Muwahhid Muslim
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Muwahhid Muslim

The People of Monotheism may translate several Arabic terms:

  • Ahl al-Tawd (Arabic: ?‎), a name the Druze use for themselves. Literally, "The People of the Unity" or "The Unitarians", from taw?id, unity (of God).
  • al-Muwaidun (Arabic: ‎) is an Arabic term meaning "the monotheists". It has currency as:
    • the Arabic name of the Almohads.
    • a term that adherents of Salafism use to describe themselves.
    • a term that the Druze use to describe themselves.[1]
    • a term that the Alawites use to describe themselves.[2]
  • Ahl al-?Adl wa t-Tawd, "The People of Justice and Monotheism", a term used by the Mu'tazilis to describe themselves.

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  1. ^ Friedman, Yaron (2010). The Nu?ayr?-?Alaw?s. Leiden: Brill. p. 44. Both Nu?ayr?s and Druzes were Sh sects deeply influenced by Neoplatonism and Gnosticism. Both called themselves muwaid?n, and considered the study of esoteric knowledge as the true path to monotheism.
  2. ^ Friedman, Yaron (2010). The Nu?ayr?-?Alaw?s. Leiden: Brill. p. 11. According to Nu?ayr? sources, the members of this group called themselves muwaid?n or ahl al-tawd (monotheists), because they believed that only by combining exoteric (z?hir) and esoteric (bin) knowledge, can complete monotheism be achieved.

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