Magallanes Basin
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Magallanes Basin
Magallanes or Austral Basin
Cuenca de Magallanes, Cuenca Austral
Map showing the location of Magallanes or Austral Basin
Map showing the location of Magallanes or Austral Basin
Coordinates53°00?S 69°30?W / 53.000°S 69.500°W / -53.000; -69.500
EtymologyStrait of Magellan
Austral = "south"
LocationSouthern South America
Country Argentina
State(s)Santa Cruz Province
Aysén & Magallanes Regions
CitiesPunta Arenas
BoundariesAndes, Río Chico-Dungeness High
Part ofAndean foreland basins
Area170,000-200,000 km2 (66,000-77,000 sq mi)
Sea(s)Southern Atlantic Ocean
River(s)Shehuén River
Lake(s)Viedma, Cardiel, Argentino, Pueyrredón, Fontana
Basin typeForeland basin
Field(s)Chilean coal

The Magallanes Basin (predominantly used in Chile) or Austral Basin (mainly used in Argentina) is a major sedimentary basin in southern Patagonia. The basin covers a surface of about 170,000 to 200,000 square kilometres (66,000 to 77,000 sq mi) and has a NNW-SSE oriented shape.[1][2] The basin is bounded to the west by the Andes mountains and is separated from the Malvinas Basin to the east by the Río Chico-Dungeness High.[1] The basin evolved from being an extensional back-arc basin in the Mesozoic to being a compressional foreland basin in the Cenozoic.[3] Rocks within the basin are Jurassic in age and include the Cerro Toro Formation.[4] Three ages of the SALMA classification are defined in the basin; the Early Miocene Santacrucian from the Santa Cruz Formation and Friasian from the Río Frías Formation and the Pleistocene Ensenadan from the La Ensenada Formation.

The Magallanes Basin contains most of Chile's coal reserves dwarfing those found in the Arauco Basin or around Valdivia (e.g. Catamutún, Mulpún). Its coals are lignitic to sub-bituminous.[5]


Aysén Basin

The northwesternmost reaches of the basin form a sub-basin known as Aysén Basin or Río Mayo Embayment. From top to bottom the fill the basin is:[6]

Northwestern basin

In the Argentinian parts of the basin, the following formations have been registered from north to south:[7]

South-central basin

Tierra del Fuego

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