List of Swedish Wars
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List of Swedish Wars

This is a list of wars involving the Kingdom of Sweden. There are legendary accounts of Swedish kings well into prehistory and they are mentioned by Tacitus in his Germania, but St. Olof Skötkonung (995-1022) was the first ruler documented to have been accepted by both the Swedes around Lake Mälaren and by the Geats around Lake Vättern. The modern state of Sweden considers itself to have been established on 6 June 1523 by the acclamation of Gustav Vasa as king which finally ended the Kalmar Union with Denmark, although the current Swedish constitution dates to 1974.

Military engagements since 1814 have not been formally declared wars.


Year War Conclusion
10th century
980s Jomsviking-Swedish War Battle of Fýrisvellir decisive Swedish victory, death of Styrbjörn the Strong[1]
11th century
999-1000 Battle of Svolder Norway Denmark Sweden Earls of Lade Decisive Swedish and Danish Victory, Olaf Tryggvason killed
1099-1101 Norwegian-Swedish War (1099-1101) Three King's Meeting (1101)
12th century
c. 1150 First Swedish Crusade to Finland
1187 Karelians, Estonians or/and Curonians pillage Sigtuna[2][3] Eric Chronicles describe Karelians destroying Sigtuna.
13th century
1220 Livonian Crusade Swedish invasion repelled by Estonians. Overall German and Danish crusader victory.
1249-1250 Second Swedish Crusade to Finland
1257 Karelians make campaign to Sweden
1274-1275 The war against Valdemar Birgersson
1292 Swedes make campaign against Karelians and Izhorians Novgorod First Chronicle: "In the same year the Svei, 800 of them, came in arms to ravage, 400 went against Korel, and 400 against the Izhera people; and the Izhera people killed them, and the Korel people killed theirs, and others they took with their hands."[4]
1293 Third Swedish Crusade to Finland
14th century
1142-1322 Swedish-Novgorodian Wars Treaty of Nöteborg (1323)
1304-1310 Swedish brother's feud Death of Duke Eric and Valdemar.
15th century
1470-1471 Dano-Swedish War (1470-1471)
  • Failed attempt of Kalmar Union king Christian I to regain the Swedish throne
  • Armistice of Kalmar (1472)
  • Recess of Kalmar (1483)
1495-1497 Russo-Swedish War (1495-97)[5] Eternal Peace of 1508
16th century
1501-1512 Dano-Swedish War (1501-1512)
1521-1523 Swedish War of Liberation (Befrielsekriget)[5]
1534-1536 Danish Count's Feud (Danska Grevefejden)[5] Armistice of Copenhagen (1537)
1542-1543 Dacke War Peasant uprising against the crown defeated, uprising leader Nils Dacke executed
1554-1557 Russo-Swedish War (1554-57) (Stora ryska kriget)[5]
1563-1570 Northern Seven Years' War (Nordiska sjuårskriget)[5]
1570-1595 Livonian War (1558-83) and Russo-Swedish War (1590-95)
(25-årskriget mot Ryssland)[5]
1598-1599 War against Sigismund (Kriget mot Sigismund)[5]
17th century
1600-1629 Polish War (Polska kriget)[5]
1609-1610 De la Gardie Campaign (De la Gardieska fälttåget)[5]
1610-1617 Ingrian War (Ingermanländska kriget)[5]
1611-1613 Kalmar War (Kalmarkriget)[5] Treaty of Knäred (1613)
1618-1648 Thirty Years' War (Trettioåriga kriget)[5]
1643-1645 Torstenson War (Torstensonkriget)[5]
1654 First Bremian War (Första bremiska kriget)[5]
1655-1661 Second Northern War (Nordiska krigen)[5]
1666 Second Bremian War (Andra bremiska kriget)[5]
1667-1668 War of Devolution (Devolutionskriget) France makes territorial gains in the Spanish Netherlands
1674-1679 Scanian War (Skånska kriget)[5]
1688-1691 Nine Years' War (Pfalziska tronföljdskriget)[6]
18th century
1700-1721 Great Northern War (Stora nordiska kriget)[5]
1741-1743 Hats' Russian War (Hattarnas ryska krig)[5]
  • Treaty of Åbo (1743)
  • Sweden cedes the towns of Lappeenranta and Hamina and a strip of Finland to the northwest of Saint Petersburg to Russia.
  • Kymi River designated the border between the two Russia and Sweden
1757-1762 Pomeranian War (Pommerska kriget)[5] Treaty of Hamburg (1762)
1788-1790 Gustav III's Russian War (Gustav III:s ryska krig)[5]
1788-1789 Theatre War (Teaterkriget)[5] Status quo ante bellum
19th century
1801-1802 First Barbary War (Barbareskkriget 1801-1805)
1805-1810 Franco-Swedish War Treaty of Paris
1806-1807 War of the Fourth Coalition (Första napoleonkriget)[5] Treaties of Tilsit
1808-1809 Finnish War (Finska kriget)[5]
1808-1809 Dano-Swedish War (1808-1809) (Dansk-svenska kriget 1808-1809)[5] Status quo ante bellum
1810-1812 War against United Kingdom (Kriget mot Storbritannien)[5] Treaty of Örebro (1812)
1813-1814 War of the Sixth Coalition (Andra napoleonkriget)[5]
1814 Campaign against Norway (Fälttåget mot Norge)[5]
20th century
1918 Invasion of Åland Swedish withdrawal, Åland Islands dispute taken up with the League of Nations
1961-1964 Congo Crisis (as part of ONUC) debellation of the State of Katanga
1992-1995 Bosnian War (as part of UNPROFOR) Dayton Agreement
21st century
2001-present[7] War in Afghanistan (as part of ISAF) debellation of the Taliban
2011 Libyan Civil War debellation of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
2013-present[8][9] Northern Mali conflict ongoing

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