List of Mayors of Mesa, Arizona
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List of Mayors of Mesa, Arizona
Mayor of Mesa, Arizona
John Giles

since 2014
First holderAlexander Findlay Macdonald
Final holder1883

The following is a list of the mayors of Mesa, Arizona.

Mayor Term
Alexander Findlay Macdonald 1883-1885
Alvin Franklin Stewart 1885-86
George Passey 1886-88
William Johnson LeBaron 1888-96
James Rouse Turman 1896-98
David Tully LeBaron Jr. 1898-99
William A. Kimball 1899-00
Jedidiah Grant Peterson 1900-02
Charles M. Mullen 1902-04
John L. Waring 1904-06
Phil Metz 1906-08
John D. Loper 1908
Lionel Brand Johnson 1908
John H. Barnett 1908-10
Ralph Fleetwood Palmer 1910-12
John Taylor LeSueur 1912-14
Max Viault 1914-16
Paul Baxter Beville 1916-18
Dan H. Kleinman 1918-22
Robert Scott 1922-24
Jedidiah Grant Peterson 1924-36
Linford B. Werner 1936-38
George Nicholas Goodman 1938-42
John A. Hamblin 1942-44
Zebulon Pearce 1944-46
George Nicholas Goodman 1946-48
Frank E. Bendick 1948-50
Oscar Virgil Crismon 1950-52
George Nicholas Goodman 1952-56
Richard G. Johnson Sr. 1956-58
Egbert J. Brown 1958-66
Jack Taylor 1966-72
Eldon W. Cooley 1972-76
Wayne C. Pomeroy 1976-80
Don W. Strauch 1980-84
Sumner "Al" Brooks 1984-88
Margaret "Peggy" Rubach 1988-92
William "Willie" Wong 1992-96
Wayne Brown 1996-2000
Keno L. Hawker 2000-08
Scott W. Smith 2008-14
Alex Finter 2014
John Giles 2014- Present

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