Political Party Strength in American Samoa
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Political Party Strength in American Samoa

The following table indicates the party of elected officials in the United States insular area of American Samoa:

The table also indicates the historical party composition in the:

For a particular year, the noted partisan composition is that which either took office during that year or which maintained the office throughout the entire year. Only changes made outside regularly scheduled elections are noted as affecting the partisan composition during a particular year. Shading is determined by the final result of any mid-cycle changes in partisan affiliation.

Year Executive offices Territorial Legislature Delegate
Governor Lieutenant Governor Senate House
1900 Benjamin Franklin Tilley[a] no such office no such bodies no such office
1901 Uriel Sebree[a]
1902 Henry Minett[b]
1903-1904 Edmund Beardsley Underwood[c]
1905-1907 Charles Brainard Taylor Moore
1908-1909 John Frederick Parker
1910-1912 William Michael Crose[d]
1913 Nathan Post[e]
Clark Daniel Stearns
1914 Nathan Post[e]
1915 Charles Armijo Woodruff[e]
1916-1918 John Martin Poyer
1919 Warren Terhune
1920-1921 Waldo A. Evans
1922 Edwin Taylor Pollock
1923-1924 Edward Stanley Kellogg
1925-1926 Henry Francis Bryan
1927-1928 Stephen Victor Graham[f]
1929-1930 Gatewood Lincoln
1931 James Sutherland Spore[e]
Arthur Emerson[e]
1932 Gatewood Lincoln
1933 George Landenberger
1934 Thomas C. Latimore[e]
1935 Otto Dowling
1936 Thomas Benjamin Fitzpatrick[e]
1937 MacGillivray Milne
1938-1939 Edward Hanson
1940 Jesse Wallace[e]
1941 Laurence Wild
1942 Henry Louis Larsen[g]
1943 John Gould Moyer
1944 Allen Hobbs
1945 Ralph Hungerford
Samuel Canan[e]
1946 Harold Houser
1947 Vernon Huber
1948 18 NP 21 NP
1949-1950 Thomas Darden
1951 Phelps Phelps (R)
1952 John C. Elliott (D)
James Arthur Ewing (D)
1953 Lawrence M. Judd (R)
1954-1955 Richard Barrett Lowe (R)
1956-1960 Peter Tali Coleman (R)
1961-1966 H. Rex Lee (D)
1967-1968 Owen Aspinall (D)
1969-1973 John Morse Haydon (R)
1974 Frank Mockler[e] (R)
1975 Earl B. Ruth (R)
1976 Frank Barnett (R)
1977 H. Rex Lee (D)
1978-1980 Peter Tali Coleman (R)[h] Tufele Liamatua (R)
1981-1984 Fof? Iosefa Fiti Sunia (D)
1985-1988 A. P. Lutali (D) Eni Faleomavaega (D)
1989-1992 Peter Tali Coleman (R) Galea'i Peni Poumele (R) Eni Faleomavaega (D)
1993-1996 A. P. Lutali (D) Tauese Sunia (D)
1997-2002 Tauese Sunia (D) Togiola Tulafono (D)
2003-2012 Togiola Tulafono (D) Faoa Aitofele Sunia (D)
2013-2014 Lolo Matalasi Moliga (I) Lemanu Peleti Mauga (D)
2015 Amata Coleman
2016-2020 Lolo Matalasi Moliga (D)
2021 Lemanu Peleti Mauga (D) Eleasalo Ale (D)
Year Governor Lieutenant Governor Senate House Delegate
Executive offices Territorial Legislature
  1. ^ a b Commandant.
  2. ^ Acting commandant.
  3. ^ Commandant/governor; from 1904 to 1980, governors were appointed by the United States government.
  4. ^ 17 July 1911: U.S. Naval Station Tutuila renamed American Samoa.
  5. ^ a b c d e f g h i j Acting governor.
  6. ^ On February 20, 1929, the U.S. Congress recognized of the cession of Tutuila and Manu'a by their chiefs, retroactive to 16 July 1904.
  7. ^ Military governor.
  8. ^ Beginning in 1980, governors have been elected for 4-year terms by the people of American Samoa.

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