List of State of California Agencies, Departments, and Commissions
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List of State of California Agencies, Departments, and Commissions

The Government of California's executive branch includes numerous agencies. [1]

  1. Accountancy, California Board of (CBA)
  2. Achieving a Better Life Experience
  3. Acupuncture Board
  4. Administrative Hearings, Office of
  5. Administrative Law, Office of (OAL)
  6. Aging, California Commission on (CCoA)
  7. Aging, California Department of (CDA)
  8. Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB)
  9. Air Resources Board (ARB, CARB)
  10. Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board (ABCAB)
  11. Alcoholic Beverage Control, Department of (ABC)
  12. Allocation Board, State
  13. Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority, California
  14. Apprenticeship Council, California
  15. Arbitration Certification Program
  16. Architects Board, California
  17. Arts Council, California (CAC)
  18. Assembly, California State
  19. Athletic Commission, California State (CSAC)
  20. Auditor, California State (BSA)
  21. Automotive Repair, Bureau of (BAR)
  22. Baldwin Hills Conservancy (BHC)
  23. Bar of California, State (CALBAR)
  24. Barbering and Cosmetology, Board of (BBC)
  25. Behavioral Sciences, Board of (BBS)
  26. Biodiversity Council, California (CBC)
  27. Boating and Waterways Commission, California
  28. Building Standards Commission, California (BSC)
  29. Business Oversight, California Department of (DBO)
  30. Business and Economic Development, Governor's Office of
  31. Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency, California (BCSH)
  32. Cannabis Control, Bureau of
  33. Cemetery and Funeral Bureau (CFB)
  34. Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB)
  35. Child Support Services, Department of (CDCSS)
  36. Chiropractic Examiners, Board of (BCE)
  37. Citizens Compensation Commission, California
  38. Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC)
  39. Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy (CVMC)
  40. Coastal Commission, California
  41. Coastal Conservancy, California
  42. Colorado River Board of California (CRB)
  43. Community Colleges System, California (CCCS)
  44. Community Services & Development, Department of (CSD)
  45. Compensation Insurance Fund, State (SCIF)
  46. Conservation Corps, California (CCC)
  47. Conservation, Department of (DOC)
  48. Consumer Affairs, Department of (DCA)
  49. Contractors State License Board (CSLB)
  50. Controller's Office, California State (SCO)
  51. Cool California
  52. Corrections & Rehabilitation, Department of (CDCR)
  53. Counties, California State Association of (CSAC)
  54. Court Reporters Board of California
  55. Courts, California
  56. Debt Limit Allocation Committee, California
  57. Debt and Investment Advisory Commission, California
  58. Delta Protection Commission
  59. Delta Stewardship Council
  60. Dental Board of California (DBC)
  61. Dental Hygiene Committee of California (DHCC)
  62. Developmental Disabilities, State Council on (SCDD)
  63. Developmental Services, Department of (DDS)
  64. Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Advisory Council (DVBE)
  65. Earthquake Authority, California
  66. Education, California State Board of
  67. Education, Department of (CDE)
  68. Educational Facilities Authority, California
  69. Electronic & Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings, and Thermal Insulation Bureau of (BEAR)
  70. Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA)
  71. Emergency Services, Governor's Office of (CalOES)
  72. Employment Development Department (EDD)
  73. Employment Training Panel (ETP)
  74. Energy Commission, California (ENERGY)
  75. Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists, Board of Professional
  76. Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, Office of (OEHHA)
  77. Environmental Protection Agency (CALEPA)
  78. Equalization, Board of (BOE)
  79. Exposition & State Fair, California (CAL EXPO)
  80. Fair Employment & Housing, Department of (DFEH)
  81. Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC)
  82. Film Commission, California (CFC)
  83. Finance, Department of (DOF)
  84. Financing Coordinating Committee, California
  85. Fire Marshal, Office of the State
  86. First 5 California (First 5)
  87. Fish & Game Commission (FGC)
  88. Fish & Wildlife, Department of (CDFW)
  89. Food & Agriculture, Department of (CDFA)
  90. Forestry & Fire Protection, Board of (BOF)
  91. Forestry & Fire Protection, California Department of (CAL FIRE)
  92. Franchise Tax Board (FTB)
  93. Gambling Control Commission (CGCC)
  94. General Services, Department of (DGS)
  95. Government Operations Agency
  96. Governor, Office of the (GO)
  97. Guide Dogs for the Blind, Board of (BGDB)
  98. Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS)
  99. Health Benefit Exchange, California (HBEX)
  100. Health Care Services, Department of (DHCS)
  101. Health Facilities Financing Authority, California
  102. Health Information Integrity, California Office of (CALOHI)
  103. Health Planning and Development, Office of Statewide (OSHPD)
  104. Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation, Commission on
  105. Healthy Food Financing Initiative Council, California
  106. High-Speed Rail Authority (CAHSRA)
  107. Highway Patrol, California (CHP)
  108. Historical Records Advisory Board, California
  109. Historical Resources Commission, State (SHRC)
  110. Horse Racing Board, California (CHRB)
  111. Hospitals, Department of State
  112. Housing & Community Development, Department of (HCD)
  113. Housing Finance Agency (CALHFA)
  114. Human Resources, Department of (CalHR)
