1844670512
For Marx Louis Althusser Ben Brewster 1969 259 978-1844670529
The System of Objects Jean Baudrillard James Benedict 1968 224 978-1844670536
Liberalism and Democracy Norberto Bobbio Martin Ryle and Kate Soper 1985 94 978-1844670628
The Politics of Friendship Jacques Derrida George Collins 1994 312 978-1844670543
The Function of Criticism Terry Eagleton N/A 1984 136 978-1844670550
Signs Taken for Wonders: Essays in the Sociology of Literary Forms Franco Moretti Susan Fischer, David Forgacs, and Davis Miller 1983 273 978-1844670567
The Return of the Political Chantal Mouffe N/A 1993 240 9781844670574
Sexuality in the Field of Vision Jacqueline Rose N/A 1986 270 978-1844670581
The Information Bomb Paul Virilio Chris Turner 2000 146 978-1844670598
Culture and Materialism Raymond Williams N/A 1980 288 978-1844670604
The Metastases of Enjoyment: Six Essays on Women and Causality Slavoj ?i?ek N/A 1994 228 978-1844670611
Set 2 (January 2007) Infancy and History: On the Destruction of Experience Giorgio Agamben Liz Heron 1978 176 978-1844675715
Politics and History: Montesquieu, Rousseau, Marx Louis Althusser Ben Brewster 1972 192 978-1844675722
Fragments Jean Baudrillard Emily Agar 1997 148 978-1844675739
Logics of Disintegration Peter Dews N/A 1987 331 978-1844675746
Late Marxism: Adorno, or, The Persistence of the Dialectic Fredric Jameson N/A 1990 270 978-1844675753
Emancipation(s) Ernesto Laclau N/A 1996 124 978-1844675760
Political Descartes: Reason, Ideology and the Bourgeois Project Antonio Negri Matteo Mandarini and Alberto Toscano 2007 344 978-1844675821
On the Shores of Politics Jacques Rancière Liz Heron 1998 107 978-1844675777
Strategy of Deception Paul Virilio N/A 1999 82 978-1844675784
Politics of Modernism: Against the New Conformists Raymond Williams N/A 1989 220 978-1844675807
The Indivisible Remainder Slavoj ?i?ek N/A 1996 254 978-1844675814
Set 3 (January 2008) In Theory: Nations, Classes, Literatures Aijaz Ahmad N/A 1992 358 978-1844672134
The Perfect Crime Jean Baudrillard Chris Turner 1995 156 978-1859840443
A Realist Theory of Science Roy Bhaskar N/A 1975 262 978-1844672042
A Study on Authority Herbert Marcuse Joris De Bres 2008 112 978-1844672097
Spinoza and Politics Etienne Balibar and Warren Montag Peter Snowdon 1985 160 978-1844672059
The Emergence of Social Space: Rimbaud and the Paris Commune Kristin Ross N/A 1989 190 978-1844672066
Between Existentialism and Marxism Jean-Paul Sartre John Matthews 1960 302 978-1844672073
Ghostly Demarcations: A Symposium on Jacques Derrida's Specters of Marx Michael Sprinker (editor) N/A 1999 278 978-1844672110
What Does the Ruling Class Do When It Rules? Göran Therborn N/A 1978 290 978-1844672103
Open Sky Paul Virilio Julie Rose 1995 162 978-1844672080
For They Know Not What They Do Slavoj ?i?ek N/A 1991 288 978-1844672127


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