Voiced Velar Lateral Approximant
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Voiced Velar Lateral Approximant
Voiced velar lateral approximant
IPA Number158
Entity (decimal)ʟ
Unicode (hex)U+029F
Braille? (braille pattern dots-35)? (braille pattern dots-123)
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The voiced velar lateral approximant is a type of consonantal sound, used as a distinct consonant in a very small number[1] of spoken languages in the world. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ⟨?⟩ (since 1989) and the equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is L\.

The velar laterals of the world often involve a prestopped realization [].[2]


Features of the voiced velar lateral approximant:

The velar lateral [?] involves no contact of the tip of the tongue with the roof of the mouth: just like for the velar stop [?], the only contact takes place between the back of the tongue and the velum. This contrasts with the velarized alveolar lateral approximant [?] - also known as the dark l in English feel [fi:?] - for which the apex touches the alveolar ridge.[3]


Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
English Southern US[4] middle ['m?d] 'middle' May occur before or after a velar consonant, as in milk and cycle, when assimilating /?/, as in wolf, or before labial consonants, as in help. See English phonology
full ['f:] 'full'
Hiw[5] r?evr?ov [?] 'evening' Realized as prestopped [].
Korean / dalguji [tudi] 'cart' Allophone of final consonant [?] ⟨?⟩ before velar consonants. See Korean phonology.
Melpa[6] pa?a [pa?a] 'fence' Realized as prestopped [].
Mid-Wahgi[7] aglagle [a?a?e] 'dizzy' Realized as prestopped [].

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