  115. Independent Living Council, California State (CALSILC)
  116. Industrial Development Financing Advisory Commission, California
  117. Industrial Relations, Department of (DIR)
  118. Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC)
  119. Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (I-Bank) (IBANK)
  120. Inspector General, Office of the (OIG)
  121. Insurance, Department of (CDI)
  122. Judicial Performance, Commission on (CJP)
  123. Justice, Department of (DOJ)
  124. Juvenile Parole Board (JPB)
  125. Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA)
  126. Lands Commission, California State (SLC)
  127. Landscape Architects Technical Committee (LATC)
  128. Law Revision Committee (CLRC)
  129. Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO)
  130. Legislature, California State (LEGISLATURE)
  131. Library, California State (CSL)
  132. Lieutenant Governor, Office of (LTG)
  133. Little Hoover Commission (LHC)
  134. Lottery, California (LOTTERY)
  135. Managed Health Care, Department of (DMHC)
  136. Medical Board of California (MBC)
  137. Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC)
  138. Mentally Ill Offenders, Council on (COMIO)
  139. Military Department, California
  140. Mining & Geology Board, State (SMGB)
  141. Motor Vehicles, Department of (DMV)
  142. Native American Heritage Commission (NAHC)
  143. Natural Resources Agency, California
  144. Naturopathic Medicine Committee
  145. New Motor Vehicle Board (NMVB)
  146. Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board (DIR, OSHAB)
  147. Occupational Therapy, California Board of (BOT)
  148. Ocean Protection Council (OPC)
  149. Optometry, Board of
  150. Osteopathic Medical Board of California (OMBC)
  151. Parks and Recreation, California Department of
  152. Parks and Recreation Commission, California State (PARKS)
  153. Parole Hearings, Board of (CDCR, BOPH)
  154. Patient Advocate, Office of the (OPA)
  155. Peace Officer Standards & Training, Commission on (POST)
  156. Personnel Board, State (SPB)
  157. Pesticide Regulation, Department of (CDPR)
  158. Pharmacy, California State Board of
  159. Physical Therapy Board of California (PTBC)
  160. Physician Assistant Board
  161. Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun, Board of (BOPC)
  162. Planning and Research, Governor's Office of (OPR)
  163. Podiatric Medicine, Board of (BPM)
  164. Pollution Control Financing Authority, California
  165. Pooled Money Investment Board
  166. Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA)
  167. Private and Postsecondary Education, Bureau for (BPPE)
  168. Professional Fiduciaries Bureau
  169. Psychology, Board of
  170. Public Employees Retirement System, California (CalPERS)
  171. Public Employment Relations Board, California (PERB)
  172. Public Health, California Department of (CDPH)
  173. Public Utilities Commission, California (CPUC)
  174. Real Estate Appraisers, Bureau of (OREA)
  175. Real Estate, Department of (DRE)
  176. Regenerative Medicine, California Institute for (CIRM)
  177. Registered Nursing, Board of (RN)
  178. Rehabilitation, Department of (DOR)
  179. Resources Recycling and Recovery, Department of
  180. Respiratory Care Board of California (RCB)
  181. Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy
  182. San Diego River Conservancy (SDRC)
  183. San Francisco Bay Conservation & Development Commission (BCDC)
  184. San Gabriel & Lower Los Angeles Rivers & Mountains Conservancy (RMC)
  185. San Joaquin River Conservancy (SJRC)
  186. Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC)
  187. Save Our Water
  188. Scholarshare Investment Board
  189. School Finance Authority, California
  190. Secretary of State, California (SOS)
  191. Security and Investigative Services, Bureau of (BSIS)
  192. Seismic Safety Commission, California (SSC)
  193. Senate, California State
  194. Sierra Nevada Conservancy
  195. Social Services, Department of (CDSS)
  196. Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board
  197. State Mandates, Commission on (CSM)
  198. Status of Women and Girls, California Commission on the
  199. Structural Pest Control Board
  200. Student Aid Commission, California (CSAC)
  201. Systems Integration, Office of (OSI)
  202. Tahoe Conservancy, California
  203. Tax Credit Allocation Committee, California
  204. Tax and Fee Administration, California
  205. Teacher Credentialing, Commission on (CTC)
  206. Technology, Department of
  207. Toxic Substances Control, California Department of (DTSC)
  208. Traffic Safety, California Office of (OTS)
  209. Transportation Agency, California State
  210. Transportation Commission, California (CTC)
  211. Transportation, Department of (DOT, CALTRANS)
  212. Treasurer's Office, State (STO)
  213. Tribal Advisor, Governor's Office of
  214. Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB)
  215. Uniform Custom Cost Accounting Commission (SCO)
  216. University of California (UC)
  217. University, California State (CALSTATE, CSU)
  218. Veterans Affairs, Department of (CalVet)
  219. Veterans Board, California
  220. Veterinary Medical Board, California (VMB)
  221. Victim Compensation Board, California (CalVCB)
  222. Visit California
  223. Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, Board of (BVNPT)
  224. Volunteers, California
  225. Water Commission, California
  226. Water Quality Monitoring Council, California
  227. Water Resources, Department of (DWR)
  228. Water Resources Control Board, State (WRCB)
  229. Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB)
  230. Worker's Compensation Appeals Board
  231. Workforce Development Board, California (CWDB)

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