Smederevo-Vr%C5%A1ac Dialect
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Smederevo%E2%80%93Vr%C5%A1ac Dialect
Map showing the distribution of the dialect

Smederevo-Vr?ac dialect (Serbo-Croatian: Latin: Smederevsko-vr?a?ki dijalekat, Cyrillic: -? ) is a subdialect of the Shtokavian dialect of Serbo-Croatian. As an Old Shtokavian variety, it retains a number of features not found in Neoshtokavian varieties on which standards of Serbo-Croatian are based.[1]


The dialect is mainly spoken in Serbia or more exactly in north-eastern part of ?umadija (between Smederevo and Kragujevac), part of Belgrade, western part of eastern Serbia around Po?arevac and Veliko Gradi?te, and south-eastern part of Vojvodina (south-eastern Banat including the city of Vr?ac). Some of the speakers could be also found in eastern Banat, in Romania where it is not in use anymore.


The Smederevo-Vr?ac dialect is a mixed speech of populations that speak ?umadija-Vojvodina and Kosovo-Resava dialects.[2] [3] It is, however, linguistically closer to the Kosovo-Resava dialect and it is sometimes classified as a sub-dialect of the Kosovo-Resava dialect.[4]

In the past, Smederevo-Vr?ac dialect was spoken in much larger area.

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