Qa (Cyrillic)
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Qa Cyrillic
Cyrillic letter Qa
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Qa (? ?; italics: ? ?) is a letter of the Cyrillic script. Its form is based on the Latin letter Q (Q q). Depending on the font, the lowercase form can look like a reversed Cyrillic letter ?.

Qa is used in the alphabet of the Kurdish language and in the old alphabet of the Abkhaz language. In both it represents the voiceless uvular plosive /q/. It was also used in the Old Alphabet of the Ossetian language.

This character appeared in newspapers and articles such as 1955's .

Computing codes

Character information
Preview Ԛ ԛ
Encodings decimal hex decimal hex
Unicode 1306 U+051A 1307 U+051B
UTF-8 212 154 D4 9A 212 155 D4 9B
Numeric character reference Ԛ Ԛ ԛ ԛ

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Other Cyrillic letters used to write the sound /q/:

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