People's Movement Party
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People's Movement Party
People's Movement Party
Partidul Mi?carea Popular?
PresidentCristian Diaconescu
Cornel C?t?lin Bulf
SpokesmanMihail Neam?u
Honorary PresidentTraian B?sescu
FounderTraian B?sescu
Founded29 January 2014 (2014-01-29)
Split fromDemocratic Liberal Party (PDL)
HeadquartersStrada Iorga nr. 11, Sector 1, Bucharest
Youth wingPeople's Movement Youth Organization (OT MP)
Women's wingMP Women's Organization
Political positionCentre-right[14]
European affiliationEuropean People's Party
International affiliation
European Parliament groupEuropean People's Party
Associated organisationsNational Unity Party (Moldova)[15]
Colors  Green
Chamber of Deputies
European Parliament
County Councilors
Local Council Councilors
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The People's Movement Party (Romanian: Partidul Mi?carea Popular?, PMP) is a centre-right[14] Christian democratic,[2] national-conservative[7][8][16][3][4][5] political party in Romania.


The PMP was created as a political foundation in March, 2013 by supporters of then incumbent state president Traian B?sescu, following his break with the leadership of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) around former Senate president Vasile Blaga.[17] It was transformed into a political party in July, 2013[18] and re-launched on 29 January 2014.[19]

The PMP identifies itself as Christian democratic and liberal.[18] The new party's chairman after June 2014 was former minister of regional development and tourism and B?sescu's confidante Elena Udrea. Other notable members include former culture minister Theodor Paleologu, former foreign minister Teodor Baconschi, former minister of education Daniel Funeriu, member of European Parliament (MEP) Cristian Preda,[20] B?sescu's daughter and MEP Elena B?sescu.[21] and former Foreign Minister and head of the presidential administration Cristian Diaconescu.[22]

In the 2014 European election, the party won 6.2% of the votes and two of Romania's 32 seats. Its members of the European Parliament Siegfried Mure?an and Cristian Preda joined the European People's Party Group (EPP), although Preda has since been expelled from the party. On 12 September 2014, the PMP was admitted as a full member to the European People's Party.[23]

For the November 2014 presidential election, the PMP nominated Elena Udrea. She was also endorsed by the Christian Democratic National Peasants' Party (PN?CD). With 5.2% of the popular vote, she was placed fourth and did not qualify for the second round. The party asked its voters to support Klaus Iohannis of the National Liberal Party (PNL) in the runoff election.[24]

On 12 July 2016, Traian B?sescu announced that the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR) would merge with PMP on 20 July 2016.[25] Subsequently, the union between the two parties failed and PMP lost several representatives both in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies.

In the 2020 legislative election, due to poor presence at the polling stations (33.30%) caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the party failed to earn 5% of the public vote and thereby failed to enter parliament. The episode was controversial to say at least as the party was very close to the threshold and had zero votes in several polling stations in which they had party representatives whose votes were nowhere to be found. As a result, the party contested the results and demanded recounting the votes in as many as 1,090 polling stations. Nonetheless, this demand was ultimately refused by the Central Electoral Bureau (Romanian: Biroul Electoral Central, BEC). This failure led the party president, Eugen Tomac, to resign from the party's leadership.[26]

After a party congress held on 7 March 2021, Cristian Diaconescu was elected the new president and designated the party's candidate for the forthcoming 2024 Romanian presidential election.[27]


In the later years, the party became more traditionalist. Nowadays, it opposes the immigration of foreigners into EU (especially of Muslims), Marxism, socialism, globalisation and same-sex marriage.[28][8][4][5][29][30][31]


  Also served as President of Romania
Born - Died
Portrait Term start Term end Duration
-- Eugen Tomac
Eugen Tomac.png 23 June 2013 8 June 2014
1 Elena Udrea
Conventia PD-L 2013 - Elena Udrea (1) (cropped).jpg 8 June 2014 30 January 2015
-- Eugen Tomac
Eugen Tomac.png 30 January 2015 8 February 2015
2 Eugen Tomac
Eugen Tomac.png 8 February 2015 27 March 2016
3 Traian B?sescu
EPP Summit; Meise, Dec. 2013 (11449226465) (cropped 2).jpg 27 March 2016 16 June 2018
(2) Eugen Tomac
Eugen Tomac.png 16 June 2018 9 December 2020
-- Emil-Marius Pa?can [ro]
9 December 2020 7 March 2021
4 Cristian Diaconescu
Advocating the early entry into force of the CTBT, Article 14 Conference 2009 - Flickr - The Official CTBTO Photostream (145) (cropped).jpg 7 March 2021 Incumbent

Notable members

Current notable members

Former notable members

Electoral history

Legislative elections

Election Chamber Senate Position Aftermath
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
2012 did not exist1
did not exist
-- Extra-parliamentary opposition to USL government (2013-2014)
Opposition to PSD-UNPR-UDMR-PC government (2014)
Opposition to PSD-UNPR-ALDE government (2014-2015)
Supporting the technocratic Ciolo? Cabinet (2015-2017)
2016 376,891 5.35
398,791 5.65
 6th  Opposition to PSD-ALDE government (2017-2019)
Opposition to PSD minority government (2019)
Supporting PNL minority government (2019-2020)
2020 284,501 4.82
291,484 4.93
 6th  Extra-parliamentary support for PNL-USR PLUS-UDMR government (2020-present)


1 These MPs were previously elected on the PDL list of the larger ARD electoral alliance at the 2012 legislative election.

Local elections

National results

Election County Councilors (CJ) Mayors Local Councilors (CL) Popular vote % Position
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
2016 368,985 4.46
304,924 3.57
360,035 4.30
368,985 4.46  5th 
2020 423,147 5.88
353,005 4.73
420,791 5.72
473,637 6.04  4th 

Mayor of Bucharest

Election Candidate First round
Votes Percentage Position
2016 Robert Turcescu 37,098
2020 Traian B?sescu 72,556

Presidential elections

Election Candidate First round Second round
Votes Percentage Position Votes Percentage Position
2014 Elena Udrea1 493,376
 4th  not qualified
2019 Theodor Paleologu 527,098
 5th  not qualified


1 Elena Udrea's candidacy to presidency in 2014 was also supported by the Christian Democratic National Peasants' Party (PN?CD).

European elections

Election Votes Percentage MEPs Position EU Party EP Group
2014 345,973 6.2% Steady
 6th  -- EPP Group
2019 522,104 5.7% Decrease
 5th  EPP EPP Group


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