List of Rulers of Witu
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List of Rulers of Witu

List of Rulers of Wituland

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Term Incumbent Notes
mfalume (Sultans)
Nabahani Dynasty
1858 Foundation of Wituland state by former ruler of Pate
1858 to 25 May 1885 Ahmad ibn Fumo Bakari, Mfalume
German Protectorate
25 May 1885 to 1888 Ahmad ibn Fumo Bakari, Mfalume
8 April 1885 to 1 July 1890 Gustav Denhardt, Resident Brothers purchased 25-mile2 area from Sultan
Clemens Denhardt, Resident
1888 to 1890 Fumo Bakari ibn Ahmad, Mfalume
18 June 1890 British Protectorate
1 July 1890 German Protectorate renounced
1890 to 1891 Bwana Shaykh ibn Ahmad, Mfalume
1891 to 1893 Fumo `Umar ibn Ahmad, Mfalume 1st Term
1893 to 7 July 1895 Interregnum
7 July 1895 to ? Fumo `Umar ibn Ahmad, Mfalume 2nd Term

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