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Template Talk:Anthropology of Religion
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Suggested Religions section

This template is anthropological, which means it includes material from comparative religion. However, we do not see a section on religions. Apparently, you can't get to those from here. Unless there is opposition I plan to create a section entitled "Religions" and move the few names of religions to it. Then it can be expanded to contain the other names of religions. The specific concepts included in the religions would still remain in the section they are in. Apart from the boxes on specific religions, this is the only sidebar on religions we have. There are not that many instances so the rest should not be affected - only the ones that expand a section will change to expand the Religions section. The major religions have their own boxes anyway, so you would not want to put this in there. However, there are quite a few religions over the world. This box would serve as the one to use when there is no other, especialy in all the tribal religions. Ancient religions might appear there also, linking them in to anthropology. I will start in a few days.Botteville (talk) 14:50, 14 February 2015 (UTC)

Current philosophy of this template

This philosophy has been worked out with two other editors, both fairly experienced. I'm not inexperienced. But of course nothing here is cast in concrete. I for one would not block your point of view or fail to consider your changes, if I saw them. That would not be Wikipedian.

The philosophy starts with the "anthropology" template. There are far too many articles to fit on that template. So, the anthropology editors decided on subboxes. You might want to look at their discussions on the portal. What you will probably do (which is what I did) is want to add articles to the anthropology box or some one of the subboxes without thinking more precisely of content. Your addition may then get reverted, and that may lead you here. Not to worry. The main subboxes are to be found in the anthropology article. You just get the right one for the article. Sometimes the anthropology box is combined with one or more sub-boxes.

Here is where I came in. There is nothing like a good picture to make an attractive page. It is the difference between going to the dance fixed up or staying plain. So, I added a picture capability to this box and collaborated on even more of a capacity for "anthropology." Some of the sub-boxes do not have the capacity. They should, they will. You can add it by imitating the code in this box. If you want to see an example, check Theories about religions. It previously had a capability to adjust box width. As it turns out, it may not be necessary. In any case it has been removed (again, not cast in concrete), but all this class of box now has the same default width. You can't get less than that, but then you probably would not want it. If there is another box not compatible, change or get rid of it! There are plenty of good design elements on WP (I think).

You are not stuck however with that width in all cases. The box adjusts to the size of the picture. Naturally, not all pictures are suitable for the box. Some would definitley bloat the box. Put them somewhere else, say over the box.

Some anthropology articles have other boxes, say sociology or religion. I usually don't alter the editor's choice, but it is up to you. Throw your hat in the ring, put on your psychic armor, and take you chances. If you are working much on Wikipedia, you have to. I have specified the command to use the template below.Botteville (talk) 19:21, 3 April 2015 (UTC)

Current documentation for dummies

We programming dummies need a few pointers. I altered the template and so did others. Here is the current use of the template, up to the date of this entry:Botteville (talk) 19:40, 3 April 2015 (UTC)

{{Anthropology of religion | 1 | image | caption }}

where all the parameters are optional. There was previously a 2 representing the width of the box. At this point it does not seem necessary so it has been removed. The width is determined by the width of the picture or the box default.

  • 1 is the value of list1name, or list2name, etc., in the template as it now is. The official documentation gives you the initial values, but they are changeable and have been changed. Use of any of those may have no effect. You can find out what they now are by clicking the v or the e at the bottom of the template and looking at the code. The names are pretty easily identifiable. You must use a name exactly as it is, including case. Parameter 1, as it is called, specifies to expand the listname into its articles. If your article is listed below the listname, its name will be bolded. Except for the names of the lists, the official documentation applies.
  • image is a picture specification. You set it by assigning a value, "image=the value". The value is a complete picture specification as though it were a standalone. You need the double brackets at each end. Here are a few notes: to align the picture horizontally within the box, use |center| or |left|. Otherwise you get the default, right. To determine the size of the picture within the box, just specify it as you always do for pictures, 250px, 300px, etc. You need the "px". The caption, however, is covered by the next parameter.
  • caption is the same as regular picture captions. You set it by assigning a value, "caption=the value". The default puts it in smaller typeface and left-aligns it. You can use any font specification allowed for picture captions.Botteville (talk) 13:14, 18 March 2015 (UTC)

´Greek´ Orthodox and ´Eastern´ Orthodox are the same=

Fixed what could be a confusing distinction between two of the same groups, and added ´Coptic´ Orthodox Church instead. -- Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 00:43, 3 December 2015 (UTC)

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