Power to the People (Italy)
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Power to the People Italy
Power to the People
Potere al Popolo
Founded18 November 2017 (2017-11-18)
HeadquartersVia Imbriani 218, Naples, Italy
Democratic socialism[1]
Left-wing populism[2]
Libertarian socialism[1] Euroscepticism[1]
Political position
European affiliationGUE/NGL/AET (2017-2018)
Colours  Carmine red
SloganPotere al Popolo!
Chamber of Deputies
Senate of the Republic
European Parliament
Party flag
Potere al Popolo Flag.png
Viola Carofalo, national spokesperson and leader

Power to the People (Italian: Potere al Popolo, PaP) is a coalition of political parties and groups in Italy launched in December 2017 which ran as a joint electoral list in the 2018 general election.[8][9]

In its manifesto, PaP's membership is described as "social and political, anti-liberal and anti-capitalist, communist, socialist, environmentalist, feminist, secular, pacifist, libertarian and southernist left-wing", whose goal as coalition is "to create real democracy, through daily practices, self-governance experiments, socialisation of knowing and popular participation".[1]


The coalition was initially proposed by Ex OPG Je so' pazzo, a social centre in Naples.[10] The proposal was endorsed by other social centers in the country, local committees and associations and finally some established parties whereas the idea of building a party and/or list was born during the Je so' pazzo Festival - 2016,[11][12] which had as its name "Let's Build the Popular Power", held in Naples from 9 to 11 September 2016.[13] The following year from 7 to 10 September 2017, there was in Naples the Je so' pazzo Festival - 2017, which had as its name "Power to the People!".[14][15][16][17]

On 18 November 2017, Je so' pazzo's activists held a national assembly for the construction of a truly democratic movement that would give representation to social battles and to the ideas of individuals, social centers, associations and parties that felt themselves to be without representation.[18] On 17 December, the coalition was officially launched with the support of the two main Italian communist parties, the Communist Refoundation Party (PRC)[19] and the Italian Communist Party (PCI).[20] Contextually, that same day Viola Carofalo, a Naples-based university researcher in philosophy who had been a long-time activist of Ex OPG Je so' pazzo, was chosen as national spokesperson and as political leader on 6 January 2018.[21] In the 2018 general election on 4 March, PaP obtained 1.1% of the vote and no seats.[22][23]

On 18 March, PaP held a national assembly in which it was decided to continue its program.[24]

In January 2019, PaP considered running either independently or in a wider coalition in the next European parliament election,[25] but it ultimately decided not to run.[26][27]


While it currently contains three main parties, PaP was originally composed of eight main parties other than Ex OPG Je so' pazzo.[28][29][30]

Parties Main ideology Leaders Timeline
Network of Communists (RdC) Communism Luciano Vasapollo 26 November 2017[31] - present
Socialist Rebirth (RS) Socialism Franco Bartolomei 18 December 2017[32] - present
Atheist Democracy (DA) Libertarian socialism Carla Corsetti January 2018[33] - present

Former members

Parties Main ideology Leaders Timeline
Communist Refoundation Party (PRC) Communism Maurizio Acerbo 18 December 2017[19] - 28 October 2018[34]
Italian Communist Party (PCI) Communism Mauro Alboresi 2 January 2018[20] - 14 July 2018[35]
Anticapitalist Left (SA) Communism Franco Turigliatto 5 December 2017[36] - 4 October 2018[37]
Party of the South (PdS) Southernism Natale Cuccurese 24 December 2017[38] - 29 October 2018[39]
Radical Socialist Movement (MRS) Libertarian socialism Katia Bellillo 18 December 2017[40] - 4 November 2019[41]

Additionally, PaP includes a number of little parties, movements, social centers, local trade unions, associations and committees,[8][9][28][42] notably including Clash City Workers,[43][44] Popular Front,[45] Revolutionary Pirate Movement,[46] Eurostop,[47][48] representatives of the No TAV movement,[49] the No TAP movement,[50] the No MUOS movement[51] and the No TRIV movement.[52] PaP is also connected with The Other Europe (AET), an electoral list organised by intellectuals, Left Ecology Freedom (SEL) and the PRC for the 2014 European Parliament election,[53] which elected three Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), including PRC's Eleonora Forenza, who along with SEL's Curzio Maltese is still affiliated with AET.[54] SEL was later incorporated in the Italian Left (SI) and ran within the Free and Equal (LeU) list in the 2018 election.[55][56]

International relations

After its founding in December 2017, PaP took inspiration from Momentum, the organisation supporting Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom and La France Insoumise, whose leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon spoke of a "common adventure for the construction of a people's alternative for Europe".[57] In April 2018, PaP "lent its support" to Maintenant le Peuple, an alternative Europarty started by Mélenchon, Catarina Martins and Pablo Iglesias Turrión of the French La France Insoumise, Portuguese Left Bloc and Spanish Podemos respectively which was later joined by the Danish Red-Green Alliance, Finnish Left Alliance and Swedish Left Party. PaP called Maintenant le Peuple "a very important call proposed by three of the most popular alternatives from Europe [Left Bloc, Podemos and La France Insoumise], which we can not ignore".[58]


PaP has been endorsed by the following public figures:[59]

Election results

Italian Parliament

Chamber of Deputies
Election year Votes % Seats +/- Leader
2018 370,320 (9th) 1.13
Viola Carofalo
Senate of the Republic
Election year Votes % Seats +/- Leader
2018 319,094 (9th) 1.05
Viola Carofalo

Regional Councils

Region Election year Votes % Seats +/-
South Tyrol 2018 1,753 (14th) 0.62
Lombardy 2018 35,713 (13th) 0.68
Emilia-Romagna 2020 8,048 (13th) 0.37
Umbria 2019 1,345 (16th) 0.32
Lazio 2018 33,372 (13th) 1.32
Campania 2020 26,711 (18th) 1.13



PaP used different logos:[70][71][72][73]


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