List of Encyclopedias by Date
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List of Encyclopedias by Date

This is a list of encyclopedias, arranged by time period. For other arrangements, see Lists of encyclopedias.

Encyclopedias before 1700

5th century

  • Martianus Capella, De nuptiis Mercurii et Philologiae, introduced the division in seven liberal arts

6th century

  • Cassiodorus' Institutiones (full title: Institutiones Divinarum et Saecularium Litterarum), AD 560; first Christian encyclopedia

7th century

8th century

9th century

10th century

11th century

Lambert at work. Excerpt from the manuscript "Liber Floridus". Preserved in the Ghent University Library.[1]

12th century

13th century

14th century

15th century

16th century

17th century


  • Sancai Tuhui, compiled by Wang Qi and Wang Siyi (1609)
  • Song Yingxing, Tiangong Kaiwu (The Exploitation of the Works of Nature), 1637


  • Ivan Belostenec, Gazophylacium, seu Latino-illyiricorum onomatum aerarium, c. 1674 (completed in manuscript), published in 1740





Encyclopedias published 1700–1800

American encyclopedias

British encyclopedias

Chinese encyclopedias

French encyclopedias

German encyclopedias

Italian encyclopedias

Japanese encyclopedias

Polish encyclopedias

Encyclopedias published 1800–1900

American encyclopedias

Arabic encyclopedias

British encyclopedias

Czech encyclopedias

  • Riegr?v slovník nau?ný (11 volumes, 1860-1874; supplement vol. 1890)
  • Otto's encyclopedia (28 volumes, 1888-1909)

Danish encyclopedias

Dutch encyclopedias

French encyclopedias

German encyclopedias

Hungarian encyclopedias

  • Fejér György: A tudományok encyclopaediája rövid rajzolatban (2 vol.), Pest (1818)
  • Lánghy István: A tudományok ismeretére tanító könyv, Pest (1827)
  • Nyiry István: A tudományok öszvessége (3 vol.), Sárospatak (1829-1831)
  • Közhasznú Esmeretek Tára (12 vol.), Pest (1831-1834) (-> hu)
  • Ifjúsági ismeretek (4 vol.), Bécs (1840)
  • Vállas Antal: Nemzeti encyclopaedia (7 vol.), Pest (1845-1848)
  • Ujabb kori ismeretek tára (6 vol.), Pest (1850-1855) (-> hu)
  • Ismerettár. Nélkülözhetetlen segédkönyv a történelem, természet s egyéb tudományok köréb?l (10 vol.), Pest (1858-1864) (-> hu)
  • Egyetemes magyar encyclopaedia (1859-1876) (-> hu)
  • Magyar lexikon (16 vol.), Budapest (1879-1885) (-> hu)
  • A Pallas Nagy Lexikona (1893–1897)

Japanese encyclopedias

Polish encyclopedias

  • Encyklopedia Powszechna or Encyklopedia Orgelbranda (1st Edition, 28 volumes, 1859–1868)
  • Encyyklopedia Ko?cielna (33 volumes, 1873–1933)

Romanian encyclopedias

Russian encyclopedias

Spanish encyclopedias

Swedish encyclopedias

  • Conversations-lexicon (4 volumes, 1821–1826), a translation of the German Brockhaus 2nd edition
  • Svenskt konversationslexikon (4 volumes, 1845–1851), by Per Gustaf Berg
  • Nordisk familjebok first edition 20 volumes 1876–1899 (of which the two last ones are supplementary volumes)[4]
  • Nordisk familjebok second edition 38 volumes 1904–1926 (of which the last four and a part of number 34 are supplementary volumes)[5]
  • Nordisk familjebok third edition 26 volumes 1924–1939 (of which the end of number 25 and the entire 26th volume are supplementary, covering history until summer of 1939. The Spanish Civil War is covered until its end, but nothing on the Second World War)[6]
  • Nordisk familjebok third edition 26 volumes, second printing, including not so few coloured posters (like national maps, city maps a poster of all the flags of the world etc) and a huge number of full page black and white portraits. These The additional pages are not enumerated. 1942–1944. The second printing also got a new binder, but not even errors are corrected inside the work. Still a notable enough difference when compared to the first printing.
  • Nordisk familjebok fourth edition 22 volumes 1951–1955.[7]
  • Svensk Uppslagsbok first edition 30 volumes 1929–1937 [8]
  • Svensk Uppslagsbok second edition 32 volumes 1947–1955 [9]
  • Bonniers Lexikon 15 volumes 1961–1967. Known as "Äpplet", "The Apple". Perhaps the most widely spread encyclopedia ever, written in the Swedish language. Looks nice on the shelf.
  • Reflex 4 volumes for children age 10 and older. 1968–1971. A regular inventory in many Swedish class rooms during the 1970's.[10]
  • The new Bonniers Lexikon 24 volumes, 1993–1998.
  • Nationalencyklopedin or NE 20 volumes, 1989–1996. DVD versions in 1996 and 2000. Online today.

Turkish encyclopedias

  • Kamus-ül-Ulûm ve'l-Maarif Editor Ali Suavi, 1870
  • Lûgaat-i Tarihiye ve Co?rafiye Editor Ahmet R?fat Efendi, 1881 (7 volumes)
  • Sicil-i Osmani Editor Mehmet Süreyya Bey, 1890
  • Kamus-ül-Alam Editor » emsettin Sami, 1899 (6 volumes)[11]

Religious encyclopedias

Specialist encyclopedias

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