Nukuma Languages
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Nukuma Languages

The Nukuma languages are a small family of three clearly related languages:[1]

They are generally classified among the Sepik languages of northern Papua New Guinea; Malcolm Ross places them in a Middle Sepik branch of that family.

They are spoken to the north of the Sepik River near Ambunti, and west of the Ambulas-speaking region of Mapr (near Wosera town).[2]


Pronouns in Nukuma languages:[2]

pronoun Kwoma Mende
1sg an an ~ na ~ a
2sg.m m? mi
2sg.f ni ?i
3sg.m r? or ~ ri
3sg.f s? os ~ si
1du si ?i
2du ki ?i
3du p?r fri
1pl no ni
2pl kwo ci
3pl ye li

Vocabulary comparison

The following basic vocabulary words are from Foley (2005)[3] and Laycock (1968),[4] as cited in the Trans-New Guinea database:[5]

gloss Kwoma Mende
head mas?k masiki
ear fu:; mabiya mampla
eye mi:; miyi m?sokome
nose sumoj?; sumwonj miñompo
tooth pu; tar?kwi fu
tongue kwunja; tarekwoy tarple
leg ya:te; yati kumpa
louse n?k?; n?ka nika
dog asa asa
pig buri; poyi
bird apu afi
egg apo; bey; mpei f?la
blood pi fi
bone apo; hapa hapa
skin mamp? maume
breast muk; muku muku
tree me mi
man ma ma
woman mi:ma nog?pie
sun ya ta
moon now?ka; n?w?ka niyaka
water uku uku
fire hi; hi: hi
stone papa sü?kye
name hi
eat a
one pochi
two uprus fri?ip

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