Socialist Party of Catalonia
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Socialist Party of Catalonia

Socialists' Party of Catalonia
Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya
LeaderSalvador Illa
PresidentNúria Marín
Miquel Iceta
SpokespersonEsther Niubó Cindoncha
Founded16 July 1978 (1978-07-16)
Merger of
Headquartersc/ Nicaragua, 75-77
08029 Barcelona
NewspaperEndavant Digital
Youth wingSocialist Youth of Catalonia
Membership (2016)Decrease 17,935[1]
Political positionCentre-left[2]
National affiliationSpanish Socialist Workers' Party
European affiliationProgressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
Congress of Deputies
(Catalan seats)
Spanish Senate
(Catalan seats)
Parliament of Catalonia
European Parliament
(Spanish seats)
Local government

The Socialists' Party of Catalonia (Catalan: Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya, PSC-PSOE official acronym) is a social-democratic[3] political party in Catalonia, Spain, resulting from the merger of three parties: the Socialist Party of Catalonia-Regrouping, led by Josep Pallach i Carolà, the Socialist Party of Catalonia-Congress, and the Catalan Federation of the PSOE. It is the Catalan instance of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE), and its Aranese section is Unity of Aran. The party had also been allied with federalist and republican political platform Citizens for Change (Ciutadans pel Canvi) until the 2010 election. PSC-PSOE has its power base in the Barcelona metropolitan area and the comarques of Tarragonès, Montsià, and Val d'Aran.

Party leaders

First Secretaries


Electoral performance

Parliament of Catalonia

Parliament of Catalonia
Election Votes % # Seats +/- Leading candidate Status in legislature
1980 606,717 22.43% 2nd
-- Joan Reventós Opposition
1984 866,281 30.11% 2nd
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg8 Raimon Obiols Opposition
1988 802,828 29.78% 2nd
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1 Raimon Obiols Opposition
1992 728,311 27.55% 2nd
Red Arrow Down.svg2 Raimon Obiols Opposition
1995 802,252 24.89% 2nd
Red Arrow Down.svg6 Joaquim Nadal Opposition
1999[a] 1,183,299 37.85% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg18 Pasqual Maragall Opposition
2003[b] 1,031,454 31.16% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg10 Pasqual Maragall Coalition
2006[b] 796,173 26.82% 2nd
Red Arrow Down.svg5 José Montilla Coalition
2010 575,233 18.38% 2nd
Red Arrow Down.svg9 José Montilla Opposition
2012 524,707 14.43% 2nd
Red Arrow Down.svg8 Pere Navarro Opposition
2015 523,283 12.72% 3rd
Red Arrow Down.svg4 Miquel Iceta Opposition
2017 606,659 13.86% 4th
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1 Miquel Iceta Opposition
2021 654,766 23.03% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg16 Salvador Illa Opposition

Cortes Generales

Cortes Generales
Election Catalonia
Congress Senate
Votes % # Seats +/- Seats +/-
1979 875,529 29.67% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg2[c]
Red Arrow Down.svg1
1982 1,575,601 45.83% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg8
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg3
1986 1,299,733 41.00% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg4
Red Arrow Down.svg1
1989 1,123,975 35.59% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg1
Red Arrow Down.svg2
1993 1,277,838 34.87% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg2
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
1996 1,531,143 39.36% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg2
2000 1,150,533 34.13% 1st
Red Arrow Down.svg2
Red Arrow Down.svg1
2004 1,586,748 39.47% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg4
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1
2008 1,689,911 45.39% 1st
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg4
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
2011 922,547 26.66% 2nd
Red Arrow Down.svg11
Red Arrow Down.svg2
2015 590,274 15.69% 3rd
Red Arrow Down.svg6
Red Arrow Down.svg6
2016 559,870 16.10% 3rd
Red Arrow Down.svg1
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
2019 (Apr) 962,257 23.21% 2nd
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg5
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg3
2019 (Nov) 794,666 20.50% 2nd
Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0
Red Arrow Down.svg1

European Parliament

European Parliament
Election Catalonia
Votes % #
1987 1,116,348 36.82% 1st
1989 865,506 36.36% 1st
1994 721,374 28.17% 2nd
1999 997,311 34.64% 1st
2004 907,121 42.85% 1st
2009 708,888 36.00% 1st
2014 359,214 14.29% 3rd
2019 756,231 22.06% 2nd

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  3. ^ Compared to Socialists of Catalonia totals in the 1977 general election.


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